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  1. Does anyone out there have a revalidation plan for Scheduled LIS downtime for hours? What kind of tests do you do once the LIS comes back to make sure things are working as they are supposed to? thanks,
  2. Occurrences to the FDA

    Thank you much Blood Bank expert!
  3. Does any of you have a good procedure or policy reporting FDA reportable occurrences that you could share? thank you!
  4. Excellent answers from all and thank you for sharing your worksheet lpregeno.
  5. AABB 5.15.4 (European input welcome)

    Could you share your policy with me. thanks,
  6. Is Fetal screen lot to lot testing a requirement? Can someone give me an insight what you do in your institution? thank you,
  7. Hospital moving to New Location

    We are not registered with FDA as the Blood Bank does not manufacture Blood Products.
  8. Hello every one - Do you guys know if I need to notify regulatory agencies that our hospital is moving to new location. I know I am notifying AABB and CAP a month before the move. Do I need to notify FDA or any other regulatory agencies? thanks,
  9. Neonatal Exchange-FDA Registration

    Yes you do! In accordance with 21 CFR 607.21, you must register and list the blood products you manufacture ( when you reconstitute, you are manufacturing a new product = whole blood ( new ISBT #) for commercial distribution every year between October 1 and December 31 and you must update your blood product listing every June and December. I hope that helps. Simret
  10. To BB (ASCP) or Not

    Hello, I am BB (ASCP) certified. Basically if you are getting ready to take the BB certification exam, you should study all material that is outlined for SBB. The SBB is more of administrative. Go to the BOR ASCP website - you will find the details. You need to get prepared well to pass it. Good luck!
  11. Jehovah's Witness Transfusion Policy

    Thank you all for your insights! I will read the book you suggested and some of the web sites you suggested as well and review our policy. thanks
  12. Does anyone out there have a policy for Jehovah's Witness transfusion protocol? thanks, Simret
  13. Softbank Contract work

    Hello, Let me know if this post is still open. I have a 6 years Softbank experience and validated the Softbank.
  14. Thank you for detailed explanation. Simret
  15. Hello all, We are in disagreement among technologists at the hospital that I am working regarding "Match Unrelated Donor samples". Once the MUD sample is received, we did type and screen on the sample and were done until recently. Regardless if the donor sample is RH negative or positive. When the HPC product comes that is from this donor, we do retype on it, immediate spin cross-match with the recipient and issue it to be transfused ( we issue it even if there is ABO disagreement/ discrepancy). Now, my question to you all is, is it necessary to perform weak D (Du) on this sample if it is RN negative? Can you share with me what you ion your hospital. Thank you Simret