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  1. Gel testing case

    This is a case we encountered while back. Patient RH neg and antibody screen negative. No Rhogam given this pregnancy. at 26 week specimen shows 2+ to 3+ anti-D and ficin panel shows anti-E (heterozygous cells enhanced 3+ with ficin). Tube screen (LISS enhancement) negative. Repeat specimen after two weeks same strength with gel and tube week positive at AHG phase with 30 mins incubation. It looks like allo but strength is same after two week and too many questions here?????
  2. FDA reportable events

    can some one post a link or form for all users here? there are two forms right? correct me if i am wrong...BPDR and adverse event? Thanks
  3. We do not have vision but we have been using antigen typing cards ...for many years. It is very simple and tech likes it and less human steps less errors. We require our techs to cut the segments instead of using segment devise to make sure we have enough cells/packed cells to run test.
  4. Gel and tube discrepancy in antibody screen

    Same here. I run one Positive and one negative for all tests.
  5. Validation/Correlation help needed!

    If you use a diluted 3% panel for routine gel testing and want to validate it's performance/stability for 1 week...How many days or specimens would be required? Please check manufacturer package insert. I know Ortho insert is 24 hrs. If you are extending days against package insert, you should validate with all kind of specimens and include worst cases. And definetly, you should run every day and in parallel with reagent prepared per package insert. Eg. you can run X number of specimens (Pos and Neg) with freshly diluted cells (up to 24 hrs expiration) and diluted cells you are trying to validate. Make sure to document reaction strength and any missed reaction. I would try to make sure there is no variability in procedure. (tech to tech variation).
  6. Thermco blood bank thermometer

    infared Raytek ----anyone can share make and model#?
  7. Thermco blood bank thermometer

    Are you happy with Tempcheck? we have it in box for four years as our initial validation was not acceptable!
  8. Infrared Thermometer

    Anyone is using infrared thermometer to take temperature of returned units? Do you get reproducible reading? How do you take temperature? DO you have procedure you can share? How often do you send it for calibration? Make and model of the thermometer in use please?
  9. Proficiency Testing

    We have the same BUT we decided to use production as what if!... It is very easy to block billing by just creating a code at interface level. We also use teo patient to stock in ER and OR and again we hav eit blocked at interface so it does not generate any transactions.
  10. Monoclonal Control

    Any one using Monoclonal Control (immucor reagent ) when performing weak D test or for AB Pos CORD. Are you using one drop or two drop of monoclonal control.
  11. How do you document manual entry verification? I know someone had shared their SOP here but i can not find it...please help.
  12. Quarterly Alarm Checks

    You know what i had brain block!! I was thinking about digital/electronic timer....and panicked as we validate them every six month.....Oh thank GOD!
  13. Proficiency Testing

    We use production as we wanted to mimic real patient. Only difference...the order is not coming from EPIC. we record specimen in safetrace. We use same last name all the time and we have it blocked at interface level so billing is not generated.
  14. Changes to Manufacturer's Inserts

    Ortho is good at adding revison summary. Immucor---says they will underline and tringle....many times there is a change in their address and which is not underline so original poster's frustration is right. I went through same and at the end noticed that the immucor address was chagned which was nor underline...
  15. Quarterly Alarm Checks

    Do you calibrate your digital thermometer monthly?