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  1. Maintenance Frequency/Intervals

    Basically follow your SOP and maufacturee recommendation. Long time back We got cited for not doing weekly every seven days...... SOmetime we were doing on Monday and then Friday which was more than 7 days so we were cited by our STAT that it is not weekly!
  2. This depends where you are located......Try removing IS in NJ? You will not pass your inspection
  3. Diluent 2 on board Ortho Vision

    We use MTS 2 plus routinely. We keep ours on board only 16 hrs (two shifts) then midnight has their own set. We rarely use MTS 2 ---After performing daily QC we store our MTS 2 in Ref. until we need to use it for patient or until next day for QC.
  4. TRM.42750 Storage Unit Alarms

    This is our interpretation of CAP question that you need to follow manuf. requirement.

  6. TRM.42750 Storage Unit Alarms

    Most freezers equipped with automatic alarm test has low and high. And yes if the manufacture instruction says to do hign and low, we must do high and low alarm check.
  7. Emergency Release Labeling

    NO. Until you type current specimen, you need to give O red cells.
  8. Emergency Release Labeling

    We are level 1 trauma center and we are fortunate that we get specimen ASAP. And patient gets MR# and name. I do not recall a incident in 15 yrs where we did not have name or MR# for patient. And only two cases we did not get specimen for a while and had to issue O red cells and AB plasma...
  9. base line pretransfusion vitals

    Our only concern: patient must be monitored against base line vitals once they start transfusion. Eg. They can start trnasfusion with temp. of 102 and if the temp. does not spike above 104, they can complete transfusion. Clinically the vitals may be abnormal but if the patient need transfusion, we can not hold transfusion due to abnormal vitals...that is clinical judgement.
  10. Hi All

    Welcome to this wonderful site.
  11. Antigen Tested Units

    This standard is for collection facility and based on these standard BBTS standard was updated and stated that we do not need to retype the unit...
  12. Antigen Tested Units

    Based on these standard we stoped retyping the units but we have internal process to check the clerical entry by our staff.
  13. BloodBankTalk:Allergic Reaction

    I just answered this question. My Score PASS  
  14. I just answered this question. My Score PASS  
  15. CAP TRM.41350

    That is how I ineterpreted to. Blood Bag has unit type and unit number...why are we requiring that on compatibility sticker or TAG?