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  1. What was included in the validation? How did they access the kiosk?
  2. We pull a transfusion report and export to Excel, then use filters to get the data we want. Transfusing facilities shall have a peer-review program that monitors and addresses transfusion practices for all categories of blood and blood components. The following shall be monitored: 7) Appropriateness of use, including the use of group O/O Rh(D)- RBCs and AB plasma.
  3. Yes, and may need irradiation.
  4. We add result comment to indicate 2nd ABO Needed/2nd ABO Not needed when sample is received while doing history review. Result comments post in HIS after the test is complete. Not the best way, but so far working for our preop patients.
  5. I am not trying to thaw liquid plasma. I am not asking about thawed plasma either. I just want to know/confirm if blood center manufacture CPDA-1 Liquid Plasma (not Irradiated) if it's original exp date would be 40 days? I had in my mind as exp date of Liquid plasma as 26 days. But really it seems like 5 days from end of Whole Blood dating period.
  6. I am confused on the expiration date of liquid plasma. Expiration date is 5 days from end of Whole Blood dating period. CPDA-1 Whole Blood expire 35 days from date of collection. Does that mean CPDA-1 Liquid plasma expire 35+5 days? Please help.
  7. Our ER wants a HaemoBank. Anyone with HaemoBank be willing to share their validation plan? Do you have it interfaced with your BB LIS? How does the bidirectional interface works? How are you using it? Any input will be greatly appreciated.
  8. We were not able to automatically add the charge to product code. We add charge manually. P9100.
  9. We have Soft. Yes we transfuse neonates.
  10. Anyone who went all PR - Neonate site?
  11. New to Vision. I was wondering if there are any users performing Cord Blood testing on Ortho Vision? How do you ensure that users check DAT result and perform weak D on Rh neg mom prior to final interpretation?
  12. Can all CCP products be converted to 5 day post thaw no matter how they were collected (Apheresis or Whole Blood)?
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