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  1. IF you are not responsible for the operation the only standard I recall is that your medical director is supposed to be involved in setting up the quality aspect in collaboration with those responsible.
  2. We do a week vs 3 days. RRay is correct. It is up to you to determine how long.
  3. i had an AABB inspection years ago. At the summation the inspector said: "I know I'd have to dig to find something in Dave's lab." That should have been a warning. My only deficiency (which was cited by the Area Chair, who determined the deficiencies based on the Inspection report form) was that I did not have my facility ID on my antibody panel sheets. I immediately called my area chair and told him I wanted to inspect his lab (UT@Knoxville), which of course is not allowed. I became an AABB inspector/assessor after that fact.
  4. I have transfused 400u to 2 patients one night (2 traumatic aneurysms with different etiologies). Another night a patient w an 8000cc bleed in the OR. I had never seen folks get so much blood and survive. All 3 walked out, though one guy was missing 2 limbs.
  5. If we have a patient w no detectable ABO isoagglutinins our procedure is to perform an ahgxm in addition to the immediate spin. When I was validating gel we had a few patients w no detectable ABO abs: they weren't detectable at ahg either.
  6. i don't know what you mean by mismatched rbcs (i do understand about plasma/plts). RBCs need to be abo compatible.)
  7. We have used up to 3 travelers at a time. Every time we get up to staff we suddenly are down 1 or 2. A never ending battle. I'm as SBB in a small, rural hospital.
  8. Personally, I'm ready to start traveling. Did a short stint a few years ago. I'm getting tired of the regulatory environment. Just be a tech for a few more years and let someone younger deal with the reg folks. I really like Blood Bank work.
  9. nurse practioners and pas can order blood components. At least any place I've ever worked.
  10. I'd get a few of the blood bank vending machines. One for the OR and one for the ED.
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