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  1. Ortho Vision QC

    I am not a BBer and don't have a policy to share but I am sure others here can share.
  2. Ortho Vision QC

    I would use plasma from patients that have produced those antibodies instead of antisera. The commercial antisera is usually not IgG.
  3. gel card quality control

    I think because Rh antisera is usually not IgG and will agglutinate with cells in buffer cards so it is really not QCing the IgG activity in your IgG card.
  4. In my experience I think a lot of Blood Banks don't know or know but continue to use fetal bleed screens on prenatal specimens. Big pet peeve of mine.
  5. Daily QC Requirement

    I remember seeing a blurb about QCing each methodoly in use but can't find it in CAP. It might have been somewhere else. But CAP does say that QC is required for only 1 vial reagent/lot in use TRM.31400 Antisera/Reagent Red Cell QC Phase II There are records of acceptable reactivity and specificity of typing sera and reagent cells on each day of use, including a check against known positive and negative cells or antisera, or manufacturer's instructions for daily quality control are followed. NOTE: Unless manufacturer's instructions state otherwise, the following apply: ■ Each cell used for antibody detection must be checked each day of use for reactivity of at least one antigen using antisera of 1+ or greater avidity. ■ Typing reagents such as anti-D, anti-K, anti-Fy(a), etc. must be checked each day of use. ■ Anti-IgG reactivity of antiglobulin reagents may be checked during antibody screening and crossmatching. ■ Typing sera and reagent cells must be checked for reactivity and specificity on each day of use, including a check against known positive and negative cells or antisera. This checklist requirement can be satisfied by testing one vial of each reagent lot each day of testing.
  6. Reagents

    Below is the exact text from the guidelines. I agree that potentiators added to the reverse group may detect non ABO antibodies in addition to the ABO antibodies but who adds potentiators to reverse group routinely? One reason that anti c is mentioned may be that reverse group cells are usually Rh neg. I have seen strong IgG anti c react in reverse group with no potentiators. Other reverse grouping anomalies: Potentiators in the reverse grouping reagents may cause IgG antibodies such as anti-c to be detected in the reverse group.
  7. transfusion reaction post draw

    I agree with you and don't they keep the line open with saline or is that old school?
  8. What is Mobilab? Bedside labeling system?
  9. Incompatible cross match

    Could be an anti A1 but curious as to why this did not show up in reverse type? Also, what type of crossmatches are you doing? Immediate spin?
  10. Specimen / Product outdate

    Let's say the specimen is going to expire at midnight, the red cell is still good for a couple of weeks, will you issue the product at 11:45pm knowing they will not infuse it before the outdate of the specimen? Yes, I would issue the product with 15 minutes left on the clock. The patient requires a washed platelet. It only has a four hour outdate from the time you start washing it. It's going to outdate in 10 minutes, do you still issue it? Yes. but transfusion must be started before product expiration per Circular of Information. Close communication with nursing is important.
  11. Validation/Correlation help needed!

    Good 1st question and I don't know. For the second, if the reagent is licensed and approved for what you want to use it for I would do QC with current and new reagent and quickie comparison .- say a weak, mid strength and strong reaction on a couple of samples. The goal would be that the new reagent compares with the current and reaction strengths do not differ by more than 1 (or whatever you decide).
  12. There is no required number of samples to use for method comparison. I would suggest 1 pos, 1 neg for Rh and antibody screen and pick your samples wisely - a nice strong K or anti D to eliminate those pesky (expected) discrepancies between different methodologies and required corrective action.
  13. Hi all, How are you complying to GEN.43825 Result Verification - Manual and automated result entries are verified before final acceptance and reporting by the computer. This verification is by the POC tester and not the POC Coordintor or other supervisor. The CAP inspector suggested a pop up box to prompt user to verify results before accuracy. Thanks in advance
  14. Return of used blood

    Returned blood bags are a risk and an outdated practice IMO. I have never seen one that didn't leak all over the place, floor, bag counter, fridge, even when placed in a plastic bag. And then there was the occasional needle to deal with. We save segments.