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  1. The hospital that I retired from recently had an irradiator so we would get 1 O negative fresh CPDA1 CMV-, HbS- unit a week. I worked at a hospital where without an irradiator and we received 1 O positive and 1 O negative CPDA1, CMV- and HbS- unit both irradiated from the supplier. Most of the time we used the units on adults who required irradiated because we rarely used them.
  2. I retired recently so I do not have access to the product insert but I do remember that cells stored in LISS for longer periods can give some false positive reactions. Also, cold antibodies are enhanced by LISS so by diluted your 3% screen cells there is less time in LISS so less chance of false positives that can be experienced with older cells stored in LISS and also less chance of picking up a non specific cold antibody.
  3. We removed and saved 2 segments from all unit when they are received in the blood bank. These are saved for 2 months in the case of a transfusion reaction investigation. Empty bags are only returned to the blood bank if there is a suspected transfusion reaction.
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    I have not been around lately. A lot has happened in the last few years. My 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with orbital rhabdomyosarcoma in October of 2018. I spent a lot of time out of town because our hospital here in Windsor could not handle pediatric radiation so she was at the Children's Hospital in London, Ontario off and on for several months. There was a point when her scans were clear but a few months later they found a tumor in her brain. They removed it surgically but she developed an infection which prevented them from doing radiation so the tumor returned. She passed away Oct
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