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  1. Dear fellow haem/coag scientists, Do you guys send citrate adjusted tubes for babies with HCT>0.55 and if so what does your SOP say? anyone from Childrens Hospitals?
  2. Mine was Dimension RXL. Used to break down 2-3 times a week. The cuvette drum was a worry. And manual probe calibration was bit of a nightmare.
  3. What is the worst biochem machine you guys have used?
  4. Hi fellow bloodbankers, do any of you use Credy eskies to pack units for remote emergency situations? if you do can you please share your protocols as to how you pack them? We use the ones shown in the image
  5. Dear Ann, how does your lab react when they have a situation like this? Do they do the card manually and report the manual result like I did?
  6. Dear Anne many many thanks for the excellent reply. One of the blood bank gurus in Australia visited our lab and gave us an article regarding this. However, someone was on a cleaning spree and we lost it. I have to give a talk about this in a weeks time but I don't have a good journal or research paper or ortho operations manual or troubleshooting tips to back things up. However, I have great answers from yourself and others to back me up.
  7. Hey fellow PathlabTalkers, Enamul here from Australia. We have had situations with our Ortho Vision analyzer that O positive patients with very recent transfusions with Emergency O negative units have appeared as O NEG on the Ortho cards using the Vision analyzer. However, upon repeating the group and reverse using the ortho group cards manually they appeared as O positive. Now our theory is the transfusing O neg red cells are heavier and settle at the bottom after centrifugation and the Vision analyzer probe goes at the bottom to suck up the cells. However, doing it manually the lab tech usually take cells from the top. Do you guys have any article or have you experienced something. If you have please share. Many thanks, Enamul.
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