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  1. Temperature Indicator for RBC Units

    We haven't, but I can't say that it's been an issue. Have you seen that as a problem?
  2. Temperature Indicator for RBC Units

    The only reason that we still put indicators on units sent in coolers is to verify that the units were not removed from the cooler for an extended period of time or that warm plasma was not inadvertently placed in the blood cooler.
  3. Billing for liquid plasma

    P9044. Our supplier provided it when they brought it in.
  4. Shortage of 0.9% saline for transfusions

    We are using Normosol-R. Some facilities are already just using a saline flush post transfusion rather than using a bag of saline.
  5. We have the interchange table on liquid plasma (never frozen) built to allow emergency issue to all & unknown types. Our other plasma products require AB for emergent use. As far as I know, there is no way to restrict by patient location. We had to do extensive education w/ the bankers on when it is & isn't appropriate to utilize. Hope that helps!
  6. Eluates on babies with positive DATs

    We have done gel DAT's (anti-IgG) in both Ortho & Grifols systems. They work on the analyzer or in the manual system. It's in their IFU's.
  7. Eluates on babies with positive DATs

    We only perform an eluate if +DAT can't be explained by an ABO incompatibility, known maternal antibody, or circulating RhIg. We will perform at physician request. but I don't recall that ever happening. We only routinely perform cord blood testing on Rh negative moms & those w/ clinically significant antibodies. Occasionally a pediatrician will request a cord DAT if a mom had a previously affected infant.
  8. We use the Epic BPAM, and there is no 30-minute rule built in ours. Must be a facility setting. We removed every 30-minute reference years ago. In reference to the original question, we are not informed of transfers so the unit can travel w/ the patient. We just require that transfusion is complete within 4 hours of issue.
  9. Antigen Tested Units

    Our policy as well.
  10. 5 Day Plasma

    This is correct...two different products. The liquid plasma we use has a 26-day outdate, and was never frozen.
  11. Analyzer updates?

    Went live with our Erytra in February (used to have a ProVue). The staff has been extremely happy with the switch...especially our 2nd and 3rd shifters who are covering more than one department. True random access, great traceability, & responsive company who are already implementing our suggestions.
  12. Temperature Indicator for RBC Units

    We use HemoTemp II, and have great luck...even with long CV surgery cases.

    Congratulations on your retirement!

    We require direct observation of each step (specimen acceptability, historical check, pipetting, washing, reporting, etc...) in each method at completion of initial training, 6 months after initial competency, and annually thereafter.

    Paperwork/double-check rule-outs.