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  1. Most of the ones we get from our suppliers are the 7 day bacterial testing so we don't need to do the testing. If a single donor is only 5 days, we will test on day 4 and 5. We also use some acrodose that aren't tested.
  2. We do a second tube and have a different person draw it. We place the order for the second tube once we get the first tube. If not, we are sure they are drawn the same time especially by nursing. We do charge for the second type. Our first tube must be drawn by positive patient ID. We do know that positive patient ID this can be completed and still draw the wrong patient. I have seen this in a previous job.
  3. There is a pick up slip that can be printed out of Epic. It is a blood requisition form. We also have a downtime form that nurses use when Epic is down. I am attaching the downtime form Blood Product Pickup Form - revised 10.29.20.docx
  4. We have always asked for another tube when a patient doesn't have history when using electronic ID. We know that the electronic ID is good but there are ways to trick it so they can san something besides the bracelet. I have used 3 different systems with electronic ID and nurses still try to get around using the proper scanning technique. We got support from our Medical Director and we just did it We also have a second person draw the tube, not the same nurse or phlebotomist.
  5. We require a Blood Refusal for RhoGam if the patient needs it and won't receive the RhoGam. Our refusal includes a lot of the derivatives because of the big Jehovah Witness population. The refusal includes RhoGam. This way we are covered if they come back pregnant again and have developed Anti-D.
  6. We have one that is pretty easy and used by all departments I will try to attach to this answer.BBWS - 112a competency day.docx BBWS - 112b competency evenings night.docx
  7. We aren't quite the same but similar. We provide blood to a cancer center in a town about 15 miles away. There is another hospital in the town that is in a different system. We provide the blood to the cancer center. We ship it in coolers through our courier system and then the cooler comes back when the courier stops. We also supply them with platelets the same way. This way we keep all the blood under the same billing number.
  8. AS far as I know it is 3 days in SoftBank, not 72 hours.
  9. This is a CAP and AABB requirement. We get a new tube on any inpatient, OR patient, or ED patient whether they are getting blood or not. That way if they do need blood, we already have the second type. The tube should be drawn by a second person at a different time.
  10. No we don't use the microscope.
  11. We use gel on Cord Bloods but it doesn't detect DVI. We still perform weak D testing on all negative cord bloods.
  12. We have this with Epic and it does save time in an emergency or MTP. Also we don't have to worry about the paperwork, it is right in the EMR. We still ask for the call since we are the ones that are usually ordering the Emergency transfusion.
  13. Does anyone know if you need to be FDA registered to run the Verax testing on day 4 and 5? We aren't planning to extend our platelets just up to day 5. Thanks
  14. We give HbS negative blood to all sickle patients.
  15. We get a second type on all our patients that have no history. Our computer system requires this to be able to do electronic crossmatches. We keep the patient on type O like you. I also wait until the patient comes out of the OR to get the second type since they don't draw BB tubes very often and we need then=m drawn correctly even for the second type.
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