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  1. If you are using SafeTrace Tx you can link with HaemoBank. I think Soft does as well.
  2. A magnification aid is optional for N-Hance. It could be an agglutination viewer, rather than a microscope.
  3. We run old control and new cells plus new control (even if it's the same lot#) and old cells. Results should be as expected.
  4. Our order is set up as Convalescent COVID-19 Plasma in Epic but is mapped to FFP in SafeTrace. The order set in Epic is only available to our pathologists and to a select few physicians who are caring for these patients, so it isn't ordered inappropriately. It is up to the tech to select the correct product for issue. We receive an order print out in Blood Bank from EPIC and the requested product is very obviously spelled out on that document. The product description in SafeTrace reflects what it is and of course that prints on the product tag. We have not given this product to a large number of patients so we (one of the pathologists and myself) actively micromanage each of these transfusion events.
  5. Yes, you should perform the weak D test. The fact that you haven't seen a positive yet doesn't mean you won't see one tomorrow. If mother is truly D negative, she has been exposed to D antigen and needs to receive RhIG. As Monique pointed out, it changes how you determine RhIG dosage as well. We see 1 to 3 babies each year that have positive weak D tests out of the 150 or so tests we do, so they are out there. Actually...it's kind of fun to find them in a total geek way.
  6. AMcCord


    I'm having good luck with Hettich centrifuges. We are actually several models in other locations in the lab.
  7. I think there is a good point made here regarding the assumption that the request for uncrossmatched blood has been documented in the EMR by the provider who requested it. In my experience with chart reviews for patients who've received emergency release and/or uncrossmatched blood products, I've seen multiple examples of notes by nurses regarding emergency release w/o a corresponding note by the provider. We do not have a specific order set for uncrossmatched blood products in the HIS (though I wish we did). All our orders are received verbally and the products are released from our BB LIS using the emergency release functionality, which pushes the information over to the HIS. If we don't get the signed document, it's quite possible that we would have no documentation that the provider requested the release. If you have an order set specific for uncrossmatched products that the provider enters into the HIS, I would think that that's a different story. The order has captured an electronic signature. I would think that a brief statement could be added to the 'uncrossmatched' or 'emergency release' order set (thinking in terms of Epic here) that states that the provider is aware of the risk, etc. etc. I would think that would cover what needs to be covered...BUT then I'm not a lawyer.
  8. We require a signature on an Emergency Release document, but we don't require that signature prior to the release of product, just a verbal. If the ED provider requested the release he/she is usually available to sign once the patient has been turned over to the surgeon/transferred/admitted. In some cases the form may get mailed to the surgeon's office the next day for signature or wait a few days until the ED provider is on duty again.
  9. When we issue platelets for transfusion, they go out the door in a FinalCheck ziplock bag. The infusion must start within 15 minutes so we don't use a cooler. When we issue them to our cancer center, which is a short walk across campus, we issue them in a FinalCheck ziplock bag in a Credo cooler at 22 C.
  10. I have an SOP for Convalescent Plasma. It closely follows the Mayo study protocol and guidelines as that is how we are administering the product.
  11. Are these CONVALESCENT PLASMA thawed codes E9752, E9762, E9763, E9764 and E9765 for24hrs or 5 days expiration? Thanks,

    1. AMcCord


      This is info from the ARC website. There are answers to quite a few questions, so it might be worth your time to check it out. If you get your product from another supplier, check their website for info. I'm betting they have something similar set up because everybody has questions right now.

      We don't convert any plasma to 5 day outdates at my facility (FFP use is not frequent) and don't have the capability to relabel, so I set all of our outdates to 24 hours for thawed plasma. I plan on treating this stuff like liquid gold - I won't thaw it until the nurse is absolutely 100% ready to transfuse.








    2. LK11


      Many Thanks!

  12. We have not transfused a patient under an eIND - patient got better thankfully. When we started that process there wasn't a specific HCPCS code yet. I think there is one now, but I can't tell you what it is. We are now enrolled with May Clinic for the EAD so won't need the code for now. Maybe someone else in the group has it.
  13. My facility strictly limits who comes through the door. Our weekly restock driver makes it through - he has a letter stating that he is an essential service provider and that his temp is taken every day at work by someone qualified to take his temp and before he heads out on his route to us. The driver who transfers products between us and other facilities and rotates our platelet stock doesn't make it through the door - not sure why - so we go to them. There hasn't been anything said about paying for boxes. That would get expensive in a hurry!
  14. Epic Guidelines - Prepare and Transfuse Convalescent Plasma for COVID.docx
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