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  2. Just to clarify... there were several webinars last week with AABB, ASFA and US FDA. The collection of CCP (COVID Convalescent Plasma) is no different from the collection of ANY plasma. So blood centers can collect it as they would like. It doesn't require anything special if you've been collecting plasma. Most centers are collecting as much as they can once they get a donor (up to 1L) as a standard "dose" seems to be somewhere in the 300-400 mL range. It is the TRANSFUSION of the product that requires the IND, and the FDA has promised that they will be approved in 4-8 hours. They need to be submitted and approved on a per-patient basis. Many blood centers are working now to locate recovered patients and collect plasma. It can then be frozen and a standing inventory in place. In Australia, if you want to start doing something now... I would start getting an inventory of CCP. In the US, because of HIPPA (patient privacy) blood centers are having to contact doctors to contact their patients to see if they would be willing to donate and those donors then need to call the blood center. They are testing these "donors" for antibody titers and if it's been <28 days since the onset of symptoms, they are also testing to make sure the virus itself isn't present (so a negative RNA test). Locating these donors and doing the required testing is taking some time. Once found, it's pretty quick and easy process to get the plasma. Then it's a normal process to get it to the hospitals. It's looking like it's best to transfuse them earlier than later. There is no standard of care... but I would suspect that the best results will be seen if they can be transfused as soon as they're admitted to the hospital (those not admitted may not be sick enough to need this?). As for billing... your guess is as good as mine.
  3. What if you only have one instrument at your clinic and have a sister clinic and main hospital. All have different cap numbers. Do you need to do instrument correlations?
  4. Hi, Not aware of such kind of interference with nucleotide analog. It would be more likely if it was with convalescent plasma.
  5. Hello Jparker, Welcome to PathLabTalk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Jparker joined on the 04/05/2020. View Member
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  7. We have all codes in safetrace. 1) anyone has thought about billing code? 2) also order service table: this will be same as FFP, right?
  8. I'm no longer working but if this is an antibody then it sounds logical that it could cause non-sp results…..
  9. Hello Noel. It is the size of the tube that is the issue in the configured D rack in the TANGO infinity from Bio-Rad. We have contacted tech support. But in these trying times no solution for my facility at this time. We have poured off the donor sample into a smaller tube and while not an ideal solution it does work. We like to work directly with the specimen as received. It would not be prudent to ask for one facility to have a change in your manufacturing guidelines for future donor specimens for proficiency testing. Thanks for your help however. Susan
  10. We store treated cells in Alsever's solution but wash and resuspend them in normal saline for testing. We have also tested these patients with freshly treated cells that haven't been in Alsever's and still get the reactions. Thanks for the input.
  11. Its a Vacuette no additive tube 13X100, it should be compatible with every instrument commercially available in the USA. Is it a size issue i.e. putting it in the Carousel? or is it a cell volume issue? I have run these sample tubes on all Biorad instruments, Tango, IH500 and IH1000 and optima. If you are still unable to run it I suggest you call Biorad technical support.
  12. UTMB is an excellent program. I have not been through it but, living and working in San Antonio TX, I know many CLS and SBB's that have. I considered it myself but decided to go a completely different way and pursue ministry, earning my M.A. in Theological Studies and working on a PhD now.
  13. Do you need to send notification to the FDA on these since the crossmatch will be positive?
  14. I'm looking at the online Biology Masters from Western Kentucky University.
  15. Has anyone changed their PPE requirements for handling COVID 19 patient specimens?
  16. I just answered this question. My Score PASS  
  17. Most bag manufacturers suggest a diluted bleach solution for RBC bag surfaces. Not sure about platelet bags since they are semi-permeable.
  18. Hello Jdijo, Welcome to PathLabTalk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Jdijo joined on the 04/01/2020. View Member
  19. Hello hive mind... Anyone seeing interference from study drugs such as Remdesivir on antibody screen testing? We have seen some COVID + patients come up with weak reactivity in LISS and random (non-patterns) in solid phase. These patients were COVID+ and on a drug study for Remdesivir.
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