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  1. We did, it was tiny and simple. The manufacturer said it goes back and forth x times per minutes +/- y. We simply measured this and made sure it went back and fort that many times.
  2. Aside from the "yuck" factor, centrifuges for WB are huge and generate massive G forces, a regular centrifuge would never work. Just an option. Also, would your vendor take them back?
  3. It can likely do all of that. It can take and HL7 feed, we won't do that though (we're super protective of our data). We send it a daily feed. I only got involved in the project in January, they've been working on it for 1.5 years now, very disappointing. It can definitely give reports on lab test utilization, wasted blood products, CT ratios by physician, inappropriate blood orders. One super frustrating element is there is only one criterion for blood products. For instance, RBCs can only have a single criteria, let's say a HgB of 7. You can say it's a cardiac patient, go to 24. Active bleeding in the OR, HgB not needed... We aren't live yet, we'll see if I like it later.
  4. Do you have a centrifuge? You could spin it down and make CPD red cells and salvage plasma.
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