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  1. We are considering changing the way we "QC" a titer. What we currently do is perform a titer, then freeze an aliquot of the plasma. The next time we titer that patient, we thaw the original titer and perform it in parallel with the new titer. The prior titer and the retested prior titer must agree within one dilution of each other. What if the first titer was not done correctly, then the repeat should not match? We are considering titering a donor who tests positive, maybe have a panel of people titer it to determines its result, then freeze small aliquots of that to be used as a control. What are others doing?
  2. Same here, but it has been an investigational test until now. FDA has mandated it for 13 states. They gave us a year (I'm in Mass, we're a high risk state) to begin testing. I suspect we will also get a year to implement whatever the new platelet guidance requires.
  3. We had one about 25 years ago, it was great because it was fast. it was terrible when a bag broke. It truly cooked the plasma, it looked like scrambled eggs when you opened it and the smell was horrible. I'll stick with the water bath.
  4. It's not for everyone. I did it for a couple of years and did not like it at all. That was about 20 years ago. I have never felt compelled to go back and do it again.
  5. It is still in draft, and has changed (significantly) a couple of times. It is rumored to be finalized next month. This will create significant changes for all of us, I suspect we'll get a year to implement, same as the new Babesia testing requirement. Our testing vendor isn't ready to offer it to clients yet.
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