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  3. If you are using SafeTrace Tx you can link with HaemoBank. I think Soft does as well.
  4. A magnification aid is optional for N-Hance. It could be an agglutination viewer, rather than a microscope.
  5. I agree. We are getting liquid plasma from Red Cross that has a 26-day outdate as well.
  6. Hello Kimberly Kowalski, Welcome to PathLabTalk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Kimberly Kowalski joined on the 07/02/2020. View Member
  7. Okay! Here's the deal. Cytotherm has gone under. A former employee has taken over the service parts and started his own business that hopefully lasts as long as the thawers do. We ordered 2 bladders from him and got them the next day! The website is called Cytosupplies. https://www.cytosupplies.com/ First purchase is via credit card and then after that you can get set up in his system for POs. So spread the word to get this guy some business so we don't have to fork out a bunch for all new thawers.
  8. I would expect the blood center to put an expiration date on that product. You should not have to alter that as it would be a licensed/registered product in compliance with regulations.
  9. We use HCLL with Epic. Our instrumentation is interfaced to HCLL (now WellSky). For manual testing (tube, gel) reactions are entered directly into HCLL - tubes or gel card must be in hand when recording. We do use paper for downtime and of course recording our antibody panel reactions. There are a few tests that are wonky in HCLL that are easier to record on paper. We also utilize the APBC (which backs up every minute) for when we are down.
  10. Hello L.C, Welcome to PathLabTalk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. L.C joined on the 07/02/2020. View Member
  11. I am not trying to thaw liquid plasma. I am not asking about thawed plasma either. I just want to know/confirm if blood center manufacture CPDA-1 Liquid Plasma (not Irradiated) if it's original exp date would be 40 days? I had in my mind as exp date of Liquid plasma as 26 days. But really it seems like 5 days from end of Whole Blood dating period.
  12. 86644 is the CPT code we use to charge for CMV seronegative cellular products.
  13. We are in the same situation. We tried to place an order for bladders at the end of March and again in May. We have reached out several times with all the numbers and emails with no success.
  14. Hello Cheryl Smart, Welcome to PathLabTalk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Cheryl Smart joined on the 07/01/2020. View Member
  15. One thing I discovered in my many years as a Transfusion Service Supervisor is that inertia is the most powerful force in the Universe! Trying to initiate change, especially in blood banking can be extremely difficult, often impossible. Pick your battles carefully and make sure they are worth fighting. Good luck.
  16. As you see from the posts here, there are various opinions of what to do. Correct =The regulatory agencies do state to run some sort of controls, etc. You are in charge, therefore you do what you believe is best within the guidelines when there are gray areas like this. If you believe you should change the protocol to 'QC for the Antigen', then do that. Validation? You have criteria, I'm sure, for the cells passing inspection for use. I venture to say that most hospitals don't keep reagent RBCs more than a month or two past their outdate. It would be interesting to hear about that. If you are running QC for the tested antigen 'Day of Use', that's your validation that the cell is still working for your purpose. (I maintain that 'validation' is needed for situations where QC is not going to be run, e.g. You validate the time a box will hold a temperature so you don't have to take the temperature every time.) We do validate that a new panel is ok by running QC Antisera with them when they arrive. I've had inspectors tell me I must do this and I've had inspectors tell me to stop. Hmmm … I do what I am comfortable with, i.e. err on the side of caution. We don't use outdated panels … too many issues.
  17. 'Liquid Plasma' is never frozen so there's no need to thaw it therefore the outdate is not changed. 'Thawed Plasma' is the 5 Day product which results from Thawing Frozen Plasma (in all it's various forms, FFP, FP24, etc.). Note: When Frozen Plasma is thawed, it is assigned a 24hr outdate. You can extend that outdate to 5 Days IF you label it 'Thawed Plasma'. e.g. Frozen FFP is thawed to Fresh Frozen Plasma (24h outdate). You can leave it that way or change it to 'Thawed Plasma' (no FFP designation) and assign a 5 Day outdate to it. Most hospitals, if they go that route, just label it 'Thawed Plasma' with a 5 Day outdate immediately after it's thawed. (One Step vs Two Steps) Note: I'm using USA FDA rules, I don't know what they do in other countries.
  18. Hello Naim, Welcome to PathLabTalk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Naim joined on the 07/01/2020. View Member
  19. I am confused on the expiration date of liquid plasma. Expiration date is 5 days from end of Whole Blood dating period. CPDA-1 Whole Blood expire 35 days from date of collection. Does that mean CPDA-1 Liquid plasma expire 35+5 days? Please help.
  20. My facility also has HCLL/Epic. We have manila folders/envelopes to keep full workups on patients with antibody histories. You can always refer to the full panels and order of testing when doing crossmatches or new workups. Filing cabinets sort them alphabetically, and recently we purged folders of patients who were pretty old. Theoretically, anyone could go fully digital, but it's a downtime record for now. We have a backup server that stores preliminary testing data that we check periodically throughout the day to see if T/S information crossed over. That way, if HCLL is down, you can see typing results there. No paper records exist for patients without antibodies.
  21. The NHSBT decided to go over to National Standard Operating Procedures, and that these should be "computer only"; so, apart from the SOP's being so generic as to be completely useless to man nor beast, I asked what would happen if the computer went down, and we had to perform a procedure that was unusual, such as a DL Test. I was told that the country was divided into three areas (computer-wise) and that we could contact one of the other two for the SOP, but all three going down at once would NEVER happen. Guess what happened about three weeks later? While I don't agree with everything being kept as a paper record, certain SOP's that are rarely used, and up-to-date antibody records (given that, for many hospitals, this would not be onerous, are exceptions.
  22. I didn't work at my current lab when they brought BB software online. I am suspecting that the continuation of triple documentation is out of habit rather than need. I am trying to bring fresh eyes to the situation, I may very well bring up the fact that we could go completely digital. However, I'm taking baby steps right now, especially since our "mother" hospital also still employs the card catalog with the same software and they are 2x bigger than we are.
  23. Anyone else have a cytotherm thawer and find it impossible to get the replacement bladders? I've tried all of the numbers and email and gotten no response. Have they gone under? I even tried calling the fax number and a fax machine picked up. It's a mystery.
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