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  1. We usually perform an elution whenever Mom has an antibody & the newborn baby is positive for that antigen regardless of the DAT result. In 25% of cases the eluate is positive . It depends on concentration of Mom's antibody coating the baby's red cells. There could be prozone effect as well.
  2. Thanks for all the valuable information as well as for sharing your thoughts & work flow. I will present my case to our Medical Director as stated below: "Since Anti-D due to Rhogam administration is a passive antibody, it would be acceptable to perform an antibody screen with r-set panel cells ( as indicated by the manufacturer). If the screen is negative with r-set, further workup is not necessary. A result comment with the date of Rhogam administration needs to be added. If there is no evidence of Rhogam administration or if the r-set screen is positive, full work up is necessary. " Please, correct me if I am missing anything.
  3. Hello All, Is there any CAP/AABB standard that approves the use of mini panel for positive screens for Anti-D due to Rhogam administration. We currently perform a full panel & rule outs for Rhogam like any other clinically significant antibody. I would like to implement the change to selected panel but, would need a valid justification for my medical director. Thanks for your time & input.
  4. Thank you much for all the valuable advice. I am new lead at the current blood bank & wanted to revise our QC policy.
  5. Hello, I recently started working at a Hospital Blood Bank & need to clarify about CAP QC requirement. The QC at the new place is very extensive. We run a positive & negative control for all the reagents daily including the A2 cells. At my old work place, we only ran Positive control for ABORH reagents except for Anti-D. Yet, they got never cited by CAP nor AABB. Is it necessary to run negative controls for ABO antisera & A1 & B cells ? I feel like lots of precious reagent is wasted each day & want to revise our QC policy .Appreciate your inputs. Thank you.
  6. At our facility, We used to do Eluates on Positve DATs for the CBs until last year. Our policy was revised and now we only do eluates if physician requests us as a part of differential diagnosis when they have ruled out all causes of hyperbilirubinia and anemia. We call the floor and inform them about the positive DAT results.
  7. In our system, valid specimen is required in order to issue an unit. But, on the nursing side it does not flag them if the specimen expired. They only need to be able to scan all the attributes of the unit issued and complete the clerical checks before starting the transfusion. We always issue blood even when the clot is expiring MN and later call & request them for a new XM specimen for future cross matches.
  8. Thanks for all the advice. I apologize, it is from CDC not from FDA. The email said that We are required to participate in the survey if our organization performed more than 1000 transfusions in an year. I do not think I have an option to opt out.
  9. Hi, Happy Holidays to you all! Has anyone done a blood utilization survey required by FDA? My manager assigned me to do one for 2017. I have no idea what information is needed. I was wondering if you guys have any previous experience with it? Thanks for your time and attention.
  10. Thanks for the information. I appreciate it.
  11. Hello, I was wondering if there is a provision for Electronic XM on Meditech platform. I never used this system before and would really appreciate if someone can share their experience setting up and validating computer XM with Meditech. I am so used to performing EXM in all my previous positions and not able to adjust performing IS XM with all the negative patients at my new work place. Thanks for your time and attention.
  12. Thank you. Probably, I will do the same .
  13. Hello, We are currently using diluted albumin as our control for Rh testing. I want to introduce Gamma Clone control made by Immucor since our Anti-D reagent is Gamma Clone. Do I need to validate or do any kind of comparison studies before I go live with the reagent. I am sure manufacturer completed all the studies but, I was wondering if we need to do any testing before I replace our Albumin control with Gamma clone control. Thanks in advance for taking time to answer my question.
  14. Thanks much for all the information. This Blood Bank community is of immense help & I really value your opinion. I am fairly new at my job as a Lead and counting on you for advice.
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