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  1. Training new employees

    As you describe the events, these are not mistakes. They appear to be wanton disregard for procedures and protocols. Most facilities have a training period, usually 3 - 6 months wherein a new employee can be discharged without jumping through the usual hoops. I suggest you use this escape route if it is available. Just out of curiosity what is this person's back ground and how well was it checked out?
  2. Quality Objectives/KPIs

    I know I've been gone for awhile but I have to ask. What is KPIs?

    Early in my career we had a tech working in chemistry who was, shall we say, a tad bit arrogant! I figured he had measured 5 mls while making up reagents enough times he could do it without a graduated cylinder. He just "eyeballed" it. It was requested he seek employment else where as one set of CAP Proficiency testing was failed miserably and his reagent prep was determined to be the cause.
  4. Crossmatch Billing

    This is a very interesting discussion and one that could bite you depending on who is asking questions. A number of years ago I was called down to the billing department to have a chat with an insurance person reviewing the billing for a patient. The patient had had a TURP performed and as was the norm back then the doctor had ordered and we had crossmatched 6 units of blood. As luck would have it the patient did not us a drop of blood, one of the fortunate few. The insurance person was going to deny payment for the crossmatches on the grounds that they were unnecessary. Initially I tried to very calmly explain that this was a common order for this procedure and in most cases the patient used some of the blood if not all and this case was unusual in the sense that they had not been transfused. The insurance person could not let go of the fact that the crossmatches were unnecessary expenses because the patient obviously didn't need them. I finally gave up and told the insurance person that it was a very sad day when insurance companies began practicing medicine. I was able to escape the room just before her head exploded! I never did follow up to see if we were paid for those crossmatches or not. Bottom line for me is, if they question testing that was ordered do not be surprised when they question testing that was not specifically ordered regardless of how much sense it makes to us. The antigen testing is easy to defend, the additional crossmatches, not so much. We would screen units by crossmatching but not charge for them until additional units were ordered. This is a little more difficult to achieve in the computer environment.
  5. Cold Agglutinin Panels

    It probably makes some doctor some where feel better.
  6. Depends on the inspector! Back in the day when I was inspecting, and yes it was called inspecting back then, I would not have even given it a second thought as long as the sample was acceptable and the unit was issued and hung prior to the expiration of the sample. I have met those inspectors who would have been quite distraught over such a perceived infraction. The best advice I can give you Mabel is, let your conscience and best judgement be your guide.
  7. Blood Utilization Suyvey

    Just curious but did they indicate what the penalty would be for not complying?
  8. Blood Utilization Suyvey

    Pretty sure that every blood supplier out there is already doing this both locally as well as nationally depending on the size and reach of the organization with plans of actually utilize the info for planning for the future. The govt on the other hand.......... well, not so much. Just keeping bureaucrats employed. You are right Malcolm, am very cynical as well as pessimistic. The thing is, when I'm wrong it's a good thing!
  9. Blood Utilization Suyvey

    I have always wondered what is done with the information from such surveys. Are decisions made and action taken or simply are heads scratched and eyes rolled? Are they undertaken simply for the "that's interesting" factor of the information?
  10. BB saline

    Just a little free advice and it's worth every penny. Pick your battles carefully and make sure they are worth fighting and the potential cost of losing. Good luck.
  11. Christmas 2017

    Merry Christmas to everyone. I would like to especially say Merry Christmas to all of you whole are working today saving lives and stamping out disease. May your work load be light and your friends and family be understanding. You are all in my thoughts today.
  12. Genotyping donor units

    I can not answer your questions but would like to ask a couple of my own. I've been away long enough that I've not even heard of the Immucor Bioarray HEA system. When and why would you send patient samples and donor units for this testing?
  13. Maintenance Frequency/Intervals

    Smoke and mirrors. Never under estimate the value of smoke and mirrors!

    I don't need them anymore but they are still fun!!
  15. TRM.42750 Storage Unit Alarms

    This is news to me but then things do change with time. So my questions are, first, are the alarms set at the factory or by the facility? Second, at what temp is the lower alarm set?