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  1. Decades ago I worked w a tech who worked w Peter at NYBC. I had always looked under the scope (as that was how I was trained). I'd ask her to look at 2 or 3 or 4 cells stuck together microscopically. Her comment was always, "If you want to call that positive go ahead, but I'd call it negative." High anxiety to give up the scope but I did.
  2. Sounds reasonable to me. As long as you have defined what the acceptable comparisons are I would say you are fine.
  3. We all have these transfusion event stories. Rec'd a phone call in the middle of the night years ago. 3 out of 4 units were transfused to the incorrect patient. Fortunately both pts were O Pos. We used Typenex numbers. BB tech switched the 2 patients; could only be resolved at the bedside. 2u transfused in dialysis. When asked about the "red" numbers I was told that they no longer checked them as they always matched. I informed them that they gave 2u the day before to the incorrect patient.
  4. Yes, but DVI donors need to be typed as D+. Donors are not patients.
  5. The donor could be a DVI but the blood center is testing using an anti-D that does not detect that epitope (usually the hospital transfusion service doesn't want to find that person as Rh+ but the donor center does). OR, the blood center has typed the incorrect unit.
  6. i used to use Simmler's kits. Worked well. CAP actually has a kodachrome of a KB stain as part of the FMH survey. You could have all your techs give you a result using that and then wait to see what the consensus is. When we did these here i had all techs read slides after we had reported.
  7. I verify the accuracy of the probe thermometers in all my environmental storage devices and do not keep an external thermometer in any. Have not been cited in 20+ years, including FDA licensure inspections.
  8. I think that as long as your reference thermometer is NIST traceable for accuracy you should be able to do what you are planning. If i was inspecting I would want to see that your reference has demonstrated accuracy (NIST traceable).
  9. I believe most vendors do the training for Nursing staff.
  10. I would think that titers would be relatively constant across different platforms, but then again I am a blood banker. How do you get a titer of 12 (guess I'm used to serial dilutions 1:2)
  11. I looked at Quotient and Hemobioscience. Could not find that kit.
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