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  1. Linearity on Inform II

    I don't routinely perform linearity on our glucometers since it is a waived instrument and linearity on new meters is not required per the manufacturer. We use Nova StatStrip meters.
  2. Hi all, I am starting to see QC logs with an additional column to document that QC is acceptable to satisfy the CAP requirement below. I can see the usefulness of an additional QC acceptable column on logs in which staff record numbers, like ACT, that must be within a certain range. I see the extra column as a way to remind the user to go back and look at your results and do they fall within the acceptable range. Does anyone else do this? TIA POC.07540 QC Confirmation of Acceptability Phase II The results of controls are reviewed for acceptability before reporting results. NOTE: It is implicit in quality control that patient test results will not be reported when controls yield unacceptable results. Evidence of Compliance: ✓ Written policy stating that controls are reviewed and acceptable prior to reporting patient results AND ✓ Evidence of corrective action taken when QC results are not acceptable
  3. RHIG Workup

    physician responsibility but blood bank pulls a report of baby/mom blood type next day to review and make sure that RHIG was given.
  4. SBB Online Program while Working FT

    With your many years of work experience, have you thought about studying on your own and taking the exam?
  5. Monthly Quality Monitors

    You may want to drop CT ratio since you implemented electronic crossmatch. Generally, it usually drops close to 1:1 if you are not setting units up in anticipation of usage. Your computer system will check to make sure that patient is eligible so that is probably not a good monitor. I can't think of a thing to monitor for electronic crossmatch.
  6. Monthly Quality Monitors

    Are you performing electronic crossmatches? How about autologous blood use/waste, corrected reports, FDA reportables?
  7. Quality Objectives/KPIs

    corrected reports, FDA reportables
  8. ABO incompatibility

    Yes, what he said.....
  9. FDA Reportable Events

    agree with pinktoptube
  10. ABO incompatibility

    Don't know if someone mentioned this idea earlier, but did you try serum? Reactions may be inhibited or weak if using EDTA plasma.
  11. counting tests for CLIA-CBCs

    makes sense, I did the same for blood gas tests.
  12. Hospital moving to New Location

    your state health department, i.e., CLIA. There are forms on the state website.
  13. Blood Utilization Suyvey

    I was not going to say that I promptly threw it in the circular file because I was afraid of being "shamed" for doing so but I threw it in the circular file promptly.
  14. Blood Utilization Suyvey

    Are you sure that the survey is required by the FDA? I remember one from a few years ago and it was from the AABB and not required so I did not do it.