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    Welcome Muhammad Awwal

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    Welcome Eva Mafera

  4. Cliff

    Group O platelets titer

    Similar, but we go a little higher, I believe 1:200.
  5. Cliff

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  6. Cliff

    saline with leukocyte filter

    Go with the manufacturers directions.
  7. Cliff

    2 cell verses 3 cell screen

    Automation comes with it's problems too. We had solid phase for our last instruments, now we're on gel. We have a 2+ cut-off to call someone Rh Pos. Now we are changing the types of lot's of people from Rh Neg to Rh Pos because gel is more sensitive. Plus, we seem to get a lot of "gel junk". This is new to us, so we started doing full peg panels on anything the machine interpreted as positive. Almost all of the panels were negative. We switched to a peg 2 cell screen. Then there is what our techs are calling sprinkles. A clear negative reaction, but a few tiny clumps sprinkled above the button. I'm afraid they'll change these to negative before sending them across the interface. They likely are negative though. No method is perfect.
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    2 cell verses 3 cell screen

    It was in a 1997 ARC Immunohematology. I found it through PubMed. Immunohematology.pdf
  11. Cliff

    2 cell verses 3 cell screen

    Oddly when I fist viewed this thread, the second page didn't load. Now I see a paper I would have liked to have seen. Any chance someone with better Google Fu than I can hunt this paper down? Thanks
  12. Cliff

    2 cell verses 3 cell screen

    So, I did a Google search, and this was first on the list for 2 cell vs 3 cell antibody screen. We have been doing a 2 cell screen for over a decade, I was hoping to find a published study that indicates this is unsafe and we are missing antibodies. To me, it intuitively feels like we should be. We are using BioRad. I am neither knocking nor endorsing any company, we have two IH-1000 and those are the cells we use. Their 2 cell screen says: R1R1 (CDe/CDe) and R2R2 (cDE/cDE) Homozygous expression of Jka Their 3 cell screen says: R1R1 (CDe/CDe), R2R2 (cDE/cDE), and rr (cde/cde), Jk(a+b-), Jk(a-b+), Fy(a+b-), Fy(a-b+), M+N-, M-N+, S+s-, S-s+, Le(a+b-), Le(a-b+) How are we not missing weakly reacting Fya, or Fyb, or Jkb...? The two cell screen is only (planned) to be homozygous for Jka.
  13. Cliff

    Separate Blood Bank Armbands

    We've never had a separate blood bank band.
  14. Cliff

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