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  1. Return of used blood

    We pull two segments upon delivery. One for retype, one in the event of a delayed reaction. We keep them for two months. The only units that we get back are actual suspected transfusion reactions.
  2. Grifols & Erytra

    We have an Erytra and one manual station for back-up. It’s rarely used since our analyzer is so reliable, but when we use it it works great. The gel is clearer and easier to read than our previous MTS cards. Not sure what you mean about the “spinner”...our centrifuge just holds gel cards. The incubator, however, holds tubes and gel cards. Perhaps there has been a change since we went live last February?
  3. Analyzer updates?

    I called my rep to see who covers your area...I'll keep you posted. We absolutely love our Erytra
  4. HELP--ABO titer validation plan

    Here's the one our entire lab uses. Validation Plan and Results Review.docm
  5. Pregnancy Termination and Rhogam

    https://www.uptodate.com/contents/prevention-of-rhesus-d-alloimmunization-in-pregnancy?search=RhIg pregnancy termination&source=search_result&selectedTitle=1~150&usage_type=default&display_rank=1 We do a K-B after 20 weeks if we don't get cord blood. A single, full dose if < 20 weeks. Here's one of the sources I found.
  6. request for SBB reviews

    I’d love a copy of the SBB review! Thanks.
  7. AABB 5.15.4 (European input welcome)

    I don't have any specifics on how much is too much...only that we switch to type-compatible as soon as we possibly can. Are you already using Type A liquid plasma?
  8. AABB 5.15.4 (European input welcome)

    I sent you some info

    New Blood Coolers.docx
  10. We validated Quotient panel cells for use in Grifols DG gel. It’s nice to get more rule-out’s/in’s while still using the same method.
  11. Temperature Indicator for RBC Units

    We haven't, but I can't say that it's been an issue. Have you seen that as a problem?
  12. Temperature Indicator for RBC Units

    The only reason that we still put indicators on units sent in coolers is to verify that the units were not removed from the cooler for an extended period of time or that warm plasma was not inadvertently placed in the blood cooler.
  13. Billing for liquid plasma

    P9044. Our supplier provided it when they brought it in.
  14. Shortage of 0.9% saline for transfusions

    We are using Normosol-R. Some facilities are already just using a saline flush post transfusion rather than using a bag of saline.