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  1. David Saikin

    Transfusion Review

    I don't know that there is a prescribed number of transfusions to review. Each institution determines what and how review is done. My hospital is very small. I review everything.
  2. David Saikin

    Irradiate label affixed to the ISBT label

    As an inspector I would be satisfied with this for compliance. It's always nice to see the RadSure label but I do not believe that it is required.
  3. David Saikin

    TRM.42750 Storage Unit Alarms

    Cliff Those systems usually are able to provide printouts of temps; documenting aberrations/alarm checks can be done on-line. Somebody has to review them I would think.
  4. David Saikin

    FDA reportable?

    I think missing the antibody screen depends why it was missed? Was it negative this time? Was that an error? If the pt has a hx of an antibody, ag negative rbcs should always be provided (regardless of the absc result). Since the unit was transfused without an ahgxm, without ag typing, Biological Product Deviation report is required.
  5. David Saikin

    Transfusion documentation

    Nursing would not believe me when I told them that their transfusion documentation was running about 50% complete. Finally, I sent all the deficient paperwork to the Nursing Admin. They got up to about 90% but then fell back into non-compliance. After a change in Nursing Admin, a new Medical Director of the Lab and constant haranguing and meetings we are now consistently at ~95% compliance. We had to give a little also. Instead of vitals q 30 minutes after the 15 min initial vital set, we now do 15 minutes and hourly. Still have a hard time getting them call a reaction workup for increased temps . . . but definitely improving otherwise.
  6. David Saikin

    Temperature Indicator for RBC Units

    If the blood is going to stay in the cooler until transfused - it is storage. (1-6C for storage) If the blood is taken to the room and stored "elsewhere" that is transport. (1-10C: temp while blood is in transport mode) If the blood is not in a cooler and taken to the patient's room - that is transfusion
  7. David Saikin

    Addition of sterile saline when pooling cryo

    We always added some saline when pooling cryo. A moot point nowadays.
  8. David Saikin

    FDA Registration

    Thawed plasma is a new product. If you make it you should be registered.
  9. David Saikin

    Rh Pos or Rh Neg?

    My medical director determined that we would call a 1+ rx (w gel anti-D) Rh Negative. There are folks that call a 3+ rx w gel Rh Negative.
  10. David Saikin

    FDA Registration

  11. David Saikin

    group O RBCs for non O neonates

    Most rbcs in the USA are leukoreduced and AS rbcs. The residual plasma in these units is very minimal. I cannot remember ever washing rbcs for neonate/preemie transfusion, starting in 1972. (before AS or leukoreduced rbcs)
  12. since your institution considers blood/components "medication" do you get paid what a pharmacist gets paid? If u are using 2 or more lines for transfusion how would u know which product causes a reaction? Rhetorical questions.
  13. The AABB Tech Manual states that only 0.9% saline may be added when transfusing blood or blood components. I do not see a problem running plasma and rbcs together - see my comment above.
  14. David Saikin

    Group O platelets titer

    While I appreciate this sentiment, my reality for apheresed plts is that I only receive group A or O - depending on what is there and pending outdates at the supplier. As a small institution (24 beds) I do not have the capability for washing plts (though I have in the past at larger, tertiary care places). Aside from myself - all the techs are generalists who would rather not do BB if they had a choice ( though for the most part they do excellently). I guess the larger institutions get dibs on the ABO identical plts - not so for us little guys whose usage is random and rare.
  15. David Saikin

    Group O platelets titer

    I know large institutions that use an immediate spin titer of 51 or less. Whether this is a titer or dilution I cannot say. The medical director there told me that it is a titer.

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