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  1. Is this mean autoantiboody absorbed better with Rh antigen? I am also trying to understand how RCI deal with pan-reactivity especially with HFA
  2. Thanks Malcolm I just wanted be assured. Our SOP suggest it is good laboratory practice to get new sample after 2 units of platelet transfusions however i don't see any benifits if patient need regular platelet transfusions especially haem patients
  3. Hi All If patient has 2 known historical blood group, do we still need valid group and save at time of platelet transfusion? I am trying to find out in guidelines but unable to find. If patient is on regular platelet transfusion how often should we repeat group and save and why?
  4. Hi We perform DAT using polyspecific AHG card which detect IgG and/or C3d. If DAT is positive then we use monospecific card which detect DAT is positive due to IgG or c3d or both. This card also has control. Control must be negative.
  5. You are well deserved for this.
  6. I just answered this question. My Score PASS  
  7. we did try this but apparently, it works very weekly than expected.
  8. As Bankergirl mentioned you can use IAT method to confirm. But it will not differentiate between partial D and weak D
  9. gagpinks


    Hi I was reading articles on social media regarding 2-year-old girl developed anti-Inb ( In a news article from the USA). She has neuroblastoma and difficulty finding Inb negative blood. If a patient is on chemotherapy and required regular transfusion it is hard to provide blood in these situations. How severe anti-Inb can cause transfusion reactions especially when a patient is on chemotherapy? Can she have ABO and D compatible blood with methylprednisolone?
  10. Reviewing this process so just wondering did you use any control with this process? Do we need to run control ? Can't find in guidelines
  11. This could be due to anti c IgM in nature. I have seen this many time especially in pregnant lady.
  12. Do you run any control with this process ? With IAT crossmatch we use OR1r cell with weak antiD.
  13. Hi Does anyone use immediate spin method for crossmatch? Do you require any control in this process? I personally don't prefer this method especially when you have robust IT system and 2 sample policy.
  14. Hi thanks for your reply First Virginia then after while probably Texas
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