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  2. Hi everyone! Quick and, hopefully, easy question - are there any contradictions to giving PAS C platelets to a neonate? Haven’t had a lot of experience with PAS and I was hoping I could get more information from my BB friends Thanks! sara
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  4. UTECH

    New MLS

    Thanks Ward_X. Yes you r right about taking notes, it helps. I’m still taking some. But sometimes I overthink and ask questions (straight forward), which makes other people sometimes think that I don’t know the stuff.
  5. We have tranexamic acid, DDAVP, O, D Negative blood and group A thawed FFP on board our helicopters in the UK (well, not ALL our helicopters of course, but all of the "ambulance helicopters).
  6. Are you using the ones that look just like an igloo cooler? I'm wondering if the cooler is basically the same but the little containment unit being the difference maker. Do they sell replacement inserts? Can you give me the specific product you are using and if you don't mind, how much each one cost for you? Did you by them from the company directly or was there a third party medical vendor you used?
  7. We didn't have very good luck with our Igloo coolers holding temp. so we always used plenty of wet ice. Could have been the specific cooler type that was the problem, however. Our current coolers are Credo and they use cooler inserts (with different liquids inside) that are specific for the temp maintained. The inserts for red cells are conditioned in the refrigerator. The inserts for platelets are conditioned at 22C. As long as someone doesn't leave the lids of the coolers open and remove the tops of the inserts, they will hold temp for 8 hours easily. (When I validate them I let the data logger run for 24 hours and they are all still holding temps at the end of that time.)
  8. I would suspect that very few critical access hospitals would have tranexamic acid and DDAVP in stock in their pharmacies. This type of patient would be a very rare event for them. Treatment would be limited to stabilizing as much as possible and transfer as soon as humanly possible. Then that patient might well become my problem, but we are better equipped to handle it.
  9. Mediware used to resell our BloodTrack solutions but that relationship has been dissolved as of approximately 2 years ago.
  10. Good Morning. I recently took over sales responsibility for the central part of Canada for our BloodTrack and SafeTraceTx solutions. Please reach out and I will be happy to assist. Nick Pavicevic 262-269-0467 nick.pavicevic@haemonetics.com Thank you!
  11. Hello Nick Pavicevic, Welcome to PathLabTalk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Nick Pavicevic joined on the 12/13/2019. View Member
  12. We recently got some new refrigerators and for the alarm checks there is just a button we press for high and low alarm checks which automatically cools or warms the temperature of the probe. This only affects the probe - the chart pen does not move. i would presume all modern refrigerators have this function. Why should I have to mess around with the probe, taking it out of its container and placing it in warm or cold water - possibly damaging it in the process - all so that the pen on the chart can move? Aren``t these automatic probe checks, with retreiveable documentation, good enough for CAP?
  13. In case you were wondering, it's still snowing outside my window.
  14. Ward_X

    New MLS

    Welcome! Learn all that you can, and take lots of notes . Eventually you will gain enough confidence to start contributing back to your lab. Help out where you can, volunteer to do the extra mile. Coming from another new MLS, I can acknowledge that our generation is brilliant, intuitive, and exquisitely savvy. However! We don’t know more than our coworkers who have been there for decades — use them!
  15. UTECH

    New MLS

    Hi, This forum is very knowledgeable. I’m kind of new to this forum. I’m a new MLS got my first job, in a mid size hospital. I’m looking for suggestions on how to be a successful/competitive MLS. Thanks
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  17. OK, should be working now. Definitely in the Default theme, may work in others too.
  18. Hello UTECH, Welcome to PathLabTalk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. UTECH joined on the 12/12/2019. View Member
  19. I added a statement about either not transfusing or splitting units for patients that are at risk for circulatory overload and that it was the provider's responsibility to identify patients who are at risk . We use Epic and after the last JC inspection, transfusion rates were amended to specify urgent, normal or slow rates at the time the transfusion order is entered.
  20. I would say you only need to calibrate what you are going to use your centrifuge for. No high viscosity reagents, no need to calibrate for them (if you don't have them, how are you going to calibrate them?). I only do saline, wash times, and ahg testing calibrations.
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