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  1. Oh yes! I meant to reply to this as well. You can also use the Snipping Tool. Select and snip whatever you want off the screen and then copy/paste.
  2. Oh WOW! You guys are amazing! We did not know this was an option. We've managed to add the visual inspection field (hard stop) under the other mandatory field. Honestly, this is making me way happier than it should. I think I need to get out more
  3. Verbal orders for blood

    We also allow for verbal orders in exceptional cases (i.e. massive transfusion, patient bleeding in the OR). We document the call on the Verbal Order Log Sheet - includes the physician requesting, hospital number of patient, first/last name of patient, person phoning, type/number of products. it also includes a check box for the MLT to document the issue checks before either handing off a crate of blood components or shooting the component off in the pneumatic tube system.
  4. Don't seem to have that either with our current version of Meditech. Maybe after the upgrade? s
  5. hmmmm, we don't seem to have that field. We use Meditech Magic 5.66 (soon to be upgraded to 5.67). I've worked in another hospital where we entered a comment in the E/E Comment field, but I've haven't been able to figure out how to make it so you can't go by the field without entry. s
  6. Hi everyone, Does anyone know of a way to force the user to enter a Y or N or comment when entering a component/product into Meditech? Our documentation stats are not great - and they don't get better month to month even after I follow up with each one individually. s
  7. This post - and the replies - is one of the reasons this site is so amazing
  8. Cord Blood Testing

    Just curious... how does that work in the US? Who pays for the testing on the cord blood that you would not normally have tested but now must because of that neonatologist? Does the patient get billed?
  9. Cord Blood Testing

    We do cords from all Rh Negative moms, O moms, and moms with a clinically significant antibody or antibody of unknown significance (i.e. an autoantibody) s
  10. 2 cell vs 3 cell screen

    It was before my time, but... 1. We don't have hemolytic reactions all over the place. In fact, we rarely have delayed hemolytic reactions at all. It is always very exciting for us - great teaching tool as well for students - when it does happen. Maybe 1 every 2-3 years? 2. I would assume cost was a big part of the equation. We use gel (manual) so you do use a lot less cards with a 2 cell screen! s
  11. Very interesting!!! Something that could be done easily using the Echo, but less convenient if using gel cards... So, you are able to enter a blood group from another computer system into Meditech and it allows you to use it as a second blood group eligible for EXM? We are having some difficulties with that here... sandra
  12. Hi John, This allows you to get the second blood group required for the computer crossmatch (EXM) without collecting a new sample IF PPI is used (our hospital uses Mobilab). According to the CSA Standards: If a computerized crossmatch system is used, two determinations of the recipient’s ABO group shall be made: the first shall be on a current sample and the second shall be by one of the following methods: a) testing of a second current sample; comparison with previous records; or c) retesting of the same sample. Note: Retesting of the same sample detects technical errors only. It will not detect sampling or identification errors. See Clause Retesting of the same sample shall only be done in situations where positive patient identification technology is used at the time of specimen collection. sandra
  13. Hello blood bank world! Background – we are currently not automated (use manual gel), do not use Computer Crossmatch (please don’t yell at me, CSA standards call it Computer Crossmatch ), but do have staff who collect blood using Positive Patient Identification. We are looking automation (not yet at RFP). We are planning ahead for Computer Crossmatch and Automation. What we want to do is retest samples collected using PPI without having to removing them from the analyzer or relabel with a new specimen number. We use Meditech (Magic). If you have a moment, can you provide some feedback? What automation platform do you use? What LIS? Do you use middleware? Do you use positive patient identification? To get a second blood group, by retesting the sample (i.e. PPI) do you: Generate a new specimen number and re-label or aliquot? Generate new tests for the same specimen number. If so, will the analyzer retest that same sample with the new tests and generate a second ABO/Rh? Do you use history from another site (like Clinical Connect here in Southern Ontario or other Electronic Health Record) as a historical result? If so, have you created a new test that your LIS will use as a second group to use for Computer XM? Do all your samples expire after 96 hours? Or do you have a pre-op policy that allows for more time as long as the patient has not been transfused/pregnant. We have a 28 day policy. Any other brilliant ideas or thoughts? Thanks in advance to ANY info you have! We just want to do this right from the beginning sandra
  14. Microscopic Examination

    Agreed. Not only rouleaux, but also mixed field reactions. sandra
  15. CSTM Blog

    Good morning everyone, There is a familiar name on the Canadian Society of Transfusion Medicine (CSTM) blog. http://www.transfusion.ca/Resources/CSTM-Blog/February-2017/Musings-by Malcolm-Needs-Notable-Colleagues http://www.transfusion.ca/Resources/CSTM-Blog/January-2017/I-will-remember-you-Malcolm-Needs http://www.transfusion.ca/Resources/CSTM-Blog/January-2017/Malcolm-Needs-Special-Moment-for-A-Blood-Group-S-en Generous is a great word sandra