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  3. We use the Immucor Echo and have it set up the same way. No reason to look at it twice, but I definitely would not set it to autoverify.
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  6. We use Mobilab as our normal positive patient ID process. Registration has a system where they can generate visit labels during downtime without the MR number, so during downtime we have prenumbered armbands and write that number on these demographic labels.
  7. John, I agree that reimbursement may not be always be realistic, but for documentation purposes it would be advisable to have even a basic registration and document the transfusions.
  8. In this scenario, we would do as Ensis01 stated as long as the blood was not transfused in route. If it was transfused, you may have difficulty getting the receiving hospital to accept this. Then I believe you would have to have the patient registered, even if just as a John Doe, and perform an emergency issue in Meditech.
  9. That is a similar scenario to my most recent nightmare. The nurse had given the patient multiple units of blood over two days so she "knew" he wouldn't have a reaction. Then checked nothing and bypassed the computer transfusion program. An aid came in the room when she was getting ready to transfuse unit #2 and noticed the blood type wasn't the same as the one she was discarding. Fortunately the patient suffered no harm.
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