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  1. I want to thank all of you for your replies. The tape trick is really good.
  2. I came upon something in ER last night that I haven't experienced yet. Thank goodness the patient did not need any transfusion services. The patient was allergic to the plastic used in the identification bands. Therefore, the nurses were unable to attach the identification band to her wrist as normal. I assume she would be allergic to the plastic in the blood bank id band also. In regards to patient identification for blood bank purposes, how would all of you experienced blood bankers handle a situation like this?
  3. Welcome and nice to meet you. Gee...I miss the River Walk!!!
  4. We don't charge for the retype.
  5. I have worked at three hospitals and at each we have done the same as Mary.
  6. To be in compliance with the TRM's 32216 and 32232, I would like to know what other facilities do for their MTS dispensers for the Dil 2 and Dil 2 Plus containers used for the ortho gel system? How are these checked for calibration and who does it? As for accuracy, what methods are being used to check accuracy? How often do you check for accuracy of the dispensers?
  7. I want to thank everyone for their input. It has been quite helpful.
  8. I appreciate the info. I love the opportunity to excel.
  9. Hi Folks, How do you enter your type confirmation in soft bank for patients without a previous history? Do you put the results in the comment section? or do you enter entirely new type results? Thanks for the help guys. You're all making my life so much easier.
  10. Hi folks, How long do your facilities keep unit segments for? I've been at three facilities now and each had a different practice. I'm trying to get a clearer view of what the norm might be. Thank you.
  11. Mabel, The facility that I work with full time has put a cap on overtime. I imagine a hiring freeze will come next. The facility that I worked at previously, I work prn there currently, has both an overtime cap, hiring freeze and a freeze on pay raises. I left in the nick of time. Jim
  12. Nancy, The facility that I am at now uses one week as the maximun interval. I'm looking forward to seeing what others have to say. Thanks for the question.
  13. John, Good luck and best wishes.
  14. Nancy, That's an interesting question. I'm new to blood banking so I'm looking forward to the various answers on that.
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