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  1. Amount of plasma removal for Exchange Transfusion?

    you will need to know the hct of your unit. Example: WB of 500mL w a 45% hct = 225 ml or rbcs and 275 ml of plasma. remove 50 mL of plasma giving you 225 mL rbc and 225 mL of plasma and a hct of 50%.
  2. Occurrences to the FDA

    I've attached my QP for errors/accident reporting. The FDA stuff is towards the end. Errors 1.2.doc
  3. HELP--ABO titer validation plan

    I've attached my process validation plan. Let me know if you need more info. Process Validation Template.doc
  4. I never have. Don't know how I feel about it. Have never used cord blood for transfusion purposes either. Always have confirmed w a heel stick specimen. If you have the mother available I would think you would use a specimen from her. Or am I just an old timer?
  5. Okie

    That's the truth.
  6. Okie

    One of the classic ways of increasing sensitivity is to increase the serum:cell ratio. Used to do that a long time ago. I've never done that with enhancement media. I don't know if they still do but I believe Canada used to use 10 drops of serum/drop of cell suspension.
  7. Feto-maternal Screen Lot to Lot Testing

    I just run the old controls with the new lot kit. Never had a problem with inspections. My anticipated results are positive with the old and new pos cts and negative with the old and new neg cts.
  8. Manual entry verification

    We use manual reporting. I verify accurate data entry into the LIS on the manual log of results/interps.
  9. RHIG Workup

    MD orders the RhIg workup.
  10. Quarterly Alarm Checks

    I do the ice water/warm water in January and July; the electronic check in April and October. I guess it would depend on who inspects/assesses you how they feel about the electronic check. The companies do say that they increase/decrease the probe temp . . . as an inspector/assessor I like to see the hot and cold manual method. It probably is prudent to check with your regulatory agency to see what they deem to be valid for their certification.

    do you use Grifols for all your other gel testing?
  12. CAP TRM.30450

    We only do lot to lot on the fetal bleed screen kit.
  13. Rh phenotypes

    Malcolm - while I totally understand where you are coming from, in the trenches of the small hospitals antigen typing prophylactically can lead to very increased pricing of red cells (if done from the blood center). Also, most smaller institutions do not carry reagents for antigen typing, which, if they perform it - albeit rarely - they are supposed to enroll in surveys that demonstrate competencies in doing so (another exhorbitant expense). Such typing is not mandated in the US of A though I do note that institutions with active sickle programs do perform extended typings due to the fact that these patients are going to be transfused periodically. Good question for sure.