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  1. We had one of those decades ago before monoclonals. Typed a unit as B+. Transfused to a B patient. Next time we saw the donor we were trying out monoclonals. anti-A rx was 2+. AsubB. We checked the transfusion on the B patient. H&H stayed up, no evidence of rbc destruction upon chart review. My techs were freaking out.
  2. It's pretty standard to not use the microscope to read tubes. Depends on the comfort level of your Medical Director usually. why not do C3 in gel?
  3. Also, the vendor of the device should be responsible for training your Nursing staff. (at least that was the deal for the ones I was looking at). In the ER they will probably be using uncrossmatched I am assuming.
  4. I would expect the blood center to put an expiration date on that product. You should not have to alter that as it would be a licensed/registered product in compliance with regulations.
  5. As a neophyte blood banker we read everything under the scope (early 70s - it was SOP). Then took a job and worked w a very experienced blood banker (she was on a first name basis w Laurie Marsh, the Moulds' , and more of the NY blood ctr crew). I'd ask her to look at weak agglutination (probably your kissing cells) - her response was if I wanted to call it positive - go ahead. she wouldn't. Weaned myself off the scope after that. I think all new BBers go thru that. I also liked exlimey's statement about "playing" with different types of enhancements. I still do. For me, that's the interesting stuff in BB. Like those DAT cards I rec'd. Wish I could get them in the USA.
  6. You have to have a BBIS that accommodates your vending machine. It does the electronic xm so must speak to your BBIS. Usually you have to have the BBIS from the same manufacturer (but I wouldn't swear to that). Any that I've looked at were associated with BBIS vendors.
  7. We run the old controls w the new kit reagents (anti-D, indicator cells and controls). The controls should react as anticipated.
  8. I think that your institution may develop whatever means they feel appropriate for emergency release. The only caveat I have is that the MD who is ordering is documented on the request. Many times computer generated orders only have the attending who is in the system. Definitely keep the phone call.
  9. I've played with these but never got around to validating them.
  10. I would say no. You are not manufacturing or modifying a product.
  11. I like HemoTemp II. They display a current internal temp and have a blue indicator (flower) which irreversibly turns black if the unit has gotten warmer than 10C. Easy to attach; easy to validate.
  12. Thanks - that's what I thought but could only find info on crises.
  13. Hi All Having a brain cramp or just getting old: patients w sickle cell disease. Do they always get Hgb S neg rbcs or only in crisis? Can't find an answer in the books. Thanks ahead of time.
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