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  1. Occurrences to the FDA

    I wrote a procedure following the FDA reporting website instructions and by creating a report (not saving it at the end) in order to have step by step instructions. I also copied the list of FDA reportable offenses to the back of the procedure.
  2. How do I know when a lot to lot correlation is needed? Is there a standard that says a lot to lot is required? If yes what is it? I could not find anything in the AABB standards, CFR, or The Joint Commission. I could have missed it or misinterpreted it.
  3. plasma thawers

    I am looking to purchase a new plasma thawer. I have the Helmer DH4 water bath. I read your reviews on the microwave and it will not be a good fit for us, because we do not thaw enough plasma to warrant having a water bath and microwave. I read Aunte D's post that you use the Sahara III and I am intrigued. I looked it up online, but it doesn't give much info such as maintenance, limitations to products like the microwave has. I would be most grateful if you could elaborate on your thoughts on this plasma thawer and some of the problems you have run into with its use. I didn't see that it was FDA approved?? Does anyone use the Cytotherm if yes same questions as above. I appreciate your help
  4. Blood component order in the O.R.

    I have seen a vast improvement in physicians ordering unnecessary crossmatches by having the crossmatch to transfusion statistics, with a goal c:t ratio, reviewed at the Transfusion committee meeting. The hospital provides an anonymous list of physicians (they know who they are, but no one else knows who they are) so they can compare the data (competition). There are still a few physicians who order unnecessarily. We know who they are, and we set up units with long exp dates.

    I could not get my igloo coolers to maintain temps between 1-6 C. I found these really neat coolers from Camp-Zero. I am going to use the mint green for plasma and the pink ones for red cells. 2 Down falls 1. The latches are meant to keep the bears out! I figured it would probably keep the Dr.s and nurses out too, so I validated them for 24 hours with the lid closed, not latched. They maintain temps beautifully with the lid not latched. 2. Stickers don't stick to the plastic very good, so I am gluing the stickers on.
  6. LABORATORY CORE SCIENTIST/MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST OR MEDICAL TECHNICIAN WITH AT LEAST 3+ YEARS EXPERIENCE (ASCP Certified or equivalent): If you love the great outdoors, this Northwestern Idaho and Southeastern Washington location would be ideal. Near three major universities. Pathologists’ Regional Laboratory, Lewiston, Idaho is currently accepting applications for a full-time position, Monday- Sunday (7 on/7 off) graveyard shift. We offer excellent pay and benefits. We are a privately owned laboratory located in a regional medical center. Interested applicants should e-mail ccattron@pathregional.com Visit www.pathregional.com
  7. e and C titer

    wow! Great explanation thank you
  8. e and C titer

    just realized only cells available to titer e homo are also C pos. So if the patient does have Anti-C at least it will be included in the titer result. Just won't know how they titer individually.
  9. e and C titer

    What can I do? I have an OB patient that we reported out as having an Anti-e unable to rule out Anti-C (no e neg C positive cells), Patient antigen types as C negative. We will give e neg C neg units,. The OB Dr. just put an order in to do a titer on both Anti-e and Anti-C, but I don't have any cells to titer the C. Any ideas?
  10. No, I was considering putting the indicators on the products in surgery coolers, but wasn't sure if it was going to be a problem with nursing staff touching them, if only the indicators came with a little camera
  11. Do you train the nursing staff not to put their fingers on the indicators?
  12. Cold Agglutinin Panels

    This is very discomforting information. How would we determine auto from Vel if it is behaving like an auto?
  13. I just answered this question. My Score FAIL  
  14. BloodBankTalk:Allergic Reaction

    I just answered this question. My Score PASS  
  15. Grifols Erytra

    Does anyone have any feed back on the Grifols workstation using the card reader?