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  1. Happy Birthday.

    1. L106


      Hi Malcolm,

      Thanks for the birthday wishes.  I absolutely LOVE semi-retirement!  (I still work a few days a month on a per diem status.)  I haven't caught up with all the chores I want/need to do at home yet, so I haven't been visiting PathLabTalk for several months, but I'll be back eventually!  Hope everything is well with you, Malcolm!


    2. Malcolm Needs

      Malcolm Needs

      Yes thanks Donna, and, PLEASE, don't abandon PathLabTalk; your wisdom is required!

  2. We do not require a 2nd blood type. Regarding the patient's first blood type: Although we prefer to have a blood type on the patient, we will issue non-group-specific platelets and group AB plasma to the patient if necessary. Once we have a historical blood type in our computer, we do not routinely request repleat ABO/Rh testing on the patient when transfusing platelets and plasma during future admissions. (I am not aware of any requirements/regulations to do so.) Donna
  3. Oh, I'm all for what David and pbaker do. The reason we routine do a full panel on every new specimen that demonstrates a Positive antibody screen is because our laboratory staff rotate working the various lab departments. Some of the generalists would have a little difficulty picking out the right selected cells, so it is just easier and quicker for them to throw in the entire panel (and they are more comfortable with that, so it's fine with me.) Donna
  4. Thanks for your kind words, Malcolm. Like John above, I'll continue to "troll" and try to stay current with the field. I've had a wonderful career (and I'm convinved that there have been guardian angels preventing me and my staff from making serious mistakes through these many years!) Donna
  5. I am "retiring" on 11/11/15 (but will probably continue to work a couple/few days a month.) (We'll see how that goes.) Donna
  6. We do a panel on every new specimen (if the Antibody Screen is Positive.) Donna
  7. 1. She does both. 2. Mostly anatomic. Spends very little time with Blood Bank duties (1% ??) 3. Does not review BB QC. (I am her designee.) 4. 300 beds 5. About 275 RBC transfusion per month
  8. L106


    Now, that's a great place to start such a registry. I really like that idea, but we would probably be interested in only checking patients with antibody problems. In our geographical area, there are only two blood suppliers, so it would be fairly easy to check with both of them. Donna
  9. Also following with interest.
  10. It would be great if you could periodically post your progress and experiences as you go through this process, LKSchroed. I am sure that many of us would be interested in how things with the Vision go for you. (Thanks, in advance!) Donna
  11. L106


    Congratulations, Terri!
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