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  1. Can leuko-reduce prevent GVHD

    Right. So leukoreduction helps prevent those pesky febrile transfusion reactions, and irradiation helps prevent GVHD. They are not the same thing, after all! Scott
  2. Can leuko-reduce prevent GVHD

    Leukoreduction, by no means that I know of, can get rid off ALL WBCs in a blood product. So if you are worried about Graft-Versus-Host Disease in an immunocomprimised patient, you do not want to rely on leukoreduction alone. The residual donor WBCs may "engraft" into the host recipient's system, and attack the recipient as a foreign threat. So to avoid GVHD, you must kill all of the WBCs in the donor blood product. This is accomplished with radiation. Scott
  3. Happy New Year

  4. LOL! Besides... I think you've gone over that enough here already! Scott
  5. i have a problem with my power point. There seems to be a section missing. Nothing about "computer crossmatches"! Scott
  6. Okie

    Not for atypical allo-antibody IDs. Scott
  7. Body Fluid Differential

    Interesting observations about QC for manual diffs here. We had an inspector some years ago tell us that we have to do QC on cell counts for body fluids but nothing about diffs. The only thing we do is a once yearly competency for diffs, and that is only for CBCs. Scott
  8. Body Fluids

    In general, if the total protein is high enough (we use a refractometer) we would cyto-spin non-bloody specimens as is. If the protein is low, we add a drop of albumin to 1 ml of the specimen (common w CSFs). The extra protein slows the rate at which the fluid is drawn into the filter paper -- allowing time for the cells to stick to the slide. For slightly bloody specimens, we may add a drop or two of saline. For really bloody pleural fluids or whatnot, we simply make wedge smears. Scott
  9. Manual entry verification

    We use logsheets. Scott
  10. I would suppose (after a quick bit of research), that since a K is only going to vary by only 1 or 2 mEQs, that its inclusion makes little clinical difference. That's as long as the reference range is appropriate for whatever calc you are using (such as: 8-16 without K+, and 10-20 with it). Actually now that I think of it, the original omission probably had to do with making the equation a bit easier to do on the fly. I imagine that as people used to do it in their head before the advent of computerized analyzers and reporting systems that now give the anion gap automatically. Scott
  11. Training new employees

    You are to be commended for going the extra mile to ensure safe patient care. Like others here, i would suggest at this point that you put all of this stuff into a document (impassionately written of course). End with your concerns about patient safety, corporate compliance, etc. Be sure to list all of the management people you have alerted with dates. Then send the email it to all management and administrators above the BB and Lab (including directors and V.P.s) You should have a corporate compliance officer you need to send a copy to as well. Hopefully some responsible person will realize that they can no longer ignore a disaster waiting to happen, as you will have created proof that all responsible parties were alerted. Scott
  12. We accept certain T&S specimens (for later transfusion or as a pre-admit) from other facilities, but only if they are drawn and the patient correctly identified with documentation that links the specimen to the patient based on our protocols. Like most hospitals, we will give universal donor no matter what other specimen or history we have, never using a specimen drawn somewhere else. Scott
  13. Antigen Negative Labels

    Try looking at https://www.unitedadlabel.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIguePi-fh2AIVUYJ-Ch0L9gHZEAAYASAAEgK9qPD_BwE. They will make custom labels for you. Scott

    Or you can just eyeball it! Scott
  15. Hello from Ohio!

    Welcome from here, too Miranda! You will find this forum both informative and informal! Scott