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  1. Carrie Easley

    Phenotype Matched RBC Procedure?

    I was there as well! He was an excellent speaker. We should find a way to post when there is an upcoming B.B. event so that some of us may meet in real life.
  2. Carrie Easley

    Phenotype Matched RBC Procedure?

    We match Rh/K/Fya for all peds SS patients and all adult SS patients who have made at least a single RBC alloantibody. We make every effort to send warm autos for RBC genotyping and match everything we reasonably can. Our blood supplier maintains an online antibody registry for their customers, so it helps with continuity of care if people hospital hop (assuming all customers utilize it).
  3. Carrie Easley

    Extending TS out-date for outpatients

    Virtually same workflow. We set for 3 days post-op; maximum 14 days from draw as long as not pregnant/transfused in last three months. Our latest upgrade (25.3.1) automatically resets outdate if patient happens to get a packed cell in that pre-op window.
  4. Carrie Easley

    Antibody Screen before Issuing RhIg

    The fetal screen definitely has its place...just not for antepartum bleeds (at least the kits I’m familiar with). I keep hoping our Hematology department will bring flow in so we can ditch the K-B!!!
  5. Carrie Easley

    Antibody Screen before Issuing RhIg

    Agreed! Mine too.
  6. Carrie Easley


    Yes. Our OR nurses document every four hours. If the cooler temp reaches 6 degrees C, they call and request a new cooler with fresh blocks. We have quite a few cases that easily exceed four hours. We also put temp indicator stickers on each unit to make sure they weren’t left out of the cooler. We validated at RT, Trauma Bay (warm extreme), and CV surgery suite (cold extreme). We did those for both maximum (6 units) and minimum (1 unit). Message me if you need more specifics!
  7. Carrie Easley

    Workflow for 2nd Blood Draws

    We don’t charge.
  8. Carrie Easley

    Units irradiated for neonates

    I may be wrong, but isn’t washing the reason for your 24-hour outdate. Irradiation itself doesn’t abbreviate to 24 hours.
  9. Carrie Easley

    Workflow for 2nd Blood Draws

    1. Day of surgery. 2. When they arrive. Since most of these patients are oncology patients, we usually have a historical type. If the second type will cause a delay/upset we will just use type O for this visit. Our system will reflex an immediate spin XM. 3. The verification type is generated by blood bank if we do not have a historical type and packed cells are ordered. The patient is not charged for the testing. If we have a hematology specimen from a different phlebotomy event, we will use it for the confirmatory ABO/Rh (but not for compatibility specimen). If not, it goes for a collection. If it’s someone unlikely to be transfused, but physician wants blood on hold, the tech may select O until the next scheduled phlebotomy. 4. We prefer different phlebotomist so that two different people have identified the patient with consistent results. 5. Type O is a hard stop without two types in our system.
  10. Carrie Easley

    Antibody Screen before Issuing RhIg

    Our fetal bleed screen kit (Immucor Rapid Screen) is only approved for postpartum testing with known infant type. Antenatal bleeds and losses > 20 weeks require a KB in our facility. Which screening kit do you use?
  11. Carrie Easley

    Automation Daily QC Documentation

    We use an Erytra, but enter all QC into SoftBank. We do not print daily QC records or maintain a paper maintenance log. It’s all on the analyzer. I print a one-page summary monthly to show my review.
  12. Carrie Easley

    Return of used blood

    We pull two segments upon delivery. One for retype, one in the event of a delayed reaction. We keep them for two months. The only units that we get back are actual suspected transfusion reactions.
  13. Carrie Easley

    Grifols & Erytra

    We have an Erytra and one manual station for back-up. It’s rarely used since our analyzer is so reliable, but when we use it it works great. The gel is clearer and easier to read than our previous MTS cards. Not sure what you mean about the “spinner”...our centrifuge just holds gel cards. The incubator, however, holds tubes and gel cards. Perhaps there has been a change since we went live last February?
  14. Carrie Easley

    Analyzer updates?

    I called my rep to see who covers your area...I'll keep you posted. We absolutely love our Erytra
  15. Carrie Easley

    HELP--ABO titer validation plan

    Here's the one our entire lab uses. Validation Plan and Results Review.docm

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