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  1. Daily Reagent QC requirements

    Classically the Feds have only required positive controls with the exception of anti-D QC which also requires negative controls. If you go into CFR used by CMS you probably will find that they require a pos and neg control for all moieties being tested.
  2. We rarely ship blood on a transport. The helicopter has minimal room and none for a blood box. If we do ship we call the transferred to hospital to find out disposition.
  3. Documentation of Transfusions

    30 minutes derived from when blood was in glass bottles. Currently CAP Std TRM.42470 requires each facility to validate the time allowed for red cells to be returned for reissue. It does not take too long for the rbcs to reach a temperature >6C.
  4. Nurse Collections for Blood Bank

    We use bloodloc codes. Only require one individual to id patient. Have never worked where 2 folks had to id the patient when the specimen was obtained. Always for transfusion, though the use of bloodloc codes should be able to alleviate that process - it is one that will die hard.
  5. Daily Reagent QC requirements

    I make O= cells from donor units on hand and I use my diluent as a negative serum control. Been doing this for over 10 yrs w no negative ramifications.
  6. Staffing model - RNs?

    I always preferred paramedics to RNs. They are much better in handling those acute reactions than RNs seemed to be. If I was going to use an RN, I don't see any difference between BSRN or a graduate from a 2 yr program for dealing w donors. I would prefer a BSRN to supervise but not necessary for actual donation process.
  7. I would always go directly to a panel. It is not that much more labor intensive that running the screening cells first. At my current facility the need for elution studies is rare and all are sent out.
  8. An equivocal by any other name...

    In instances when there are a few weak reacting cells on an antibody ID (w+-1+) and no specificity is apparent we xm using the antiglobulin technique. If the reactions are stronger than 1+ I'll forward a specimen to the reference lab.
  9. Pregnancy Termination and Rhogam

    We use 12 weeks. I know places that use 20.
  10. Return of issued products

    Red Cells in a chest that is held someplace (like the OR) is considered storage. 10C is not acceptable storage temp. The FDA has made this call. About 3 years ago there were multiple discourses on whether blood in coolers were storage or transport. If the product sits in the box it is storage/FDA and must meet the environmental storage of 1-6C. I asked this question personally. We will take back rbcs until 15 minutes has elapsed. We validated that after that time the rbc has exceeded 10C. We do not release into coolers.
  11. An Enigma (for me)

    I ran 3 more A1 cells, one reacted 2+ in buffered gel. Set up a room temp id. All cells negative. I think I am just going to go with an anomalous reverse grouping. But I am open to any other suggestions. Patient is not a transfusion candidate.
  12. An Enigma (for me)

    I planned on finding a few amongst my A red cell inventory. Thanks to both of you - at least it seems I am on the right track . . . we'll see.
  13. Have only done preliminary studies on this but would like any/all opinions. Routine ABORh: front types as group A, Rh(o)D Negative. Reverse group w A1 Cells is 2+/B cells: 4+. Testing is in gel. Had the tech run the pt plasma in buffered gel vs A1, A2, S1, S2, S3 and auto ct. 15 min @ rt. Only the A1 cell reacted 2+. Yes it is the same A1 cell. Pt types 4+ with A1 lectin (controls as anticipated). I do not have a different lot commercial A1 cells. Will find some donor A1s tomorrow. Gel antibody screen is negative with IgG card. Do not know the diagnosis. Open to any/all comments and opinions. Thanks in advance
  14. Blood Bank Regulations

    Pretty much like Cliff says - knowing the regs is always a work in progress especially when you are new to BB mgmnt. The only regs you really learn about are storage and (possibly) donor standards (FDA). I would read the AABB standards and know where to find pertinent information. These will mostly be in compliance w the FDA and CAP. Cliff, I don't know how you memorized the standards, except that years ago they were not as extensive.
  15. external alarm monitoring of freezer and refrigerator

    As long as you are staffed 24/7 there is no requirement to also have external monitoring.