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  1. Meditech is set for 72 hrs
  2. The only time we perform an antibody screen on a postpartum specimen for RhIG is if, for some reason, we do not have record of one from prenatal testing.
  3. Emergency Released Blood..... Does anyone wait until the trauma patient is stable before getting a blood sample to perform a screen and XM when releasing emergency uncrossed blood? NO...I don't wait...but I am being told by my Lab Manager that I need to do this. ???????????
  4. Same here, entire unit...except well over 30 years.
  5. We phone once. When a nurse signs out the blood (electronic) we have a place where they must confirm the consent form and the physician's order to transfuse is on the chart.
  6. We must have a current ABO/Rh done on the current visit.


    We are neither AABB nor CAP (we were for many, many years but our new lab director dropped them both). We are inspected by the Joint Commission only. Does the Transfusion Service have to develop an IQCP Plan? There was a thread on here when IQCP first came about but I am not able to find it.
  8. Is there already a discussion on here on developing an ICQP for the Transfusion Service? I am not able to find one.
  9. It is also easier to take inventory when they are standing up. If they are flat you would have to pick them up to count????
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