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  1. I don't know about all Rh Immune globulin preparations, but Rhophylac cannot be given IV for Antepartum prophylaxis. It is cleared too quickly if given IV and doesn't protect the mom through to delivery. For our postpartum patients, however, the IV administration is huge for patient satisfaction.
  2. Have your blood types been mapped? The Echo sends back blood types differently than Meditech accepts them. I believe that your Meditech instrument specialist needs to do the mapping for you. I don't remember the exact term, but he or she should know what needs to be done.
  3. Thank you Baby Banker. I always wondered but never took the time to investigate.
  4. I realize what you say is correct Malcolm, but that is what my supervisor called it and that is the way it was reported back in then.
  5. When I was a very young tech, our supervisor had us carry every Rh negative result through "Du" as it was called then. I also had an O Neg labeled unit test O "Du" positive.
  6. I just answered this question. My Score FAIL  
  7. We accept them as long as they don't have a really nasty antibody history (Warm or multiple antibodies) since we perform electronic XMs. Sometimes we have to get samples redrawn due to unexpected issues, but that is the exception, not the norm, so we try to work with what we get if possible.
  8. We used to require this as well, but as you said, we rejected many samples due to missing initials, mispelled names, missed numbers in the MRN, etc. When we went with Electronic patient verification we had to change that policy for phlebotomy to use the new system, and things improved dramatically. No one has the Mobilab scanners except our phlebotomists, so the number of people we have to educate is kept at a minimum. This is not to say they never cheat the system--they have--but it is much easier to manage 20 phlebotomists than 1000 nurses, specialty techs and anesthesia staff, so we feel pretty confident in our system.
  9. If you follow AABB guidelines, you have to keep them on O until the second type has been performed. However, if the first sample is drawn using an electronic positive identification system, it can also be used to perform the retype. We try our best to get the initial blood sample drawn using our Mobilab system to positively ID the patient. We perform the Type and Screen on our Echo and the second type by tube. The rare times a patient goes bad in the OR and we need that second sample, we require them to draw it.
  10. Does anyone know what the usage of blood products with these patients is like? I'm thinking quite low unless they go septic then coagulopathic?

  11. I don't understand this. Not only are they being selfish with the blood products, but also with all of the PPE and other supplies that are in critically short supply nationwide. I guess I should feel better about at least cutting the number of elective procedures that we are doing, although we are still doing way too many. The blood shortage is forcing our physicians to abide by the guidelines that we instituted 7 years ago, and it's forcing our Pathologist's to enforce them. My optimist self hopes that once this emergency passes, the will understand the reasons why we shouldn't over-transfuse and will change their habits. The pessimist in me thinks that won't happen, though. I guess we'll see which one comes out on top.
  12. Actually, I believe that the daily QC takes care of that, as the saline is used the same in patient specimens and QC material.
  13. When we were using gel, for the antibody screening negative controls we ran one with each diluent and the third with saline. Now that we are automated, we use saline as the negative control for the Check Cells in tube.
  14. I just answered this question. My Score PASS  
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