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  1. Personally, I would consider this extensive QC and not validation. There really is a difference. There truly are things that can not be reasonably or realistically validated in the clinical setting, antibody panels and antibody screens are just 2 of them and for the same reasons. I think I'll stop there.
  2. I have to ask, did you do this for every antigen listed on the panel?
  3. If I remember correctly, we QC'd new panels on the day we received them and then each day of use (daily for us). I started doing that 9 years before David and never had an issue with any inspecting/accrediting agency.
  4. We always sent our out with a filter set because that's what we had. As far as being required, I don't know.
  5. And to all of you who will be working the next couple of days, THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE! You truly are the special ones. Over the years I worked my share of night shifts Christmas Eve so my heart is with you.
  6. First off, what is MFM and FOB? I don't think you want me guessing! Secondly, the guidelines coming from someone who has little knowledge is not just foolish it's potentially dangerous. It is not uncommon for the husband, mate, partner or most recent paramour to NOT be the biological father and to assume so has the potential of severe consequences. There is no need to make an issue of it with the mother, just do the testing in the background if the physician is smart enough to understand this.
  7. I must respectfully disagree with Malcolm (a rare occurrence). In my transfusion service we documented the time of issue as the time the blood product left the blood bank and became the responsibility of the nursing service. Maybe this is one of those things where we have 2 countries separated by a common language. From Merriam-Webster Definition of issue (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb 1a: to put forth or distribute usually officiallygovernment issued a new airmail stampissue orders b: to send out for sale or circulation : PUBLISH cBritish : PROVIDE sense 1a, SUPPLY
  8. In case you were wondering, it's still snowing outside my window.
  9. Each day, when you first see the PLT icon on your computer is your first thought Platelets???
  10. And just how often are you doing the weak D test on theses newborns? Is it often enough to justify the additional testing?
  11. I would think that a 4th option in the poll should be: Routinely perform only D typing on babies from D negative mothers. Why do ABO and DAT routinely on these babies?
  12. I'm curious and have been out of the loop for a while so I would like to know who and why.
  13. I agree with David on the 1st part of his response. New samples would get everything (except known antibodies as David stated) and you reset the clock. As far as the second part of his response, I never had the "pleasure" of dealing with a super responder so I'm not sure how I would have dealt with that.
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