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  1. Have a very happy birthday Eoin.

  2. That is a very valid point. We have on one occasion had our haemovigilance nurse liaise with the massive trauma coordinator and things went smoothly. Perhaps training of the episode coordinators as to the importance of getting collections and documentation right first time, every time could be another avenue, but we will put it on our agenda for the next Hospital Transfusion Committee meeting. Thanks for food for thought. Cheers Eoin
  3. Ah yes, it is indeed the O.R. We don't have the time to sit down and watch a play at the theatre (which is also theatre - same as OR, but with actors instead) - Mind you some of our surgeons are actors!!!!! What an interesting language English is. Cheers Eoin
  4. This side of the pond O Negs (Typed as CDE Neg, possibly plus Kell Neg) which are held as emergency blood have traditionally been described as "Flying Squad" blood (maybe because people fly around madly with it in an emergency hemorrhage situation). Theater person would apply to anyone coming from theatre (or theater as you spell it) to collect units (could be a nurse, theatre assistant or theatre porter in our case). Hope this helps with the "Lost in Translation" DCeDCe. Cheers Eoin
  5. The Chemistry of Beer Phil!!!! Is that before or after it is in the BBer On-Call?? Like Malcolm, we can but wish from our side of the pond - but hey I'm not complaining - retire in three weeks time - so I'll just follow the advice from Lyndon Baines Johnston - I’m not in the speech making business nowadays. I’m following the advice of an old mountain woman who said: ‘When I walks, I walk slowly. When I sits, I sits loosely. And when I feel a worry coming on, I just go to sleep. Cheers Eoin
  6. I like that Terri, Maybe we could include necessity of getting Consultant Haematologist, BB approval before recommencing any unit. Mind you, if we find anything in the workup, the unit is taken down immediately. We educate them to be very cautious. Apart from minor allergic reaction where they are given meds and recommenced slowly, I would rather a unit come down even if unnecessarily wasted than a patient go on to develop a major reaction.
  7. What happened to checking Ab history??? I know that lots can go wayward outside the lab - but inside a BB lab - should be as in SOPs! Mind you - if something goes wrong with specs or results Sod's Law applies and it is often one of the hosp staff specs or results - maybe the case of being TOOOOO careful!
  8. Eoin

    Transport Cooler

    Don't know if you can get this across the pond - but it is here in Europe (see link). Note Mason Tech is only the distributor company here in Ireland http://www.masontechnology.ie/files/documents/dom7.pdf
  9. Ah yes - Having had to put up with all sorts of ??? over the years, now we have the real stuff. Just keep it away from the fan!!!!!
  10. We have an SOP available electronically on wards / theatres etc. - They are expected to know it and follow it - but we still get calls for assistance on procedure.
  11. Like David, we cover all disciplines - so up to scientist investigating possible reaction (or TTI).
  12. I think these decisions must be made on a case by case basis - in consultation with the attending consultant / anesthetist / trauma specialist or the MHP coordinator. This gives you some tools to assess how severe the expected loss is likely to be - plus apply all the reasons Galvania gave. If MHP is called - I would expect the scientists to assess the above first before just giving O Negs (except to females who are potential child bearers).
  13. Me too - definitely challenge - Where do your inspectors come from - Mars? Haven't they worked in the real BB world with all its lovely quirks n jerks. Surely the ID is done to be able to get antigen negative red cells (Sometimes says you) - and these are then crossmatched against the recipient to ensure compatibility by whatever test/s they are reacting in. If that ain't safe - it's time to take my teddy bear and depart.
  14. Same Time????? Where did that come from?? We have ISO15189:2012 and Joint Commission Int to adhere to and I have never been challenged on that. I would ask to see the regulation! We generally do it first up in the shift - repeated if new reagent opened - but not if in the middle of urgent XMs. Crazy stuff! Cheers, Wayne
  15. We use Labcold (UK Company) Blood Transport Boxes , which have a light polystyrene lining. to transport from Issue Fridges to wards / departments (relatively inexpensive). We don't want to offend / alarm anyone - and someone passing out would only detract from the task at hand, possibly delaying that transport. Eoin
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