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  1. I have read many of your posts and value your opinion. I understand if you are honoring the requirement (can you point me to the requirement?)to provide compatible products for these patients, but in your opinion do you think it is better to give a non washed incompatible plt or a washed incompatible plt? I have received these patients and it is recommended they get washed platelets. My blood supplier argued not to wash platelets, and I see their point, but if it is a requirement I need to be able to present it, so that when I request it, they will fill it.
  2. Off topic, but why washed platelets? I have been told washing decreases your volume, expiration time, and quality of the products.
  3. signature for the length of the specimen. New workup= new form. I am pretty sure they don't even read it
  4. Does anyone know what educational requirements are for performing and recording blood type on units? Or where I can go to look it up? Thanks Teresa
  5. I recently asked the Medical Director of our blood supplier what a "large volume" meant when transfusing incompatible plasma. They replied 2- 4 units.
  6. I am a small hospital. I was told by our blood supplier that when they provide LTOWB we will be contracted to order a set amount each month. For example I would order 2 and they will arrive on the 15th of each month. Now I use those 2 units on the 16th. I cannot have anymore until the 15th of the next month. This contract, and wastage encourages me not to provide this product, The same is true with liquid plasma. Mabel I agree that maybe the LTOWB will alleviate platelet constraints in traumas. I am hoping to see some more studies on the cold storage of platelets, I really hope this will be an acceptable practice in the future to extend the life of platelets. Teresa
  7. Both on the original order and add on. Curious are you able to have Irradiated and CMVN requests print on your add on orders that print?
  8. We do not use Meditech, but our ordering facilities use Meditech-without a Blood Bank module, My IT department is struggling with an issue. When an order for 2 units of RBC's is placed it creates 2 separate orders/specimens. We need to be able to have multiple products "added onto" the same specimen. Does any one have any advice I can share with my IT department on how to manage this problem? Thanks in advance Teresa
  9. We do not accept neither units cross-matched nor uncross-matched on patients from another facility. If I have the testing facility info, I call them to let them know if the products were not used. If they want them back I am happy to return. However, no one has ever asked for the product back. This is not something that happens very often here... maybe 3 times a year...
  10. We are not phenotypically matching units unless the DTT treatment does not work or they have developed an antibody.
  11. Thank you all for your response. I just realized I asked if you would order a fetal screen, but it should be a KLEI if they are weak D +.
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