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  1. Hi thanks for your reply First Virginia then after while probably Texas
  2. Another interesting similar case. In this case antibody screen negative in first pregnancy and also negative at booking blood in second pregnancy. Repeat antibody screen at 28 weeks found to be positive with anti-c . There is also additional reaction detected in reverse group probably due to Anti- c IgM in nature . Send sample to RCI and quantification level is 37.2 IU/ml and followed repeat testing in 2 weeks went up to 56. Clinician decided to induce her at 36 week. First baby was Rh negative now just waiting for baby to born. Hope baby is not r'r . Otherwise it will be real challenging scenario.
  3. Thank you for your reply. I guess i was being over cautious. We trust RCI result but my worry was if we x match at our hospital it will be definitely incompatible (2 or 3+). I was over thinking that we could have missed out low frequency antibody. Just out of curiosity if we perform x match at RCI do you treat Donor cell with DTT. Of just issue least incompatible unit.
  4. Thank you galvania. But what does your lab usually in terms of X match. Because if we perform xmatch its seems pointless because it would be positive. How can we ensure that units are compatible?
  5. If patient is on Dara is it safer to ask reference lab to perform X match or we can x match onsite once it's confiremed by RCI that there is no underlying alloantibody.
  6. I guess it's applies for transfusions as well. If I want to work in blood bank do I need to pass any exam ?
  7. Hi I am planning to emigrate to USA. Just want to know if my qualification and experience will be accepted or do I have to do any courses to be accrdiated to work as lab technologist. I have 17 years of experience in UK as a biomedical scientist in haematology and blood transfusion. What is a procedure required to be registered medical technologist.
  8. Sorry I meant all 4 Rh D negative were incompatible. It's typo. Sorry for confusion
  9. We did 4 A Rh D negative and they all were compatible. Waiting for eluate result. Patient had 1 B neg platelet.
  10. No problem in reverse group. Negative with A1 cell and 3+ reaction in B cell. We used IAT techniques for all our X match .
  11. Hi Patient blood group is A Rh D positive and antibody screen negative. Set up 4 units of A Pos unit and found to be incompatible. Then we set up 3 A Rh D negative units and found to be incompatible. Therefore panel was set up and found to negative in all cell line. We set-up 4 unit O Rh D negative and found to be COMPATIBLE. However DAT is positive in IgG 2+. But why was cross match was incompatible in A red cell but COMPATIBLE with O red cell.
  12. If RhIg not given in this pregnancy than it might be silent fetomaternal haemorrhage and lady might developing allo anti-D in this pregnancy. We had a similar case where antibody screen was negative at booking blood and all of sudden antiD level shoot up at 28 weeks.
  13. If patient on DARA how soon they can develop pan-reactive antibody? We had our first patient who is on DARA had negative antibody screen before treatment after 36 hours of treatment antibody screen is positive in all 3 cell line. Patient's antibody panel shows some pan-reactive reaction with 8 out of 11 cells .But auto is negative . Is it due to DARA or patient is developing some allo antibody?
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