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  1. Ask your manufacturer. They can send you word version of procedures and you change them based on your need.
  2. We have all codes in safetrace. 1) anyone has thought about billing code? 2) also order service table: this will be same as FFP, right?
  3. No one should discuss any CAP or API result before due dates. You should not discuss even you reported your results. You need to wait until CAP due date is over. This is really against CAP regulation to discuss here.
  4. Stat type and screen 60 mins CORD 60 mins
  5. MTP is so simple using safetrace Tx. We issue known emergency release. We Always have MR# and even funny name for all trauma patient. So all our MTP packs has patient MR# and name. We send paper copy to document admin and we do not use anesthesia module to document admin as our state requires two verification for every unit. My 2nd job has soft and epic SOFT need to work on their system so we can use emergency release. Currently if there is no blood bank order you can not even issue emergency release that is really good workflow. All sites need to put pressure on SCC to fix this issue.
  6. Technical Manual is not standard so as long as you follow manufacturer recommendation you should be fine.
  7. We went live with Beacon (another module of EPIC) for our outpatient and we were told same. We insisted that we needed same build as our inpatient where we scan pt ID band and specimen label to document specimen collection. Our infusion clinic workflow (in Beacon) was changed to same as inpatient. I think with EPIC you need to know what is available there and insist that they accommodate your need. We insisted that if inpatient can do it why can't they do same for outpatient! They listened and changed the build for us....
  8. I think we have microscopic for all DATs...i guess to help in determining mixfield....
  9. Hi all, Do you check microscopic reaction for all DAT? Do you use Ortho/Immucor/Other reagent? Do you receive specimen fro API/CAP for proficiency testing? Is there a requirement to check microscopic reaction / mixfield reaction? If yes, is this CAP/AABB/CLIA/other? \ Thanks
  10. Parent bag----original expiration unless seal was not intact, in other words you must check seal of all weld when using sterile connecting device. Aliquot in syringe---follow manuf. guideline. Usually 24 hrs.
  11. No. You do not require FDA registration for thawed plasma. Thawed plasma is not FDA licensed product. You do not need variance anymore for converting FFP to Thawed plasma and give 5 days shelf life .
  12. Congratulation Malcolm. Well deserved....
  13. two signature, and reaction for all unit and start time for first unit and end time for last unit.
  14. NO. Too many issues here. If i am supervisor i would not be able to sleep at night. 1) why are you entering results manually? If vision is interfaced and someone is entering results manually, there should be a check pr report for you to see all manual entries. 2) also er check all manual entries by second tech. (As some one stated this is CAP and may be your STATE requirement. 3) Every WBIT must be investigated with RCA to fix the problem. 4) If you are in US some of these are report able errors to FDA and may be STATE. 5) Start documenting every issue immediately.
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