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  1. In case you were wondering, it's still snowing outside my window.
  2. Each day, when you first see the PLT icon on your computer is your first thought Platelets???
  3. And just how often are you doing the weak D test on theses newborns? Is it often enough to justify the additional testing?
  4. I would think that a 4th option in the poll should be: Routinely perform only D typing on babies from D negative mothers. Why do ABO and DAT routinely on these babies?
  5. I'm curious and have been out of the loop for a while so I would like to know who and why.
  6. I agree with David on the 1st part of his response. New samples would get everything (except known antibodies as David stated) and you reset the clock. As far as the second part of his response, I never had the "pleasure" of dealing with a super responder so I'm not sure how I would have dealt with that.
  7. Based on on of this I would be inclined to believe she never had an allo anti-D. I am tempted to climb on my soap box and spout a heated diatribe on the prenatal practice but I think I'll skip that this time.
  8. Did the "consistent prenatal care" include an antibody screen at some point?? I've seen anti-D drop below detectable levels but not that quickly and not in a young person. If this pregnancy had a negative antibody screen I would question the results from 2016.
  9. Just curious but did the inspector mention why you should check the total protein?
  10. Good point David, My first thought was, "why is your tube system so slow?" Granted I have a fairly limited exposure to tubing blood but in what experience I've had I've not seen a tube system so slow the blood would get out of temp during transport.
  11. Can you give us anymore info on what was going on in 2016? Also, what level of prenatal care had she received, if any?
  12. I'm with David on this one. Doing both paper and computer entry just adds one more opportunity for mistakes. If you can't trust some one to put it in the computer correctly how can you trust them to write it down correctly! The key is the ability to enter the results as they see them and not have to walk over to a computer station to do it. Also, if you are entering from an instrument print out I highly suggest you get that instrument interfaced as quickly as possible. Again, you are entering results from paper and that should be avoided.
  13. I think I missed something. Did you really imply that you are putting platelets in the same cooler as the RBCs??
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