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  1. If at all possible, define a pre-admission process so that a T&S can be drawn prior to the day of surgery. No one is happy when they find-out that the patient on the table has an antibody that will significantly delay packed cell availability. I would also "make friends" with your Perfusion team. Ours are the TEG experts in the OR, and help to guide the component utilization. We still reserve two platelets for a CAGB, but rarely transfuse these patients.
  2. The code is P9044. It's about 25% more than frozen plasma from our supplier.
  3. We are a level II trauma center that averages 4-5 MTP's per month. We have an order set built in our hospital information system that includes baseline labs, hourly labs, TXA bolus/infusion, and eight rounds of blood components (48 packed cells, 48 plasma, 8 plateletpheresis, and 70 units cryo). The components cross to our BB LIS (SoftBank). We issue rounds until told to stop by patient care staff. We either select/issue or emergency issue based on how much of our compatibility testing is completed. Although we use the Epic blood product administration module (BPAM) for most transfusions,
  4. We have a similar policy. We only request the second draw if they order packed cells w/ historical type, though. Our high-risk deliveries also get a type and screen. My issue is when we need to turn the ABRH specimen into a full T&S (adding the ABSN to the existing order). We have not found a way for Epic to automatically add-on to a BB specimen like they can in other areas. We also have a BB Hold tube, but the issue is the same...if they order testing, we have to manually go in to Beaker & add collection info. Has anyone found a true add-on method that interfaces f/ Epic to Soft
  5. New question Does anyone have a good workflow for adding an antibody screen onto an existing ABRH? We frequently run into this in our L&D (ex. Mom comes in planning for a vaginal delivery, so they order an ABRH. She turns into a C-section, so they want a full T&S). Since Epic sees Softbank as a reference lab, we can't get the add-on without the banker manipulating in Patient>Orders>Modify. I'd appreciate any insight! ~Carrie
  6. They are just 400 mL transfer bags made by Charter Medical. Item # T3104
  7. Chhibber V et al. Is group A plasma suitable as the first option for emergency release transfusion? Transfusion 2014;54:1751-5. Cooling L. Going from A to B: The safety of incompatible group A plasma for emergency release in trauma and massive transfusion patients. Transfusion 2014;54:1695-1697. Isaak EJ, et al. Challenging dogma-Group A donors as universal plasma in massive transfusion protocols. Immunohematology 2011;27:61-65 (NOTE: Free pdf download of full issue). Mehr CR, Gupta R, von Recklinghausen FM, et al. Balancing risk and benefit: maintenance of a thawed group A p
  8. Just got the book today (as well as the positive DAT work-up counterpart)! Looking forward to incorporating these case studies into new employee training.
  9. We use type A liquid plasma (never frozen) for traumas and massive transfusions until type-specific/compatible can be thawed.
  10. Congrats!!! I think many of us have our own version of Malcom in our mind 🤓
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