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    Rugby Union, Cricket, cooking, wine, port, reading, crosswords, lecturing, more wine and more port!
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    Pretty boring really, but not that pretty!
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    Sourton, Devon, England
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    Prior to retirement, I had taken a brand-new role in the NHSBT and was involved very much more on the education and training side of red cell immunohaematology. My title was Reference Service Manager, but with Training after it (Reference Service Manager - Training). I was very excited about this change, as I have a passion for training and education.
    Reference Service Manager with the NHSBT.
    Ex-Chartered Scientist.
    Fellow of the British Blood Transfusion Society, having twice served on their National Council.
    Ex-Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Science. Ex-member of their Special Advisory Panel for Transfusion Science and Chief Examiner for Transfusion Science for the Institute.
    Author of the chapter "Human erythrocyte antigens or blood groups" in Fundamentals of Biomedical Science, Transfusion and Transplantation Science, edited by Robin Knight, for the IBMS. 1st edition, Oxford University Press 2013 (ISBN 978-0-19-953328-2, pages 19-44.
    Was a member of the BSH Blood Transfusion Task Force (writing Guidelines).
    Member of ISBT and AABB
    I am now retired from the Blood Service, but still do the other things!
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    Malcolm Needs FBBTS

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  10. Most certainly, you need to have a thorough transfusion history on the patient, as my good friend Yanxia says above, but it also depends upon the condition of the patient. If the patient is exsanguinating, the old adage comes into play that it is not a medical triumph to give perfectly compatible blood to a corpse, when, in very many cases these days, a haemolytic transfusion reaction can be treated. HOWEVER, it is ALWAYS a decision to be made by a medically qualified person, rather than a laboratory qualified person to make, as to how urgent the transfusion may be. IF there is time, it is always worthwhile doing a few more investigations. For example, is the patient DAT Positive, and, if so, is it IgG, IgM, IgA (rare), complement or a combination? Is the reaction seen in the auto-control due to a "cold" auto-antibody, or something else. To repeat what I wrote above, it MUST always be a decision for a medically qualified person, rather than a "lab rat" (HATE that term, but I hope you know what I mean, without taking offence - being a retired "lab rat" myself), but, if it was a case with which I was dealing, apart from doing a few basic tests (see above) I would be happy to give the blood - and more importantly, receive the blood, if I were the patient.
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