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  1. I spoke w Immucor Tech Support this AM. No one has reported weakened reactions sooooo - It might behoove any of you experiencing this to contact Immucor Tech Support and report your experience.
  2. I stand corrected. Started using a new lot today - Rh+ cells 4+, Rh= cells: 1+-1+w Contacted Immucor
  3. I used the macopharma bags occasionally. I always weighed them. The demarcation volumes are nice. You'd have to fill the bags to a line and then get the actual weight/volume and compare that to the demarcation. Plus, what you fill them with should have an equivalent weight to whole blood.
  4. be nice to know the lot#. I use CorQc for gel, so I've diluted the antisera anyway (always 4+, even at 1:20).
  5. I believe the FED recommends you do your own validation. I concur. It really gives you an indepth knowledge of your system DON"T use the scripts provided by the vendor. FDA recommends you make your own so that you validate only the portions of the system you will utilize. I recently managed an upgrade (in progress when I arrived). They used the scripts provided and validated the entire system. Took hundreds of man hours and 60% of it was wasted time. The FDA provides a guidance on validating BBISs.
  6. It can do emergency release w no type (or screen done). HCLL was the BBIS I was purchasing for.
  7. seems like a waste if you can only r/o anti-D. If you run a few more cells you can r/o almost everything. There is rarely a need to run an entire panel (I know, I still do on occasion).
  8. Definitely requires patient ID to release a product. Will also do the e-xm if set up to do so.
  9. I have always found the "r" set to be lacking for rule outs. In my current lot, I couldn't r/o Fya because there is no Fya+ cell in that set, also not a good zygosity for MNSs group. I usually select the cells I want run when we expect anti-D due to RhIg administration. I try to limit it to 6 including the auto control but there are times when I need 7+auto. I write the cells to use directly on the box so there can be no doubt.
  10. that's the way should deal w a known antibody. You don't have to prove it is still there because you are going to respect its presence regardless. Running ag negative cells to r/o other specificities is the way to go. (At least it's the way I've gone for the past 30+ years).
  11. it would be interesting to see how many "O" moms had Immune anti-A,-B in the cord specimen, regardless of baby's type. If the test is positive, aren't you forced to assume that A or B is the ab causing the DAT?
  12. We run selected cells when we anticipate anti-D secondary to antenatal RhIg. We still r/o the clinically significant abs w these cells. Otherwise, we do not perform an abscr as part of our RhIg workup (post-delivery).
  13. We give O= unxm only to females of child bearing potential (<50 yo).
  14. Is there a caveat in the pkg insert about how many spin cycles are acceptable? I don't recall seeing one. I could spin an IgG card up to 6 times (theoretically).
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