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  1. Technical Manual is not standard so as long as you follow manufacturer recommendation you should be fine.
  2. We went live with Beacon (another module of EPIC) for our outpatient and we were told same. We insisted that we needed same build as our inpatient where we scan pt ID band and specimen label to document specimen collection. Our infusion clinic workflow (in Beacon) was changed to same as inpatient. I think with EPIC you need to know what is available there and insist that they accommodate your need. We insisted that if inpatient can do it why can't they do same for outpatient! They listened and changed the build for us....
  3. I think we have microscopic for all DATs...i guess to help in determining mixfield....
  4. Hi all, Do you check microscopic reaction for all DAT? Do you use Ortho/Immucor/Other reagent? Do you receive specimen fro API/CAP for proficiency testing? Is there a requirement to check microscopic reaction / mixfield reaction? If yes, is this CAP/AABB/CLIA/other? \ Thanks
  5. Parent bag----original expiration unless seal was not intact, in other words you must check seal of all weld when using sterile connecting device. Aliquot in syringe---follow manuf. guideline. Usually 24 hrs.
  6. No. You do not require FDA registration for thawed plasma. Thawed plasma is not FDA licensed product. You do not need variance anymore for converting FFP to Thawed plasma and give 5 days shelf life .
  7. Congratulation Malcolm. Well deserved....
  8. two signature, and reaction for all unit and start time for first unit and end time for last unit.
  9. NO. Too many issues here. If i am supervisor i would not be able to sleep at night. 1) why are you entering results manually? If vision is interfaced and someone is entering results manually, there should be a check pr report for you to see all manual entries. 2) also er check all manual entries by second tech. (As some one stated this is CAP and may be your STATE requirement. 3) Every WBIT must be investigated with RCA to fix the problem. 4) If you are in US some of these are report able errors to FDA and may be STATE. 5) Start documenting every issue immediately.
  10. The daily QC testing that is being performed with the Ortho Confidence QC satisfies the requirement for COM.30450, "New Reagent Lot Confirmation of Acceptability" as long as the acceptability criteria is defined and the outcome of the results are recorded followed by supervisory review. This is the catch , you need to define what is acceptable result and have supervisory review.
  11. Is there a dutiable alarm? Which model are you using? I need one for the ref. we are storing derivatives but need high and low alarm.
  12. 1-For neonate for example his blood group AB and mother A or B when he needs RBCs as mother blood group must we wash this unit to remove plasma from it or not and why ? We use O Neg, <7 days, CMV-, leukocyte reduced, Irradiated unit but we only use it up to 48 hrs post irrdaitaion. (Base don internal study to show that after 48 hrs the amount of potassium is significantly high which can adversely affect particularly low birth weight premie) 2-For neonate which is better many aliqouts from one donor (the same RBCs unit ) or different aliqouts from fresh RBCs units ? In our case it will be different donor as we do not have irrdiator. Please see answer 1. 3-For neonate which is better many thawed plasma from one donor ( the same plasma unit ) or FFP units from different donors ? We use only fresh frozen plasma so it will be only 24 hrs from thawing. Our blood supplier gives in small aliquots so we may end up using same donor.
  13. To detect any circulating IgG component of anti-A, anti-B or Anti-A,B.
  14. We run our old confidence and new confidence in parallel on the day of expiration date of current lot. (same for ALBA Q).
  15. Do you do lot to lot for QC kit? Actually parallel testing for QC, eg. ALBA Q, Confidence QC kit?
  16. Was elution done? Anti-c may be IgM! (we do see this when reverse cells giving discrepancy due to (mostly) cells being M+/Lea+/Leb+ , some time c+.
  17. This is a case we encountered while back. Patient RH neg and antibody screen negative. No Rhogam given this pregnancy. at 26 week specimen shows 2+ to 3+ anti-D and ficin panel shows anti-E (heterozygous cells enhanced 3+ with ficin). Tube screen (LISS enhancement) negative. Repeat specimen after two weeks same strength with gel and tube week positive at AHG phase with 30 mins incubation. It looks like allo but strength is same after two week and too many questions here?????
  18. can some one post a link or form for all users here? there are two forms right? correct me if i am wrong...BPDR and adverse event? Thanks
  19. We do not have vision but we have been using antigen typing cards ...for many years. It is very simple and tech likes it and less human steps less errors. We require our techs to cut the segments instead of using segment devise to make sure we have enough cells/packed cells to run test.
  20. Same here. I run one Positive and one negative for all tests.
  21. If you use a diluted 3% panel for routine gel testing and want to validate it's performance/stability for 1 week...How many days or specimens would be required? Please check manufacturer package insert. I know Ortho insert is 24 hrs. If you are extending days against package insert, you should validate with all kind of specimens and include worst cases. And definetly, you should run every day and in parallel with reagent prepared per package insert. Eg. you can run X number of specimens (Pos and Neg) with freshly diluted cells (up to 24 hrs expiration) and diluted cells you are trying to validate. Make sure to document reaction strength and any missed reaction. I would try to make sure there is no variability in procedure. (tech to tech variation).
  22. infared Raytek ----anyone can share make and model#?
  23. Are you happy with Tempcheck? we have it in box for four years as our initial validation was not acceptable!
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