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  1. Hi Would like to know more about transfusion practitioner role. I am aware of main roles of TP are PBM, Education,audit and adverse events/incident management. Would like to know how can we modernised current TP role? Any tips from around the world would appreciate Thanks
  2. Patient is not sickle or Thal, however Patient is child bearing age. Do you think should RCI have to investigated more?
  3. Agree with you. No further samples were requested nor followed up Bit disappointed. patient was transfusion dependent and doing well.
  4. Interesting case 3 units were crossmatch electronically. After 1st unit patient developed chills,rigor and Temperature, therefore transfusion was stopped and requested for transfusion investigation requested. upon investigation it was found pre and post transfusion Antibody screen and identification Panel was also performed and negative on both sample. DAT was negative on pre transfusion sample and positive in post transfusion sample. Ig G 1+ C3d negative. However crossmatch was performed by IAT and found to be positive 3+ reaction. Pre and post Samples were sent to RCI for investigation. Patien Billirubin and LDH went up significantly. Case was discussed with both consultants immediately. Reference lab found same result as lab result. They also tested donor unit for some low frequency antigen such as Wra, Doa Dob , Coa Lua Kpa and found negative. Unfortunately due to unavailability of rare reagent RCI unable to solve the case. Patient was excluded from electronic issues.
  5. Pre delivery sample going for urgent c-section.
  6. I am talking about non specific antibody.
  7. Thank you!!I just wanted to confirm. But guidelines suggest if maternal antibody develop after 28 weeks it wouldn't cause severe HDFN. In this case I wasn't worried about baby but worried about mother. Panel was negative with both IAT and papain. If we provide xmatch compatible blood to mother and IF mother has transfusion reaction for some reason would we not be crucified? Because we haven't identified antibody. Probably we wouldn't have leg to stand right?
  8. We received Antenatal patient sample at 38 weeks gestation. Antibody screen was negative at 28 weeks ant patient blood group is A Rh D positive. Now at 38 weeks patient Screening cell is positive with 2 lines(2+) therefore antibody identification was performed. But panel shows negative with all 10 cell by IAT and papain. My question is should we have to send sample to RCI for antibody conformation if blood is required for transfusion or we just can just provide ABO and D and Rh compatible blood IAT xmatch?
  9. That's what I thought it could be low-frequency antibody or another antibody masking under Jkb. But my senior is saying is due to high frequency antibody but my argument is if it is HFA, panel should be positive with all cell lines. Please correct if I am wrong
  10. Hi Patient has Anti Jkb antibody therefore x match 4 units with Jkb negative blood but while performing xmatch it was found all the units were positive BUT Auto is negative. What are the possible reasons for this?
  11. Thanks Malcolm RCI suggested xm compatible blood but when I was reading articles, they were saying it's clinical significant, which confused me more.
  12. Patient has anti Cob reacted by enzymes IAT. Is this clinically significant antibody? Does this patient require antigen negative blood?
  13. Thanks everyone Clinician hasn't suspected transfusions reaction and hasn't asked for any investigations. This is something we noticed the results when they requested further blood unit. just wanted to know causes of DAT to be positive in C3d therefore shared on discussions board.
  14. Hi we had patient who has known anti E antibody. He has been transfused with 2 units E- K- by IAT xmatch. 2 weeks iater we received sample for G/S and request for 1 unit of blood due to low Hb. However clinician haven't suspected any transfusions reaction. Performed antibody screen and found to be positive with Anti-E and Jka with DAT positive in IgG 1+ and C3d 2+. Would this be a transfusion reaction? Or patient had developed new antibody due to recent transfusions? What is reason for DAT to be positive in C3d as well? I think IgG antibody causes extracascular haemolysis . Is it due to antibody develop recently that might be IgM in nature ? Thanks in advance
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