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  1. Antigen Tested Units

    In UK we don't have to worry about retyping donor unit. Our national blood service give 100% assurance of their testing.
  2. Sorry IgG antibodies.
  3. Thanks Malcolm I was doing one of the IPEX excercise and there was case where baby had DAT positive due to maternal antibody. Therefore result on phenotypes( Fya Fyb) are not reliable. In this case you can use chloroquine phosphate to de nature Off antibodies. So I thought they might be using for all above cases. I knew about DTT and ZZAP. But never came across about CDP.
  4. Hi All Just wondering if FFP has been thawed at 37 c for 20 min and then stored at 2-6. Would We still able to see cryo deposition in thawed plasma. We had few case where FFP didn't get used and left in fridge for 12 hours and trying to use for another patient . While doing visual inspection on thawed product it look like it's clot in bag. So my question is does anyone think it could be cryo deposition?
  5. Hi How does or what method reference lab use to perform phenotypes ( Fya ,Fyb ,Jka Jkb S s etc). If patient's DAT is positives.? If patient with positive DAT e.g.. ( lymphoma or CLLor any drug induced ) and develop anti body how would you do antigen typing on theses patient?
  6. I just answered this question. My Score PASS  
  7. Hi It might be silly question but can we rule out Anti-K by using Heterozygous line ? I understand KK red cell have more sites (4000-6000) where as Kk red cells have 2500-3500) sites. Also BSH guidelines suggest you need to have one homozygous line to exclude antibody. It is difficult to exclude when patient has more than one antibody.
  8. Hi Jermin Your question regarding dilution, you should follow manufacturer instruction because if you do anything outside manufacturer instructions you might have to validate process again. Second question regarding staining and storing sample 4 C for 4 days. Why would store sample for 4 days. Because Rh neg lady should have her antiD dose within72 hours. Secondly I would suggest if you prepare slide and don't fix them then there might EDTA changes on your slide. If you fix your slide with different lot and when you stain patient slide it might be different batch no. You are not really controlling process. Control should be done the exactly the same way the way you run your patients sample or run parellal with patient. Otherwise check ISO 15189 manual I would suggest check with QMG staff.
  9. Antibody Screen before Issuing RhIg

    In uk if quantification level is 0.4 IU/mL or above we consider as a immune anti-D and we do not issue RhIg. However if lady comes in ED we perform Group and antibody screen before we issue RhIg.
  10. Anti-Inb

    RCI will have to prepare as well for quantification. Can't imagine every two weeks after 28 weeks. How would they perform quantification? Will they absorb anti Inb and then perform quantification?
  11. Anti-Inb

    And guess what now she also developed anti-c . It will be so difficult if she get pregnant again.
  12. I'm coming back to Providence!

  13. RESt and DARA

    We have been asked by reference lab to provide informmation if patient is on CD38. It will be useful for them to process the sample. if patient is on DARA how does reference lab process the sample. Do they use different absorption techniques?
  14. Anti-Inb

    Yes it is same lady. Now this time she delivered at home☺
  15. Anti-Inb

    After all these preparation patient delivered at home. Baby and Mum didn't need any blood.