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  1. Our order sets in Epic are built with the required tests for each product type. Providers click all the boxes. If there is a current T&S or blood type on record (witin 72 hours), whichever applies, they get a message telling them that the test is a duplicate, consider deleting. If they don't delete the duplicates its a simple matter for us to delete as duplicate when we bring the order into the lab system. Our previous HIS didn't allow use of that kind of order set, so one win for Epic. On days when Epic is frustrating, I remind myself of that nice function.
  2. And those are crazy expensive. I stopped stocking them, too.
  3. Can anyone give me the description for the CCP product - code E9804? The most current product code list I have for the ARC doesn't go there. I don't have a log in/access for the ICCBBA product code look up function. Thanks!
  4. Yes, it makes me sad to throw away the remainder of the unit. But....the filter syringes have to be purchased by the case, which for us would be a near life-time supply and they are expensive to throw away every couple of years when almost all of them would be outdated. You have to demonstrate competency yearly for preparing aliquots and I don't know how you would do that without sacrificing units, plus for me to access competency when I would barely know what to do would be a joke. We would have to pay for the appropriate licensing yearly to relabel the syringes once split. We would have
  5. This is the plan we use for the 1 -2 units we transfuse to infants each year.
  6. If they are exceeding 4 hours they are running that unit slooooowly. Most of our infusions are complete around the 2 hour mark.
  7. Bless you for sharing!!!
  8. I Googled it and found procedures for pharmaceutical industry use that were very detailed/rigid that would require me to monitor 9 locations in my two door fridge and 5 in my one door fridge. I discussed this with someone who is familiar with this sort of thing. He suggested that it would be adequate to monitor 4 temp points in a two door blood storage refrigerator - top left rear, bottom left front, top right front, bottom right rear. He feels that I can use historical data to document that the refrigerators in use have been monitored and are operating within appropriate limits. I have chec
  9. Yes, our medical director signs off on major revisions/new forms. We also use MediaLab. My current struggle is making staff understand that they may NOT copy copies of forms but must print them from MediaLab . Apparently signing in to MediaLab is too 'inconvenient' because they have to sign into their email first .?. Sigh...
  10. If the same sample is used for both types, CAP does not require a different tech to perform the second type. CAP doesn't require a second sample drawn by a different person for transfusions. You can meet the requirement for mitigating misidentification risk by utilizing an electronic ID verification system at the bedside when specimens are collected and by using a mechanical barrier system for patient ID/unit ID when transfused. Verifying the ABO group with a second sample is another option.
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