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  3. You could use a Data Logger, they take temperatures at specified intervals then you can download the data into a spreadsheet.
  4. Hello Ther, Welcome to PathLabTalk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Ther joined on the 02/25/2020. View Member
  5. Hello every one, In hemoglobin chromatography (HPLC), we sometimes get small, insignificant peaks. Like Hb-S peak of 8.0, Hb-C peak of 7.5 (RT 180 secs). The only things which we do are to either retest with same sample or ask for fresh sample. Point is, the hemograms and histories of such cases have not been helpful up till now. Is there anything else which could be done?
  6. We have Aeroscout. It’s not 100% reliable but for the most part it’s fine. We get reports every 12-hours that lists all the lab devices. If the server goes down you will not get the reports, but I believe they can be generated by Biomed once server is back up.
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  8. I need to be able to monitor blood products while in a cooler such as at bedside in the OR during a surgical case. We currently use the BT10 indicators but I am needing a device to take a digital temperature reading of the cooler at intervals during the surgery. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in Advance!
  9. Those are probably chemistry/hematology analyzers. They do the same here in the USA - for those lab areas. The FDA has guidance for computer validation - it recommends making your own validation studies based on how you will use the BBIS. I would anticipate that the same will be true for BB instrumentation.
  10. Hello scanete, Welcome to PathLabTalk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. scanete joined on the 02/24/2020. View Member
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  12. We have not had the greatest experience with Aeroscout. It frequently fails to send readings even though it is still reading the temp. I don't know that I would trust it to monitor a cooler.
  13. I am wondering if anyone has moved away from using Blood Bands in the Epic Softbank setting for Outpatients? We are currently using the Epic band as the blood band but still requiring the Epic band to be left on between the T&S draw and the return for infusion. Our population is growing and there is not time to always do transfusion the same days in OP. TIA Anne
  14. Welcome to everyone who has joined us. Carrie - We have not figured it out in a true linking either. We do draw a pink top as part of the ED rainbow draw and send to BB for the add on T&S when needed but it is still manual in BB Blackl - The Epic Userweb forum has a pretty consistent list of issue with Epic and Soft. The majority of issues have to do with T&S and ABORH logic, linking test and orders to encounters, giving blood across encounters, documenting MTP, and ensuring every area of the organization has a build if it gives blood products. dpapp820 - I don't get involved in the billing side, but it would seem there is a logic/parameter behind the billing of the same test in X amount of time that is not allowing the repeat test to occur.
  15. I want to bring up this topic again. It's been ten years since the original post. Is anyone using aeroscout remote temp sensor for their blood bank monitoring? I have been playing with a test device. It has a locator so I am wondering if anyone throws these devices in coolers to accompany the blood to Surgery? I can see exactly where our BB cooler is at any time! I am thinking that if I create a full temp report (every 5 minute) of the cooler while it is in Surgery, I can let them keep blood longer than 4 hours (as long as we validate the coolers to maintain temp beyond 4 hours). Anyone using a remote temp sensor to this capacity?
  16. Hello Sunny127, Welcome to PathLabTalk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Sunny127 joined on the 02/22/2020. View Member
  17. Hello Bijoux71, Welcome to PathLabTalk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Bijoux71 joined on the 02/21/2020. View Member
  18. If you do not filter at the bedside, how far ahead can the syringe aliquot be made? Can the syringe aliquot be stored in the refrigerator prior to transfusion?
  19. Hello: Make sure you replace your current HemaTrax printer with the same 300 dpi print resolution and it's loaded with the Digi-Trax proprietary Blood Bank ABO-Rh firmware. Once the right replacement printer is in place and properly loaded with ISBT128 labels/ribbon (only if labels are thermal transfer), there is really no validation requirements to complete prior to its use. HemaTrax end users usually don't validate the printer, but do validate the HemaTrax software. So, as long as the printer is configured correctly (Network and in HemaTrax), then it's ready to put into use. Thanks,
  20. Or, it could be that, as there is a sort of continuum of antigen strength between A1, right down to Ael, and Dolichos biflorus reacts with the A antigen, as well as the A1 antigen (it is far from specific, reacting also with the Tn and Cad antigens), that the A2 red cells may not truly be an A2.
  21. The reaction with the A2 cell would show there is an anti-A (+an anti-A1) so I presume it would rather speak for a B(A). I would expect for a AweakB having an anti-A1 only (?).
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