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  1. Alarm for Reagent Refrigerator

    So I am not the only person reviewing the draft.
  2. Alarm for Reagent Refrigerator

    Thanks, I am looking for a stand alone monitor with alarm. We do not use a centralized system.
  3. I am looking for an alarm that can be installed on my reagent refrigerator. Any suggestions?
  4. Validating a new Freezer

    The chart on our freezer is in 2 C increments, so we use 2C difference.
  5. The associated patient tests (X, TS) must be entered for each product. This is located on page 3 of the product dictionary. Our physicians order RBC, PHP, FFP and add a comment if IRR or CMVN units are required. It works as long as your product group is set up correctly.
  6. Fetal Screen/Fetal Maternal Hemorrhage

    Our Rhig workup includes a question "Fetal Bleed Required". If the patient meets the requirements for the test (by gestation or post-delivery), we answer "Y" (yes) to the question and a Fetal Screen test is ordered on the same requisition. It is also an indication that the tech performing the workup evaluated the need for the testing.
  7. Repeat Testing for FFP and Plts

    We require a blood type with each account for plasma just incase there has been a registration error. Usually a CBC tube is available for use or type and screen has been performed. Historical type is sufficient for platelets.
  8. high or increased risk form

    This is included on our Emergency Release form. We have a category for testing problems. It includes unidentified antibody of unknown significance, probable cold agglutinin is present and may mask alloantibodies, a nonspecific autoantibody is present and may mask alloantibodies, the crossmatches are incompatible. Finally there is the "other" with an explanation. The physician signs the the statement "I understand the risk involved, but in my opinion, an emergency exists that requires the transfusion of potentially unsafe blood. I release the facility from any and all liabilities attendant to the administration of this blood. The medical director is consulted prior to release of blood in these circumstances. Hope this helps.
  9. Interpreting "weak" results on MTS cards.

    We centrifuge the plasma again and repeat testing with a 30 minute incubation time. For most samples, this seems to clarify things one way or another.
  10. Ortho Panel Cells -Quality Assurance

    We make a 1:20 dilution of Anti-Fya and test the panel cells prior to first use.
  11. Blood Product Check on Nursing Unit

    We require that 2 licensed individuals(RN, LPN) perform the bedside check. A CNA can come to the transfusion to pick up the blood. The transfusionist finds another nurse to perform the bedside check with him/her and sign the form.
  12. Draw and Band charges

    There is no CPT code and we only charge for actual procedures performed. Most of the "extra" samples that we get come from the oncology department. I know that if I were having treatment, I would want to minimize blood draws.
  13. Retantion of Archived SOPs

    Make sure you check your state regulations for compliance. They may require a longer retention.
  14. This was our procedure before FMH kits were available, like 30 years ago. Glad to have the FMH screen now.
  15. We just had an in-service with nursing and they prime the tubing with saline and then use it to rinse the tubing after completion to make sure it's good to the last drop.