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  1. If you are talking about tube tests, I label A,B,D,Dct, a,b. ABSC: 1, 2, 3. With the pt initials underneath.
  2. I challenged the exam decades ago. I used Mollison, The Technical Manual, Garraty&Petz Autoimmune Book, and Harmening's Book. I believe the test I took is more akin to the current BB exam (though I was also the last group to receive unknowns after you passed the written test). I'd rather do the serology than answer questions about it.
  3. It definitely should be a part of the medical record, electronic or otherwise. No need for BB to keep the document - medical record. I'd put a note on the patient record card/BBIS for future reference.
  4. I still use bloodlocs. Nursing still is doing an outstanding job AND we have a new Nurse Educator and some dynamic Nursing managers who deal w my diatribes about label placement on tubes. They are slowly but surely getting compliant. I've used Typenex in the past and had a few unfortunate experiences. No one was injured but I've had compliance issues w Nursing and staff at a former hospital. It gets easy to see the red sticker/armband as one nurse told me "they always match so we didn't check". It's a good thing both guys were O+, 3 out of 4 units were given to the wrong patient. The f
  5. Commercial anti-M (I have it because I use Ortho's gel and find more than a few Ms). I test the cell treated and untreated. I use papain. Also, a few years ago the FDA was considering having BBs file for lab developed tests if you used any enhancement media, even though you were following the pkg inserts. If you used more than saline and serum you could file for a lab developed test with no surcharge ($250,000) up until a designated date. After that date you would have to pay. I have not heard that they were pursuing this any longer. That surcharge is what vendors have to pay initial
  6. and me too! Though for me, we also did a bromelase antibody screen routinely (w 15 min at room temp then on to 37C/AHG - lots of panels).
  7. If you are making your own test system will this be considered a Lab Developed Test? Might want to run it by CAP, FDA, CMMS. I use anti-M to QC my enzyme pretreatment.
  8. Rh Undetermined. However, with a mild heat elution you might be able to obtain a valid result, as long as the DAT is not very strong.
  9. There is intravenous RhIg available. You would have to look at your product to see if it as able to be given iv. I would assume the MD feels it would be more comfortable to the patient if given through an already patent iv.
  10. I did self study for my SBB. I used Harmening, Technical Manual, Mollison, and Garraty & Petz. It was 35 yrs ago. Did not have much administrative stuff at that time. In fact, it was the last year they sent unknowns after you passed the written. I think the current BB test is more like the SBB I took. I bet you have all or most of the technical stuff down. I'd concentrate on what you feel are your deficiencies - management stuff. Go for it. I always tell everyone - even if you do not pass look at all the knowledge you will have gained.
  11. your facility should have an occurrence event form for any occurrences there. I'd speak with your Quality folks; I would expect they would have the answer and be interested in such.
  12. I validate the probe thermometer with my NIST thermometer (2x/yr) - in all my storage devices. Have not used an internal thermometer in years. Never had a problem with CAP or AABB inspections.
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