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  1. The form is generated by the hospital HIS computer. A secretary can print it. The OR has gotten used to it after 1 1/2 years!!
  2. We created a "Order to Issue" for the OR only, since they don't always give the component if it is issued in a cooler.
  3. Did you validate the plastic tubes when you swithed?
  4. AABB has a publication about tubing blood.
  5. ;)I think my job description still says something like that!
  6. :cries:It sounds like people at JCAHO have too much time on their hands..............
  7. Helmer, Helmer, Helmer!! Good products and service.
  8. We have all been notified that Ortho sold the rights to Kedrion for Rhogam, which will take place in March. Has anyone investigated getting it from BDI Pharma? I think they distribute RhoGAM, Phophylac, and HyperRHO. I am looking for the best price.
  9. Mary**


    ;)Welcome! You will like this site!
  10. :cries:We have the same issues. We tried to go to a EHR and it was a DISASTER and returned to the tags, at least for now. The EHR did not have any "checks" to alert them and the were not near a computer when they were in the patient's room.It is the State Board of Health here who holds us accountable and they are NEVER satisified and alway find "something" WE missed! I will never get over having to monitor their work, when I have never given a unit of blood in my life!
  11. We will be converting to this soon. The package insert says to use isotonic saline, preferably Phosphate-buffered. I am interested in how many are going to use the Phosphate-buffered. It was mandatory in the old Fetal Bleed Screening Test.
  12. We are using SoftTek. It is OK, but somewhat labor intensive. For instance, when you need to send out a reading (review) list, you have to send it one at a time. There is no group mailing.
  13. I was notified that my next shipment of reagents will be delayed for an unknown time due to the hurricane. When we run out, which will be soon, I plan to use the 3% cells from Immucor that we have. I suppose we will have to use an expired panel after 11/13. Does amyone else have any ideas?
  14. My sentiments exactly. My hear aches for you and yours. Mary
  15. We are experiencing a weak positive control (5-8 rosettes) on Lot#33844. Has anyone else experienced this? Immucor said we were the only reported case. :confused:
  16. I looked at the brochures for Barkey and Helmer and they both look good. My director thinks that they are pricey for a back up but I not found any cheaper. Thanks.
  17. I can't find the Cardinal thawer? Do you have a catalog number?
  18. It was the wiring on our Helmer 8. It is 4 years old. We have had 2 and have never had a problem. Fortunately, we didn't have any requests that day.
  19. After our only plasma thawer failed yesterday and was out of order for the whole day, I think I need to consider purchasing a back up. Does anyone have a suggestion about one that is not too expensive and has a small profile? Thanks.
  20. I have many old laboratory text books and would like to see them get a good home if there is such a place. I even have a "Laboratory Methods" by Opal Hepler from the 1950's. That is a classic!
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