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  1. i don't think there is a PDF free download for the Technical Manual.
  2. i stopped buying lewis antisera years ago. No sense.
  3. That's the truth. As I recall, we did that every other night.
  4. when i worked in a large BB (700+ beds) we did the same thing. Printout. One guy at the refrig and a 2nd with the list. we had about 600u in stock.
  5. What does the vendor of your apheresis instrument say about processing the product? I would think that would be a part of their instructions for use.
  6. We always let them rest for an hour and then on the rotator. It's been a while for me also in dealing w plt donations. It would be interesting to see the procedure as written by the vendor or the collection device, as opposed to what the inhouse procedure is.
  7. that's all i ever have are ABO incompatible plts (usually).
  8. I would cite you if inspecting you. This is unacceptable. You need access to critical patient information whether downtime is scheduled or unscheduled.
  9. Great point. I worked at a large facility. We had multiple users of Medicare IDs. Noticed when the "same" person came for prenatal work - but had different blood types. We knew they were sharing cards.
  10. I would prefer a specimen/admission but I can live with a historical type.
  11. I always (and still am) under the impression that the pain would be at the infusion site if associated w a HTRX
  12. My opinion - when the last of the blood is infused. If that includes the saline flush/tubing cleared, so be it.
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