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  1. We were not able to automatically add the charge to product code. We add charge manually. P9100.
  2. We have Soft. Yes we transfuse neonates.
  3. Anyone who went all PR - Neonate site?
  4. Thank you for your replies.
  5. New to Vision. I was wondering if there are any users performing Cord Blood testing on Ortho Vision? How do you ensure that users check DAT result and perform weak D on Rh neg mom prior to final interpretation?
  6. Can all CCP products be converted to 5 day post thaw no matter how they were collected (Apheresis or Whole Blood)?
  7. Has anyone started doing 2ndary bacterial testing using Verax (PGD) on Day 4 and Day5?
  8. Has anyone used or built the product in your computer Convalescent plasma for COVID-19?
  9. I do not know anything about billing. Scenario for Transfusion lab: Initial TS performed on an automated instrument has a discrepancy. Testing performed to resolve the discrepancy by a manual method. Can you change for the 2nd ABO/Rh that you performed to resolve the issue? I am not asking about retype.
  10. Thank you for pointing that out. We are Transfusion lab. Today we call anyone with <=1+ Rh tube typing as Rh Neg.
  11. Thank you for the replies. We sometime send the test out if it's a female of child bearing age too. We are currently not charging for it. Since it's a Research use only test I wasn't sure how the billing works and whether or not it should be scanned into patient's chart?
  12. For those of you who send samples out for RHD Molecular testing do the physician need to order this test or can lab order it to aid in the investigation of D typing? Our Ref lab performs Bioarray RHD Beadchip which is RUO. Do you report molecular testing result in HIS?
  13. I was actually looking for validation of the standalone software and the labels coming out of Hematrax. I wrote something but just looking to see what people have done.
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