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    Well, there's really too much to list. It would be easier to list what I'm not interested in! Not interested in: some sports, personal drama, fashion and shoes, celebrities, and most rap/hip hop music.
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    I was born... I have lived.. it's been a trip!
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  1. St. Luke's Wood River Medical Center in Ketchum, Idaho, is searching for an skilled laboratory manager or strong candidate with prior management experience. See following link: https://careers-slhs.icims.com/jobs/8683/lab-manager/job This 28-bed Critical Access Hospital is located in the Idaho mountains near the Sun Valley ski area. St. Luke's Wood River Medical Center serves the healthcare needs of people living in the greater Blaine County area. Services include a 24-hour emergency department, inpatient and outpatient surgery, diagnostic imaging, maternity services, physical and occup
  2. Thanks for the new replies, all! We are in the process of developing our current protocol, and strongly considering a long-term investment in the microwave plasma thawers for rapid plasma thawing. It will be our best chance at coming closest to the 1:1 ratio currently recommended. Especially, thank you for the attachments. It really helps seeing different written procedures, and you both had some fantastic ideas that we are going to look at for incorporating into our protocol-in-progress. Blee, even though we haven't finalized our setup yet, I will send you (and anyone else who is intere
  3. Howdy! As per Dr. Pepper's post, we utilize pre-warm techniques to resolve cold antibody interferences in the back type. I do not personally have any experience using cord cells in addition to or as a replacement for pre-warming. Best of Luck! OneMore
  4. I have worked in 8 different facilities, and have never separated plasma from cells. For standard blood banking needs, the samples are fine for the 72 hours the specimen would be utilized. If reference testing was needed (send-out antibody ID or reaction confirmations), new specimens were drawn for the send-outs. Only one facility allow pre-op testing to be drawn early, and they had a 7-day limit without separation in order to preserve integrity. I believe that 7 days is the recommended limit for non-separated tubes before you have interference from degradaion, but I do not have the AABB t
  5. Howdy everyone! We are a small critical access hospital with 25 beds, and we are looking at implementing a Massive Transfusion Protocol to stabilize a patient as much as possible before they are airlifted to a larger facility. I have had very little luck finding any smaller hospitals that have such a protocol, and would love to hear from anyone regarding input on tailoring a MTP to a facility with limited resources. We do currently have a protocol defining the utilization of O+ units for adult male patients and women over childbearing age. We do not have the ability to provide platelets
  6. Welcome to the forums OneMore :)

    1. OneMore


      Thank you so very much! I apologize for the delayed response, I utterly failed to notice the icon alerting me to your comment!

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