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  1. Cleanbath

    Depends on the manufacturer's instructions. My Helmer model says once a week, so we empty and clean it once a week
  2. Manual for Ortho Gel Incubator DG-225

    Hi Jack! I've got a scanned copy here sandra MTS Incubator.pdf
  3. Blood Product Orders and Consents

    We have the nurse (just one required) confirm the consent and order/rate are on the chart. It is documented as a check in a box on the issue paperwork. s
  4. wAIHA with IgM and C3c/C3d coating

    Is it possible it isn't antibody mediated? Drug induced? She just happened to have the positive DAT before as well?
  5. Lewis A

    We don't. We don't carry the antisera for testing. Also, in Canada, the national blood supplier no longer routinely tests for it. I suppose if someone had a hemolytic anti-Lea something could be done as a special case, but not routinely.
  6. Pregnancy and phenotyping?

    We type pregnant women as well. If, there was evidence of a fetal/maternal bleed, we would treat as we would post transfusion (not that it has happened here before!) s
  7. Depends on the results of the investigation thus far. But either way, you might need to add A and B cells! You might be worrying about a reaction due to ABO incompatible PLT or IVIG!
  8. Extending specimens past 3 days

    Here in our hospital in Ontario, Canada I don't believe we have had that happen. I'm not saying it couldn't, but I don't think it ever has. In a previous life, I worked in Saudi Arabia at a military hospital. Those in the military and their family received free care from our (superior) hospital. WOW - the card swapping!!!! It was almost expected.
  9. Extending specimens past 3 days

    The patient seen in the preop clinic is supposed to be seen with an interpreter or family member, as required (dementia, language barrier). As for the unaware of being pregnant or not wanting to admit to a pregnancy, well... I suppose anything is possible?? sandra
  10. Extending specimens past 3 days

    Preoperative patients who have not been transfused/pregnant in the past three months have a GS that expires at 28 days. Any other patient GS sample expires at 96 hours. When the patient is seen at their preop appointment they are asked if they have been at another hospital or transfused/pregnant in the previous three months. The responses are recorded when the GS is ordered. It works great for us. I should mention that we have MLA who collect the vast majority of samples using patient positive identification (Mobilab) so we don't have a lot of sample recollections. I have posted on question on another thread looking for advice on using Meditech to record sample expiry s
  11. I'm curious to see how people use this option in Meditech as well. We allow 28 days for GS samples on preoperative patients (not transfused/pregnant in previous three months), so I'm not sure how to use the specimen expiry. Default all to 96 hours, change the preop patients to 96 if transfused or when transfused... Currently we don't use it - but it is something we are interested in using!
  12. Oh yes! I meant to reply to this as well. You can also use the Snipping Tool. Select and snip whatever you want off the screen and then copy/paste.
  13. Oh WOW! You guys are amazing! We did not know this was an option. We've managed to add the visual inspection field (hard stop) under the other mandatory field. Honestly, this is making me way happier than it should. I think I need to get out more
  14. Verbal orders for blood

    We also allow for verbal orders in exceptional cases (i.e. massive transfusion, patient bleeding in the OR). We document the call on the Verbal Order Log Sheet - includes the physician requesting, hospital number of patient, first/last name of patient, person phoning, type/number of products. it also includes a check box for the MLT to document the issue checks before either handing off a crate of blood components or shooting the component off in the pneumatic tube system.
  15. Don't seem to have that either with our current version of Meditech. Maybe after the upgrade? s