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  2. Temperature Monitoring

    Thank you
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  4. neonatal transfusion

    you said the baby is AB type, so the A or B donor must be washed. Because the plasma will react with the red cells of the baby's.
  5. neonatal transfusion

    if group A or B must we wash it to remove the plasma or not ? yes i know if we thaw FFP unit can we split it into aliqouts and stored in 1-6c and transfuse to neonate within the 5 days or better transfuse FFP from different donors ?
  6. Ortho Vision QC

    I am not a BBer and don't have a policy to share but I am sure others here can share.
  7. I am at a large level 1 trauma center. In addition, we have an active liver transplant program among other specialties such as a 40+ bed NICU. Our organization is now using benchmarking to force a reduction in FTEs. They are using a vendor called Truven who is claiming we need to cut out staff by one third. Our biggest problem is that we not physically located anywhere close to our general lab. Our Transfusion Service is located in the main patient building while our general lab sits in its own separate building about 1 block away on the same campus. It is one thing to cut FTEs when you have generalists who can cross train and be quickly pulled from general lab. What do you do when you have no other lab staff to pull from? I am hoping to identify if there are any other facilities who are in a similar boat, i.e. they operate a Transfusion Service that is isolated from the rest of the lab. Also, do other folks have experience with benchmarking? When you have no idea who they are benchmarking you to, how do you know if the "big wigs" are comparing you to the right per group?
  8. neonatal transfusion

    We transfused with O pos or O neg less than 28 days from t he draw date unless it will be a large volume transfusion (greater than 60 ml per day), than its less than 5. If we do give non group O red cells (direct donor) we perform a IgG crossmatch to make sure the baby doesn't have anti-A or anti-B from mom. The babies stay on the same unit until it is too old for neonatal use (>28 days) The plasma we get from the supplier is AB and split in 4 aliquots of roughly 75 mls each
  9. Ortho Vision QC

    ALLOURBRSTNLR thank you! Do you have a policy I can see to make sure I’m ding this correctly?
  10. Ortho Vision QC

    R1R2 thank you! Do you have a formal policy and procedure that I can adapt and present to our medical director? I am a BB specialist so I want to make sure I’m doing this correctly.
  11. Ortho Vision QC

    I would use plasma from patients that have produced those antibodies instead of antisera. The commercial antisera is usually not IgG.
  12. Temperature Monitoring

    This particular alarm is a little thing from Supco, its a TA-6. We have a separate chart recorder. Scott
  13. CAP TRM.30450

    Oh no... you are kidding me? Does this apply as well? I never thought of this!
  14. Vision Software Upgrade

    Hoping you have upgraded by now. this update didn't involve the LIS so there should have been no side effects from upgrading.
  15. Ortho Vision QC

    Have 2 blood types that give a pos & neg reaction in each gel column, like the A neg and B pos of Albaq accomplishes. For a 3 cell screen, an Anti D in a tube and an anti c in a tube. Use plasma or a plasma like matrix, not just saline. The number of drops of antisera depends on the strength or reactivity you want in your screens.
  16. neonatal transfusion

    1.I prefer to use O washed blood cells for neonate less than 4 month old 2.one donor 3. one donor is best, but it kind of difficult to do , since the plasma after thawing has shorter shelf life than red cells components
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  18. To prevent Meditech from qualifying a patient for EXM when mixed-field agglutination is detected, then detection of a mixed-field result must be entered into Meditech in some manner. In this way, Meditech can react to that test result using rules, reflexing tests, calculations and interpretations. Currently, if mixed-field agglutination is detected in the Anti-A, Anti-B, Anti-A,B and/or Anti-D test, how is that mixed-field test result entered into Meditech? What is your current policy for documenting selection of blood for transfusion in Meditech when mixed-field agglutination is detected in ABO/Rh grouping tests? For example, do you automatically select group O when mixed-field is detected in ABO grouping? Rh negative when mixed-field is detected in Rh grouping? How is your Crossmatch test configured? Do you use a Meditech Blood Issue routine in real-time when releasing blood to Nursing, et al?
  19. Ortho Vision QC

    Does anyone have a procedure you are using to make your own QC? We’d like to stop using AlbaQ because of the expense.
  20. Hi Can I ask some questions ? 1-For neonate for example his blood group AB and mother A or B when he needs RBCs as mother blood group must we wash this unit to remove plasma from it or not and why ? 2-For neonate which is better many aliqouts from one donor (the same RBCs unit ) or different aliqouts from fresh RBCs units ? 3-For neonate which is better many thawed plasma from one donor ( the same plasma unit ) or FFP units from different donors ?
  21. Temperature Monitoring

    which alarm are you using for the tissue? does it store/log alarms?
  22. CAP TRM.30450

    Do you do lot to lot for QC kit? Actually parallel testing for QC, eg. ALBA Q, Confidence QC kit?
  23. gel card quality control

    I use Immucor's CorQc kit for my positive controls. anti-D,-c and the cells are AB Pos. dilute the ab 1:10.

    We just switched over to using thawed plasma - 5 day exp. I changed my outdate to 120H - but it expires them at midnight - which brings it past the thaw time by several hours, so technically it is 5 days + some hours expired. Is there a way to make it reflect the time of thaw as expiration and not midnight? Does it matter?? Am I being too literal?? lol thanks for any insight
  25. Temperature Monitoring

    I have used 3 different temperature monitoring systems at the various facilities that I have worked. CIMScan, http://cimtechniques.com/ , TempTrak https://www.cooper-atkins.com/products/temptrak-1/ , and Primex https://www.primexinc.com/ . I would have to say that TempTrak, although the biggest company, was my least favorite to manage. No system is perfect and they all have their limitations just like any software. They are all better than manually taking temps and changing charts.
  26. UK qualification and experience in USA

    I think so. One thing you could do is call a hospital in the state you are moving to and see if they have any suggestions. Scott
  27. gel card quality control

    Good point about some antigen typing antisera not appropriate for gel QC. For our QC, we do indeed use a kit that is appropriate for gel. We dilute down the anti-sera from the Ortho Confidence QC system (same one that we use for ABO reagent QC), which has anti-D and anti-c IgG. Scott
  28. We are version 6.15 in Meditech and currently use TAR for almost all transfusion documentation. I find review fairly easy, but we have a real bull dog of an RN in our IS dept who did a great job building it, and assumes total ownership of it. Documentation outside of TAR (in nurses' notes, in "vitals" section, etc.) is not considered compliant for non-emergent transfusions. (Vitals entered in TAR do flow to the "Vitals" section of the EMR however). Nurses are prompted at the correct times and each timed entry includes a section asking if s/s of transfusion reaction are observed. She has included a 30 min post transfusion vitals check within the TAR record. I review a sampling throughout each month and forward minor exceptions to dept nursing leadership; I submit Report of Events for significant exceptions. Aside from checking for transfusion orders and labs, most everything else I need is included in the TAR documentation. How TAR is built in OM determines how much info is available in it. Don't get me wrong, I spend a considerable amount of time in the EMR sleuthing out why we transfused someone who didn't appear on the surface to meet criteria, but that is not the fault of the TAR documentation.
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