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  1. I just answered this question. My Score FAIL  
  2. We have Soft and Epic and they don't manage our remote refrigerators in ER, OR, and ambulatory infusion center. My predecessor had electronic magnetic locks installed on these refrigerator doors controlled by a button located physically in the Blood Bank. There are phones located above/near each refrigerator and the Blood Bank is autodialed when the phone earpiece is lifted. They give us patient information and we press the button to open the door; unit information is verified and records are maintained in Soft. (Emergency released units have attached paperwork to complete and return to Blood Bank as well) I would love to have Haemonetics dispensing refrigerators!
  3. Is your patient either taking Darzalex or Sarclisa or has taken it within the last 12 months?
  4. Level 1 Trauma Stock ED refrigerator with 4 units Low Titer O POS WB
  5. I just answered this question. My Score PASS  
  6. Need more info - what is your starting volume and hematocrit? Use formula C1 x V1 = C2 x V2. DM if you need more - jeanne.towery@prismahealth.org
  7. We use both the CAP DAT and API Automated DAT surveys to cover automated, manual gel and tube testing. The API surveys are graded.
  8. We use Softbank and print a bag label with patient/donor/product information that adheres directly to the bag.
  9. The beauty of the requirement is that there is no magic number of samples. I'm doing it because I have to not because I understand the need to do the testing. I have compared the method for antibody identification across instruments, manual gel and tube testing. I'm putting it to bed until I have to do it again. The CAP gave me 2 days to do the testing before we begged for at least a week extension. This is after CAP dragging their feet to schedule the inspection 5 months late.
  10. Challenge defeated. 'The CAP considers the antibody screen result of pos/neg and identification of the antibody specificity as different analytes.CAP occasionally sees differences in results between some methods e.g. tube vs gel. Because there are differences in results, CAP feels this meets the intent stated in the note of the requirement 'to evaluate the relationship between test results using different methodologies.' Please note the transfusion medicine committee members will be reviewing this requirement regarding ID and specificity in the future but at this time, CAP is requiring a comparison."
  11. So, CAP is pushing back on my challenge to the argument that an antibody detection and identification use the same method and for which we ARE performing comparability studies using the different testing method platforms. I'm still arguing but I'm not hopeful. Has anyone else run across this with recent CAP/AABB inspections?
  12. You will be limited by the size of your frozen plasma bag. It takes about 20 minutes to thaw a bag with 200 ml in it. If your bag is larger, it will take longer. If you are going to compare thaw times with a waterbath, the Sahara will lose. We have both a Helmer and Sahara. The Sahara is used to thaw for stock plasma (we keep 6 thawed A,B, and O) - for patients, the waterbath is quicker. Cleaning the Sahara is much easier than a waterbath and that was the big selling feature.
  13. I also fill in on the bench and do the same competencies that my team does. On a slightly different note, CAP cited us recently for not having the person assessing competency evaluated for their ability to assess competency (I think that makes sense). So now we have a document stating that the person assessing competency has been reviewed as able to assess competency (team member levels and managers)
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