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  1. For Type and Screen we use ambient 1 day and refrigerated 3 days.
  2. We are not informed of transfers and the status of blood products to be transfused or transfusing. Can you change that time limit in EMR? If not, what happens if it is greater than 30 minutes? Are they unable to start the transfusion or they just get warnings?
  3. Rule out Anti-K

    I have seen dosage a couple of times and a >K reacting at room temp only. I agree with Malcolm and his reasoning why K+k- cell is not required to rule out >K.
  4. 2rd determination of recipient's ABO

    One reason may be that a lot of labs can't afford a staff member to "disappear" for awhile.
  5. Congrats!!! If by "weak antigen positive; unable to isolate" you mean positive antibody screen unable to determine specificity - I would not worry about this. There are many reasons for a result like this., too many to go into detail. IF you are in the US, the methods used in antibody screening and detection are very good but false positives do occur. A repeat at 16 weeks is a good idea. Don't worry and keep us posted.
  6. 2rd determination of recipient's ABO

    I am curious...how are you doing the test, I am assuming slide, and how are you recording the results?
  7. this frequency increases as it gets closer to the end of the shift and time to go home in my experience.
  8. Looking to switch HCG kits

    we use QuickVue+ from Quidel. 4 drops, 3 minutes.
  9. Documentation of Transfusions

    It is mentioned in the Circular of Information which is prepared jointly by AABB, the American Red Cross, America’s Blood Centers, and the Armed Services Blood Program. https://www.aabb.org/tm/coi/Documents/coi1113.pdf "Aseptic technique must be employed during preparation and administration. If the container is entered in a manner that violates the integrity of the system, the component expires 4 hours after entry if maintained at room temperature (20-24 C), or 24 hours after entry if refrigerated (1-6 C)." "Transfusion should be started before component expiration and completed within 4 hours. " Not sure where the 30 minutes comes from. Some institutions have used "promptly" and then have gone on to define what promptly means, i.e., 30 minutes, 20 minutes etc to allow time for patient identification etc.

    I think your process is OK. If they are already being assessed on indirect coombs in gel, tube or whatever, giving them a panel sheet with reactions to identify the antibody is acceptable IMO.
  11. perhaps her titers of anti A and anti B were low?
  12. We solved that problem by dc'ing the policy that 2 must identify patient and include initials on the tube.