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Moving on

John C. Staley

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Well folks it's time for me to follow in the foot steps of the famous Bob Currie and move on to the next phase of my life.

On December 10th I will be ending my career in Blood Banking. I am semi-retiring to a small town in Wyoming to work in a clinic that does moderately complex and waived testing only. I will be trying to remember things I have not even thought of in 25+ years.

I will continue to haunt these page occasionally in the future but my imput will be based on historical information and not current real time.

Cliff, thanks for putting together such a terrific site for blood bankers to get together and learn from each other. I finally exceeded your number of posts so it's time to move on.




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John, you know what they say about keeping those brain cells in shape! :D Flex those dudes, now, trying to remember all that stuff! :strong:

Best of luck to you and remember to stay in touch. I do occasionally make it out your way (my family is in Denver). Test me! Do I know the small WY town to which you're retiring? I lived in CO for 30 years.


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Good luck in retirement, and don't forget about those of us who have to work more years than we've been alive to even sniff retirement:cries:

And don't forget about the optomistic blood banker's outlook on life: B Positive

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I have enjoyed your posts and have appreciated you sharing your experiences/opinions/advice and your humor on this forum.

Best of luck with your semi-retirement. Hopefully you will occassionally be just a teensy bit bored and will visit Blood Bank Talk often.


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As one rapidly approaching retirement as well, I wish you the best ...

Thanks for passing on some of your wit and wisdom to us Blood Bankers. I hope "artificial blood" hits the market before our knowledge disappears -- I see few new MT's interested in spending their careers hunched over a viewer shaking tubes like we did.

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