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  1. R1R2

    TRM.41350 Compatibilty Label/Tag

    There is no requirement that the info is read back to a person at time of issue.
  2. R1R2

    Antibody I.D. Work-ups

    I like the way your new supervisor has you performing antibody ID and panels. Why would you continue running full panels after the first if you can start narrowing down the specificity after the first panel and run selected cells? For example, if you suspect the patient has anti e, why run any more e+ cells? Not sure I agree with the DAT if auto control is negative. I think many transfusion services do not do this but I imagine that reference labs do. There may be times when running a DAT is advised when autocontrol is negative but running DATs routinely when an auto control is negative will just take you down a path that will delay blood transfusion IMO
  3. R1R2

    group O RBCs for non O neonates

    IN the US, a titer is not usually done before transfusing a non group O baby with group O pack cell aliquots. I have only seen one case in which passive anti A was found in a neonate after transfusion of group O pack cell aliquots. There was not patient harm.
  4. R1R2

    Internal temperature monitoring - Freezers

    No need to take a separate internal temperature providing your digital temp is accurate. You will need to validate your digital readout to NIST and then you are all set.
  5. I have never seen an "extreme case" of antigen blocking resulting in a negative test and I would think that the baby would have a lot of other serological issues that might alert you that this might be going on. Our facility allows newborn weak D testing when the DAT is positive and most of the time the weak D is negative. If you have staff that can understand this process then it might be a good idea.
  6. R1R2

    Repeat Antibody Investigations

    No you can't but you can run select cells instead of a full panel. You may even skip the antibody screen and go right to the select cell panel.
  7. R1R2


    Your reverse cells are probably Rh- and may react with anti c. Using gel will only enhance this reaction since the plasma/cells are in contact for 10+ minutes or more especially if using automation. You probably ran your reverse tube without delay so you did not pick up the anti c. If you incubated your tube reverse B cell at 37 you would probably pick up some reactivity. I have seen this many times especially with anti c.
  8. R1R2

    Separate Blood Bank Armbands

    Our system dropped them 5+ years ago. We were and continue doing 2 samples for ABO Rh and electronic crossmatch. Our process for positive patient ID is 3 identifiers and labeling in the presence of the patient.
  9. R1R2

    Blood group discrepancy Ortho vision analyzer

    Yes, I have seen this many times since using the Provue. I think your theory about where the probe samples and where a human samples is correct.
  10. R1R2

    Interview question: Hb7.1 or Hb 6.9

    Which one will you report in the EMR? A good response to your interviewer would be that you would consult the policy.
  11. R1R2


    For a smaller hospital that does not "prepare" components this could apply to FFP that is thawed and a clot is present what steps do you take.
  12. R1R2

    ARC Packing Slips? Keep? Trash? HELP!

    what is the standard?
  13. I am curious about why the 30 minute gap between samples?
  14. R1R2

    ARC Packing Slips? Keep? Trash? HELP!

    I was told that there are signatures of acceptability on the document.
  15. R1R2

    Transfusion of Visibly Bloody Units

    Sounds like a leaky segment. Do you get the bag back so you could investigate? I would document this incident as a safety event.

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