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  1. Rosette test quandry

    What were the blood types of mom and baby?
  2. Newbie here

    welcome James!
  3. anti-D/weak D qc

    I don't think you would need to take it to coombs. Do you not perform cord blood testing?
  4. I've been a little out of touch.

    Way to make us feel bad John. You are a lucky man.
  5. Getting samples drawn during MTP

    You could enter a patient safety event. This may get someone's attention.
  6. Getting samples drawn during MTP

    Do you not get a sample because the patient expires? That is usually the case here in Chi Town. When this happened in the past, I remind the ED staff that we have only so many units of O blood and if they had a couple of these MTPs going at the same time, we may run out of O if we can't change blood type.
  7. Weak D+ specimens

    I agree with exlimey, perhaps validate that your instrumentation can perform antigen typing with antisera that requires AHG phase or uses AHG cards.
  8. Confused about dosage

    Most programs will not ID the antibody. They are just a tool for the blood banker to use during ID. In my experience, most blood bankers, including SBBers could not tell the difference between an anti-D+C and either an anti-C+G or anti-G, anti-hrB, rather than anti-C+e or anti-hrS, rather than anti-ce (anti-f) IMO (sad but true).
  9. Neonate Transfusions

    Is the other hospital performing a crossmatch with maternal specimen?
  10. Confused about dosage

    I have used and liked this one- http://www.antibodycheck.com/
  11. Confused about dosage

    There are some nifty antibody id programs out there, like Antibody Check, that can aid in the identification of abs. I think this would be a great tool for generalists.
  12. Cleaning the Helmer Plasma Thawer

    You could use bottled water (gallon size). Did you try vinegar? Not sure if that is kosher for plasma thawers but it works in my dishwasher.
  13. Immediate spin antibodies

    I assumed your screen was negative. What was the panel results of the positive antibody screen?
  14. Immediate spin antibodies

    possible anti A1?
  15. On of the plus sides of the CMS announcement that BS in nursing is equivalent to a degree in biological sciences is that it is a lot easier to find a BSN to help me perform POC competency assessments.