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  1. I haven't heard anything, but I'm just outside of Toronto. Interesting idea! I'll keep my ear to the ground
  2. AuntiS

    ISBT in Toronto

    I agree with NicolePCanada - I would have made a special effort to search you out and introduce myself Malcom Good conference overall. More research based than conferences I'm used to going to (I've been to CSTM and AABB in the past), but really interesting. However, I'm concerned that the rest of the world thinks Canadians eat cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner . sandra
  3. AuntiS

    ISBT in Toronto

    ISBT starts tomorrow in Toronto! For anyone attending, WELCOME TO CANADA!
  4. I do! sandraAntibody Art or Science Answers.pdf
  5. Same in Canada. 4 hours from when it leaves the lab.
  6. AuntiS

    Workflow for 2nd Blood Draws

    We do. As long as the current sample matches (and the historical blood group is in the LIS) we are good to go! s
  7. Thanks Scott and LK11. We are looking at something similar here but with Meditech. I'm just not sure how to track/make sure the correct expiry date is in there. Although, I'm not sure how we are tracking it now either... 😰
  8. So, if the patient gets transfused and the sample is still valid for 10 days in the LIS, does the tech then need to manually edit the expiry date to 96 hours?
  9. AuntiS

    Cord Blood Testing

    We have a policy to keep ours for 72 hours. Any longer than that and we request a heel pick.
  10. AuntiS

    Return of used blood

    We keep segments only too. This is a new change for us because until recently every bag was returned. It was really handy if a unit needed to be cultured. I'm not sure we will always get the bag back when needed for culturing in the future (depending on the timing).
  11. Hi Dr. Pepper! Did you ever figure out a way of handling this problem? Samples greater than 96 hours? sandra
  12. AuntiS


    Depends on the manufacturer's instructions. My Helmer model says once a week, so we empty and clean it once a week
  13. AuntiS

    Manual for Ortho Gel Incubator DG-225

    Hi Jack! I've got a scanned copy here sandra MTS Incubator.pdf
  14. AuntiS

    Blood Product Orders and Consents

    We have the nurse (just one required) confirm the consent and order/rate are on the chart. It is documented as a check in a box on the issue paperwork. s
  15. AuntiS

    wAIHA with IgM and C3c/C3d coating

    Is it possible it isn't antibody mediated? Drug induced? She just happened to have the positive DAT before as well?

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