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  1. Verbal orders for blood

    I like the idea of your verbal order verification.
  2. Verbal orders for blood

    Yes, we also have an 'automatic' release of additional products. Nobody at patient bedside has to worry about what is available - we take care of that accordingly to the MTP protocol.
  3. See attached. I also have the 1991 and 1976 versions of the manuals - you do get your money's worth out of these guys. Blood Bank Dri-Bath Type 12200 Thermolyne.pdf
  4. Verbal orders for blood

    For Mass Transfusion and Emergency Release - Yes, we accept verbal orders for products for immediate transfusion and blood bank staff will place orders for what we need to carry through with the product requested. Once the dire emergency phase is past, nursing staff is asked to take care of the additional orders. My medical director and I feel that our #1 priority is to focus on what is best for the patient, not the paperwork. If the request is STAT but less urgent than a MTP or emergency release, we ask the person who called to take care of the order. We will start doing what is necessary to get product ready for release, but release comes after we receive an order.
  5. Consultation Charges for Antigen Typing

    My understanding is that the antigen typing can only be charged for the preparation of a unit or units that are actually transfused. (However, I could be wrong. Billing can be confusing and its a moving target.)
  6. Consultation Charges for Antigen Typing

    We do order antigen typed blood from our supplier for some transfusion events. If it's for an outpatient who will be transfused the following day or the day after, we may order units. Its cheaper to do it that way and saves us time on a busy day. If an inpatient needs blood we screen units in our stock and order only if we can't find what we need.
  7. Cord Blood Testing

    Yes - and insurance company if you have insurance.
  8. We are using Credo coolers. The blood stays in the cooler until it is hung, with documentation for the time each unit is removed from the cooler. The coolers are validated for 24 hours, though could be validated for longer if you needed more time. When I did the cooler validation I included opening the cooler and removing one unit of product every two hours to simulate how the cooler would be used for routine transfusion. We require the coolers to be returned within 8 hours.
  9. Cord Blood Testing

    I feel your pain! So much for evidence based medicine
  10. Alarm for Reagent Refrigerator

    I have external chart recorders with alarm function from Dickson. They have lots of different types of devices - might have something that would work for you.
  11. Cord Blood Testing

    We do cord bloods on all babies with Rh neg and type O moms. And we do immune anti-A or immune anti-B testing for all type A or B babies born to type O moms - tried to make the immune anti-A/-B testing go away but we have one Family Practice doc who was adamant that we continue that test (and he was chair of the OB committee at the time). We had stopped doing cord bloods on O pos moms for several years, but resumed when the previously mentioned doc came to our facility. Trying to take the O pos mom cord bloods and immunes out of the routine order set, but leaving them as orderable tests for those who insist on having them. Work in progress there. We do not get orders for cord bloods when mom has a clinically significant antibody unless she is Rh neg or type O. I would really like to add that.
  12. Validating a new Freezer

    I used 2 C for the ultra low as recommended by the manufacturer.
  13. Competency Assessment

    Remember that you can combine the 6 elements into 1 competency exercise. You may observe the tech while they are performing testing on an unknown (2 elements covered) and ask questions related to the exercise for problem solving (another element). Have them document the unknown as they would a patient (4th element) and ask them to perform the appropriate QC for the tests they are using. Once you've reviewed any intermediate worksheets/other paperwork (5th element). They will use equipment while they work (6th element or at least part of it). Cover as much ground as possible with each observation.
  14. anti-D/weak D qc

    Controls are required every day of testing, not every day, if you are CAP inspected. Under that condition, you could get away with running the weak D QC only when weak D testing is performed, but you must spell that out in your procedure for QC and weak D testing. The regulatory risk for you would come if somebody forgot to run the QC for weak D when patient testing was performed. So your decision will be based on the frequency that the test is performed and the likelihood that the QC will be forgotten by your staff. If the test is performed incorrectly and the error is not detected because the QC wasn't done, what is the risk to the patient?
  15. This has worked very well for me. I've used the data loggers by themselves and with probes in my Credo coolers. It's a snug fit in the small coolers when you use a probe but can be done. The Val-A-Sure kit uses the LogTag TRIX-8 loggers. The software is easy to use, nice reports. The kit comes with validation plans on a disc, which made writing my procedure very easy.