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  1. CAP TRM. 40670

    We have set up some criteria not to perform electronic issue if any group discrepancy, any manual group perform to resolve group discrepancy,any mixed field reaction or if antibody screen is positive. And also if patient's demographics not verified , if only one sample available, or sample is not valid. Our LIMS will not allow us to issue electronically in these situations.
  2. Validation of Biorad IH500

    Sorry few more. Reaction specifity and strength correctly interprets as compare to previous result. Analyser recognise that QC has failed
  3. Validation of Biorad IH500

    We have validate our IH1000 recently . I guess it's same protocol when you have to perform IQ. UR1 : analyser reading right barcode label and transiting right result to right patient. UR2 : Run 10 samples for each group and compare reaction with manual as well as existing analyser. UR3: Run known antibody positive sample and compare reaction. Also need to run NIBSC . UR4 validate all the reagents on board give expected reaction and no difference in reaction up to expiry UR5; validate all the test such as baby group, DAT and panel and same as above. UR5: check all the abnormal sample such as lipamic, Haemolysed, and insufficient picked up by analyser. UR6: Run same barcode sample on analyser to identify duplicates barcodes. UR7 : check LIMS on both direction.
  4. Pregnancy Termination and Rhogam

    Uk guidelines suugest, "Any senisitizing event before 20 weeks not required KB test however lady required Rhogam . After 20 weeks, any senisitizing event required KB as well as anti-D depending on the bleed.
  5. Case study mentor

    If you any interesting case in your lab you can always discussed with us. I will be happy to discuss with you that way I learn as well.

    We use pack number if it is same product for e.g paediatric pack we have same DIN but also add pack more 1 to 6 in bracket. If product is differentthen we scan product code.
  7. Rh phenotypes

    Yes I understand if patient is transfusion dependent then of course you give Rh phenotypes matched blood. We use IH1000 and it pick lots of AntiM and nonspecific reaction. In this case it would unnecessary to provide Rh phenotypes matched blood. It is hard draw a line when you have to explain junior staff.
  8. Rh phenotypes

    Yes it's not hard to get Rh and Kell match blood in UK. But sometime it cause delay in providing blood. For instance if patient develop Anti Fya and so if we perform Rh and Kell phenotype as a precaution , in that case we might not find exact match blood and have to order blood from blood services. We also have some inexperienced staff who don't understand when there is an emergency situation it is not necessary to provide Rh match blood if patient hasn't develop any Rh antibody. It cause unnecessary delay by contacting clinician and Haem reg.
  9. Hi all Just want to know would you always perform Rh phenotype whenever patient has any antibody other clinical significant antibody and provide Rh and Kell phenotype match blood? e.g if patient develop anti M or Anti Jka in this case would you do Rh phenotype?. My understanding is you only give Rh and Kell phenotype match blood if patient is sickle, thal, haem patient , AIHA or whenever they develop Rh antibodies. What does other do?
  10. Automated Antibody Identification

    Hi Nic According to manufacture instruction you can keep reagent on board for 48 hours. Therefore we did our own validation (according to ISO if you want to deviate manufacture instruction you need to validate yourself) extent expiry on board. Because we run everyday 10 panel and it's difficult to remove and load reagent again. So we run daily control which are antiD c and Fya to cover all lines for negative and positive control. And leave reagent on board for 72 hours. By end of 72 hours all reagents will used up.
  11. RhD status

    I attended NEQAS meeting yesterday and they were mentioning that if patient is Weak D type 4, 11 ,15 ,21 ,57 they can make allo anti-D. I am bit confused 🤔. I know if patient are variant D such as DIII, IV V ........ can develop anti-D. But I wasn't aware of about subtype of Weak D and they actually can develop antiD
  12. Automated Antibody Identification

    Hi Nicola Agree with Malcolm. I am sure I am sure you mean running panel on IH1000. We run all our panel on IH 1000 and we interpret manually. To do this we run few known controls such as Weak antiD, Fya, S c ,K and AB serum. We also did few serial dilution for control and run on analyser to see any weak reaction. We also run some known patient to compare the result. We also performed intra comparison with these control to compare the result. We kept reagent on board for 48 hours run and control to see there is no difference in result after 72 hours because you can keep on board only for 48 hours. And there is no temperature control on analyser. Of course you take part in NEQAS to measure your performance. I hope this might be useful
  13. FMH

    Thanks Malcolm !!
  14. FMH

    Hi We had patient who is O Rh D positive and baby is A Rh D positive. Baby born very anamic therefore clinician wanted us to perform Kle to see any large FMH . A lady had positive Kleihuer and estimate 50 To 60 ml bleed. And baby had 2 unit top up transfusions. Just wondering wouldn't mother will have any transfusions reaction due to this much amount of incompatible blood.