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In this "new" world of ever-increasing job openings, with a hyper fluid pool of applicants, keeping positions filled becomes a little bit harder each day.

Do you have openings you're trying to fill?

Are you in the market for a new job opportunity?

Great news, PathLabTalk now has a specific section for posting Jobs.

Please consider posting your open positions here: https://www.pathlabtalk.com/forum/index.php?/jobs/

You can also apply for one of these positions and the person posting the job will receive notification.

As always, this is provided as a free service.
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Internet Explorer
PathLabTalk no longer supports Internet Explorer.

See this site for more information: https://browser-update.org/update-browser.html
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Neil Blumberg
A fairly short, but very interesting interview with Neil Blumberg in the July 2019 edition of AABB News, as he his one of three new inducts into the National Blood Foundation's Hall of Fame.

Congratulations Sir and, from what I know and have read, thoroughly well deserved.
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Gold Medal.
I am enormously honoured to announce that I am going to be awarded the Gold Medal of the British Blood Transfusion Society at their Annual Scientific Meeting in Brighton this year.  It is awarded to an individual for their exceptional and long standing services to the Society and to the practice of blood transfusion in the UK.  Sorry if this sounds egocentric, but I am very excited.
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Rh Pos or Rh Neg?
OK, not Rh, but D.

We were using solid phase technology and recently switched to gel (IH-1000).

We've had a policy for many years, if you test less than 2+, we call you Rh Neg.

Now with gel, people who were 1+ are testing 2 or 3+.

This is concerning for OB patients.  Do we give Rh immune globulin or not?  We've sent a few of these out for genetic testing to determine if they are capable of forming an anti-D, but if they've just delivered an Rh pos baby, and we don't get the results back for weeks, it's too late.

We are a big organization and have a very active labor unit.  We used to do about 10 thousand babies a year, but lost a big contract and now do less than 8, so there are significant financial impacts to our decisions, and since our volume is so high, we also risk finding that patient that tests as 3+, but can make an anti-D.

What are you doing?
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