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  1. Is anyone using Orsense for pre-donation hemoglobin testing?
  2. I have RNs working in our Donor Center. We don't require a BSN.
  3. Has anyone tried to tackle electronic documentation in their department. I have actually started a project where ALL our quality control is documented electronically. As of now it consists of some excel spreadsheets and some forms. It sounds wonderful and I'm hoping it works out. I'm looking for some creative ways on how to deal with the completed electronic documentation. Do you print the completed forms for a regulatory binder. Do you put all the forms and spreadsheets in one BIG pdf file I just want it to look clean and but searchable too. Any suggestion?? Stephanie
  4. spavlis

    Glycerol Solutions

    Do you directly add it or is further dilution needed??
  5. spavlis

    Glycerol Solutions

    What is formula (recipe??) for making this up??
  6. spavlis

    Glycerol Solutions

    I believe.....Thermometers are placed in solutions similar to the components of blood. 10% glycerol solutions is determined to be similar to blood.
  7. spavlis

    Glycerol Solutions

    Does anyone know where we can buy the glycerol solutions used for the blood refrigerators?? The glycerol solution is the solution the sensors and thermometers are placed in the blood refrigerator. Thanks Stephanie
  8. spavlis

    Alarm Activation

    Am I the only one who HATES the quarterly alarm activation process??? Since we use a electronic temperature monitoring system (Isensix) to monitor our temps and alarms, on a quarterly basis we test the alarm activation. This process involves the archaic process of a water bath and temperature probes. I refuse to believe in this tech savy world, that there isn't a better system or process of doing this. Please tell me someone has figured this out!!!! Thanks Stephanie
  9. spavlis

    Refrigerator Thermometer Bottle

    Kirkaw, Do you happen to have the catalog number of the product you bought from ThermoScientific?
  10. We are looking to purchase a new refrigerator thermometer bottle. The last one we have is from Barnstead/ERTCO, which was bought out by Fisher Scientific. And apparently they have discontinued all ERTCO products. Any recommendations, would be great. Thanks Stephanie
  11. spavlis

    Lookback Policy

    I'm in the process of updating our lookback policies and I'm having trouble determining what infectious disease markers actually REQUIRE (per FDA regulations) a lookback. So far, I have HIV, HCV and Zika. What WNV, HTLV or HBV??? Does anyone know if these are REQUIRED look-backs?? Thanks Stephanie
  12. What does your center use to screen research whole blood or apheresis donors? Do you use a specific donor history questionnaire? We have an abbreviated donor history questionnaire with about 12 questions, though I'm not sure they are really relevant questions. Wondering what information is needed or useful for these type of donors. Thanks Stephanie
  13. spavlis

    HPC donor consent

    Cliff, I believe the FACT regulations only say the donor screening and consent need to be completed PRIOR to the collection. Not necessarily the day of collection. We do our screening (DHQ) and consent during the donor's pre-evaluation, which is usually a couple of weeks before the collection. No additional consent is obtained on the day of collection. Our workflow also involves checking and verifying the consents are available and completed on the day of collection. Stephanie
  14. spavlis

    Employee Gifts

    We have employee appreciation week coming in September. What are some good and practical gifts, I can buy for the employees? We have already done the whole pens, paper, highlighter, pins, lunch bags, tote bags and etc. Looking for something different. Thanks Stephanie

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