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  2. Good afternoon, has anyone else seen positive DATs on cords when baby is Rh positive and mother has received RHIG antenatally, but on admission for delivery has negative antibody screen? We have seen this on numerous occasions, but it is currently being called into question. Is it safe to presume the DAT is positive due to RHIG or should we repeat the DAT on cord and screen on mom when this happens? Is there a reason why the cord DAT would be more sensitive than the antibody screen? We do all tube testing and use LISS as our enhancement. Thank you!
  3. Is this mean autoantiboody absorbed better with Rh antigen? I am also trying to understand how RCI deal with pan-reactivity especially with HFA
  4. Thanks Malcolm I just wanted be assured. Our SOP suggest it is good laboratory practice to get new sample after 2 units of platelet transfusions however i don't see any benifits if patient need regular platelet transfusions especially haem patients
  5. We are also a level II Trauma center. Our adult MTP 1st pack is 6 FFP, 6 PC and 1 PLTPH. Initially, we issue 2 PC and 1 PLTPH because we already have the 2 PCs ready for emergency issue. The assigned runner returns to pick up the other 4 PCs and then the 6 FFP once they are thawed. We are going to be stocking liquid plasma as soon as we can arrange for that from our blood supplier. After that, we will issue 4 units of liquid plasma at the beginning of an MTP. We felt that whole blood was too costly, but we think the liquid plasma will work well for us. The second pack includes 2 pooled cryo with the 6 FFP, 6 PC, and 1 PLTPH -- and we alternate contents as the MTP continues. We have also defined 2 pediatric MTP packs, based on the weight of the patient.
  6. Not in the UK gagpinks. The chances of someone else needing platelets of an identical name, hospital number and date of birth are remote, as to be disappearingly likely, and, in any case, the amount of plasma involved is not likely to cause a transfusion reaction in an adult. Lastly, if they needed HLA-matched platelets, at worst, the platelets would not last too long in the circulation, but would not cause a reaction.
  7. I know you are in the USA, but you might find the BSH Guidelines on the subject useful. Just put "BSH Guidelines" into your search engine, and go from there!
  8. Digi-Trax can help you with the validation script for our HemaTrax® ISBT 128 software that works with our printer. The process for validating thawed Plasma products should be the same as how these products were validated previously with your original printer. Please contact us at 800-356-6126 or at info@digi-trax.com for further assistance.
  9. We have a process for a new piece of hardware such as this. The lab will print a label from the printer. Attach this to the form that we use or another piece of paper. They also take a screen print from the application that label was printed. They then compare the printed label to the information in the application. It's all documented on a worksheet and kept in the work unit for the required record retention.
  10. We send out whatever is ready first and maintain a 1-1-1 ratio. For us that generally means 2 RBC and 2 FP to begin and then Platelets in the second round of 2 RBC- 2 FP, then 2 RBCs, 2 FP to finish out a 1-1- ratio and then repeat. Cryo on separate order if indicated (Fib <150 or on FibTem.) We keep 2 FP thawed at all times. We are also a Level II Trauma center but have 2-3 times more activations, depending on the month. We have a Trauma Order that includes 2 RBCs and 2 FP if indicated. I would agree that we often do not make it to the platelets either. Evidence supports 1-1-1, but not platelets earlier than that necessarily. If we could support the cost, and use before expiration, we would go to whole blood for the first two coolers of MTP. Unfortunately we cannot justify the doubled cost and wastage.
  11. Last week
  12. I forgot - you also have to have a documented training program for all users and establish competency with the irradiator functions and any computer work (relabeling, etc. ) that will need doing on all irradiated units. You have to at least REGISTER with the FDA (if in the USA) because irradiation is considered a manufacturing step and that makes you a producer.... (YEAH!! - such fun)
  13. They are in an MTP cooler that has a separate RT platelet storage box. Although we occasionally get them back in the cold part of the cooler. They claim it's just easier to put them in there. SIIIIIIIIGH!!!
  14. https://careers.mercy.net/job/MEHEUS804211/Exec-Director-Lab-Services?utm_source=indeed&mode=job&iis=Indeed.com&iisn=Indeed.com&utm_medium=phenom-feeds&mode=job&iis=Indeed.com&iisn=Indeed.com
  15. Right now we are using Radsure but are going to switch to RAD Control(made by TYPENEX). It is a smaller label and stored at room temp rather than the refrigerator. The thing everyone likes about it is the lot number and exp date that we write on the irradiation log is actually a sticker on its own that you peel off and attach to the log. As far as a making doses from the parent bag we use a ISBT based label that has irradiation printed on, like Malcolm's.
  16. 6 rbc/6plasma(usually liquid)/1 pphl every 15 minutes(we try). If it is a OB one of the rounds also gets a pooled cryo.
  17. Hello Jimbo, Welcome to PathLabTalk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Jimbo joined on the 10/13/2019. View Member
  18. I think I missed something. Did you really imply that you are putting platelets in the same cooler as the RBCs??
  19. We have a Best Theratronics Raycell X-Ray Irradiator. We have the paperwork from the technician that installed or repaired the unit - they do extensive testing and verification of the dose delivered. We send a test shot phantom (contract with MD Anderson's Radiation Dosimetry Services (RDS@MDAnderson.org) (713-745-8999) twice a year to document the dose delivered. We would have to have a test shot after any repair too. You would have to have a documented test shot with documentation of the dose delivered to start operating. Every time we get a new lot # of indicator tags, I run new tags from each box against tags from the current lot number, to check for duplicate functionality. We are FDA inspected - they have never asked for anything else. Ask your manufacturer - they should have some suggestions too.
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