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Hi all,

I am starting to see QC logs with an additional column to document that QC is acceptable to satisfy the CAP requirement below.  I can see the usefulness of an additional QC acceptable column on logs in which staff record numbers, like ACT, that must be within a certain range.   I see the extra column as a way to remind the user to go back and look at your results and do they fall within the acceptable range.  Does anyone else do this?   TIA

POC.07540 QC Confirmation of Acceptability Phase II
The results of controls are reviewed for acceptability before reporting results.
NOTE: It is implicit in quality control that patient test results will not be reported when controls
yield unacceptable results.
Evidence of Compliance:
✓ Written policy stating that controls are reviewed and acceptable prior to reporting patient
results AND
✓ Evidence of corrective action taken when QC results are not acceptable

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Howdy! This is a bit of an old post, but we absolutely have these columns on anything that doesn't automatically transfer to the LIS (anything on paper or that we manually enter).  For efficiency and error reduction, of course, we have moved everything possible to the LIS and have programmed acceptability criteria with overrides for anything out of range. In addition, for our main chem, hemo, and coag analyzers we have our LIS programmed to hold all results for any test that hasn't had acceptable QC cross or had the exception documented.

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