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    I have taken a brand new role in the NHSBT and am now involved very much more on the education and training side of red cell immunohaematology. My title is still Reference Service Manager, but with Training after it (Reference Service Manager - Training). I am very excited about this change, as I have a passion for training and education.
    Reference Service Manager with the NHSBT.
    Chartered Scientist.
    Member of the British Blood Transfusion Society, having twice served on their National Council.
    Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Science. Member of their Special Advisory Panel for Transfusion Science and Chief Examiner for Transfusion Science for the Institute.
    Author of the chapter "Human erythrocyte antigens or blood groups" in Fundamentals of Biomedical Science, Transfusion and Transplantation Science, edited by Robin Knight, for the IBMS. 1st edition, Oxford University Press 2013 (ISBN 978-0-19-953328-2, pages 19-44.
    Just been appointed to the BCSH Blood Transfusion Task Force (writing Guidelines).
    Member of ISBT and AABB.
    I am now retired from the Blood Service, but still do the other things!
    Got bored with being retired, and so am doing locum work in Blood Transfusion at St. Richard's Hospital in Chichester, West Sussex (and thoroughly enjoying myself!).

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  1. Malcolm Needs

    Repeat Antibody Investigations

    Once a specificity has been definitely identified, there is no requirement to "re-identify" it every time you receive a sample. You may want to test to see if it is still detectable, but that can be done using a single red cell sample. However, as screening red cell phenotypes tend to be complementary, I still contend that a panel should be performed (albeit, it may be an abbreviated panel), to ensure no de novo specificity has developed.
  2. Malcolm Needs

    Welcome Rachel Phinney

    Welcome Rachel Phinney.
  3. Malcolm Needs

    Antibody Evaluation

    Well Muhammad, my immediate question is, does it matter whether the antibody is IgG or IgM, but the reaction is most certainly due to incomplete adsorption? That having been said, you could treat the plasma with 0.01 M dithiothreitol (DTT), which would disrupt the di-sulphide bonds that hold an IgM molecule together, via the J-chain, which will prevent the molecule forming agglutinates with the red cells, but it really doesn't matter whether the antibody is IgG or IgM (or, indeed, a mixture of the two), if the reaction is by enzyme-only. Indeed, within NHSBT, we do not bother to test adsorbed plasma with enzyme-treated red cells after adsorption.
  4. Malcolm Needs

    Welcome Muhammad Awwal

    Welcome Muhammad. Let's see if we can fill that "bowl"!
  5. Malcolm Needs

    Welcome Lisa63heme

    Welcome Lisa63heme.
  6. Malcolm Needs

    ABO Retype

    How on Earth can one body claim to "own" a procedure, if that procedure is 1) almost universal throughout the world, and 2) if the proper procedure is there to enhance patient safety? It seems absolutely preposterous to me (if I were them, I would be very flattered that people wanted to follow my example/direction, UNLESS of course, they are unsure of what they have written vis-a-vis patient safety and are frightened of being sued if something goes wrong.
  7. Malcolm Needs

    Repeat Antibody Investigations

    In answer to your last sentence Teristella - GOOD LORD YES! Turning to your first sentence, the problem with performing an extended cross-match is that, if, for example, the patient has either sprouted a weak anti-Fya, or worse, has made an anti-Fya in the past (unrecognised), but has not been re-stimulated for a long time. Either the units could both be Fy(a+b+), or one could be Fy(a+b+) and the other Fy(a-b+), and the cross-match may not detect it. This is because the red cells in the antibody identification panel are in a preservative that maximises the expression of the red cell antigens, but NOT the oxygen carrying capacity of the red cells, whereas the red cells in the units are in a preservative that maximises the oxygen carrying capacity of the red cells, but does not maximise the antigen expression of the red cells (and the Duffy antigens are known for deteriorating upon storage (as are the Knops antigens, but they don't matter). So, by cross-matching without performing a panel, you may be missing an anti-Fya, and if the screening cell that is Fy(a+b-) may have come from an individual who has the FYA/FY genotype, if these red cells have come from a donor of the Black ethnicities, but the human immune system is MUCH more sensitive than our tests, so you have a DHTR on your hands. This, however, is purely a personal point-of-view.
  8. Malcolm Needs

    Repeat Antibody Investigations

    I must admit that makes me nervous Teristella.
  9. Malcolm Needs

    Welcome Eva Mafera

    Welcome Eva Mafera.
  10. Malcolm Needs

    2 cell verses 3 cell screen

    I take it that you have discussed this with the likes of Geoff Daniels, Joyce Poole, Nicole Thornton etc, plus the equivalent blood group serology greats of the USA, the Netherlands, etc, almost all of whom swear by manual tube testing, as do I. Yes, without a doubt, if you are not competent in this technique through lack of proper training and constant practice, then it has many pitfalls, but to condemn a technique outright as being almost prehistoric is a bit rich, with all due respect.
  11. Malcolm Needs

    Welcome miraje

    Welcome miraje.
  12. Malcolm Needs

    Gold Medal.

    Thank you Nikki, and indeed, THANK YOU to all of you who have written such kind words about an old fool with a hobby called blood group serology!
  13. Malcolm Needs


    I think you would be sorely disappointed.
  14. Malcolm Needs

    Welcome waever

    Welcome waever.
  15. Malcolm Needs

    Welcome Pjd

    Welcome Pjd.

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