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  1. Patty

    Fake blood products

    I don't have a HemaTrax for making unit numbers or barcodes to scan. Any suggestions other than using expired supplier units and documenting that all transactions were used for testing and re-disposing of units after testing?
  2. Patty

    Fake blood products

    How do you make your fake ISBT numbers that can be loaded into the computer system? How do you rectify your inventory statistics after the fact. Units transfused, discarded, ER releases?
  3. Patty

    RHoGAM work up post partum Weak D

    Weak D if fetal screen is strongly Positive out of curiosity or to explain results but this + result would still require a fetal stain. We would place a comment in the patient's file to alert future pregnancies of need of fetal stain for RHIG coverage.
  4. Does anyone use Quotient Reagents for Blood Bank? Any problems? Pricing on antigen screening reagent looks good. If you change antigen screening reagent vendors what/how much validation would you do?
  5. I would check with CAP again before reverting to your old procedure. I called them a while back and was told it only applied to Fetal Screen Kits and parallel testing was required. I also listened to a webinar where this was discussed and they said running old QC on the new lot or a previous lot patient was required for CAP. I have found in the past that you may get different answers to a question depending on who you talk to at CAP. I often write an email instead of calling and then I have their explanation on record for my inspection.
  6. Patty

    Direct antiglobulin test

    For tube testing Immucor states: Negative tests may be examined using an optical aid. Ortho states: Examine negative tests with an optical aid. I believe a concave mirror or a microscope would qualify as an optical aid. Our policy does not define optical aid though. If the tech feels they need to look under the scope we do not discourage for DATs.
  7. Patty

    TRM.42750 Storage Unit Alarms

    We use ice/water for quarterly checks.
  8. We only parallel check the fetal screen kit by testing the previous lot QC with the new kit and vise versa. This is the only kit we use.
  9. Patty

    Blood Storage Cooler For Backup

    How large of inventory?
  10. Patty

    Stat Centrifuge

    When you switched to the STAT Centrifuge did you validate? Detailed info would be appreciated.
  11. There's a new Record Retention CAP standard for Inspection of Weld for Completeness QC. Does this only apply to donor/component processing? We are a transfusion service hospital and I've never done weld checking.
  12. Patty

    FDA Registration

    Correct, needs FDA registration and I believe you will need to get something that will re-label the 5 day plasma as a new product using ISBT coding.
  13. Patty

    Group A plasma for traumas

    When we do not have AB plasma or platelets we use type A on patients of unknown blood type but document the physician was notified on a deviation Form as it is not our normal protocol. In MTP we notify the nurse who picks up the blood and she documents in the chart that she notified the physician. Same when using O Pos instead of O Neg RBCs.
  14. Patty

    TRM.41350 Compatibilty Label/Tag

    When issuing multiple uncrossmatched RBC, FFP, Plat for MTPs do you read the name, MR, donor numbers, donor type, expiration date/time for each unit? It takes a long time to do on a unit that is not crossmatched or even type specific. We do not have trauma packs in the ER and rarely use them except for drills. There are 2 Nurses checking at bedside but our policy is to check everything in the BB at time of dispense.
  15. Our computer system (Cerner) updates the patient record with the antibody, antigen typing, any comments-problems, etc. which is available each time we enter the patient record for testing. Our past 2 computer systems have been uploaded with the patient history files so they are available indefinitely. We keep the patient ABID paper work-ups alphabetically by year in a file. We keep patient antigram worksheets for 10 years as required by CAP then discard.

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