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  1. Our document control system assigns SOPs to the appropriate staff members. They sign off in the system indicating that they've read it and that they understand it. That signoff is maintained as long as the SOP is held in the system, so pretty much forever. If there is a competency requirement along with a new or changed policy, then that is documented and stored as long as any other competency and would be included w/ the documentation for that year.
  2. I just got a bid for setting up Haemobank and staff education is included in that pricing.
  3. Background: My facility is an independent community non-profit hospital. We operate a free-standing cancer treatment center on our campus. When a patient requires transfusion there, we receive a specimen in our main lab for testing and issue blood products to the cancer center in coolers. That process is working very well. The complicated part: We are in the process of opening another cancer treatment center in a neighboring city about 12 miles away. The center will be located in a 'physician's building' that is physically attached to another independent hospital. This hospital is not p
  4. Everybody was assigned every procedure and they signed off. We went live with MediaLab before all of our procedures were loaded so they weren't inundated with all the SOPs at the same time. They signed off as SOPs were added.
  5. We haven't done Kleihauer Betke stains in our lab for years. When we did, I was the only tech who could consistently match the expected results on the CAP survey. Everyone else tended to over count fetal cells (which is better than under counting and under dosing RhIG I suppose). If we had a patient sample on my day off or during an off shift, the stain was reported out as a preliminary, then I recounted and sent out a final report the next shift/day. If I was on vacation, a preliminary report was issued and the sample was sent out. I tried and tried to improve performance - we sat at a double
  6. We are scanning all completed patient antigrams, worksheets, and reference reports into our BB LIS. That information is accessible (and printable) from the comment section of the patient profile.
  7. That was my first thought. I dislike what they've done with the Transfusion Medicine checklist. The All Common items that used to be 'customized' for Blood Bank were in the Blood Bank checklist where they belong. Now it's a guessing game from an All Common list that is really focused on Chemistry - does this apply to BB? how does it apply to BB? what is this even aiming to achieve??? What used to be covered in one is now spread into 3 or 4 places. Thanks CAP!
  8. I'm looking at the All Common CAP checklist for Serology (Transfusion Medicine). Anyone have a good plan for COM.40700?
  9. If your facility has Epic an order set can be built for product orders that has a list of indications. They have to pick one to complete the order. If they choose 'Other' there is a line that has to be filled in with the indication. That thins down the inappropriate orders quite a bit. I agree - many providers think 'cancer' is an indication for irradiation. We do make phone calls to clarify those orders. Often when we tell a hospitalist that the patient is seen by Dr So-And-So an oncologist and we don't routinely transfuse irradiated to that patient, they drop the order for irradiation.
  10. We will soon be receiving pathogen reduced SDP platelets and LDVS SDP platelets from our supplier. I need to get billing squared away. P9073 looks like the correct code for pathogen reduced platelets. I do have 2 questions: 1) What code(s) are you using for HLA matched pathogen reduced platelets? 2) Are you using a code to recover the charge from your supplier for the LDVS testing surcharge on SDP and irradiated SDP? Thanks!
  11. Our order sets in Epic are built with the required tests for each product type. Providers click all the boxes. If there is a current T&S or blood type on record (witin 72 hours), whichever applies, they get a message telling them that the test is a duplicate, consider deleting. If they don't delete the duplicates its a simple matter for us to delete as duplicate when we bring the order into the lab system. Our previous HIS didn't allow use of that kind of order set, so one win for Epic. On days when Epic is frustrating, I remind myself of that nice function.
  12. And those are crazy expensive. I stopped stocking them, too.
  13. Can anyone give me the description for the CCP product - code E9804? The most current product code list I have for the ARC doesn't go there. I don't have a log in/access for the ICCBBA product code look up function. Thanks!
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