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  1. I hope you can clarify some stories I have heard. We live at 3600' elevation with a lovely ski hill that is around 8000' (see my profile photo). We have had people come here to ski and be surprised at having sickle problems (I assume sickle crisis). Does this mean these are all homozygous HbS people who just don't have much trouble at lower elevations? I also heard a story from Sarah Ilstrup(sp) that a group of young black professionals took a ski vacation to her Utah mountains and many of them were surprised by developing sickle symptoms. We have little experience here with sickle disease
  2. Our 2 year old Clay Adams just died and they say the parts are discontinued. What's the verdict on the Druckers a couple of months out?
  3. This seems particularly pertinent now that they are finding so many of these patients have VTE. Their clotting system is already pretty messed up by the disease. They seem to have DIC but with clotting more than bleeding.
  4. John, very good questions. Very difficult to scan patient hospital band and specimen labels per Epic specimen collection protocol in the OR. Here's one worrying scenario: Label printed for wrong patient (printed outside room and brought in, printed to wrong room, left in room from prior case) > T&S collected with wrong ID > Pt in room would have no testing being done and we would do it on the one the label/order is for. Caught (eventually) when they call for blood for different patient? They could send the ID card (proxy for blood bank band under drapes) they made out for
  5. Thanks for the response. Doesn't this negatively impact your O blood supply? We can do it for a while but keeping them on O through a bad MTP in OR would deplete our O red cells and our supplier is often running short (and is hours away), especially at this time of canceled blood drives. It's bad enough for the O patients. It really is a hardship for them to draw patients in OR during a bad case and then when they have to do it twice they are beside themselves. Mistakes occur for sure. But we need to have a correct blood type too.
  6. I tried searching but this is a tricky one to find. What are your policies regarding collection of a 2nd blood type specimen in OR, especially during an emergency or really urgent case? Our OR wants to substitute the "timeout" where they double-check patient ID for a second blood type and I was tasked with finding out what others do. We currently request a repeat type only on non-O patients with no historic type or separate specimen to test. We stick with O blood until we can get the 2nd type. If you allow them to not collect the second type, do you issue type-specific blood once the
  7. Thinking of you and all of the other people in China affected by Coronarvirus.  Stay safe and well.

    1. yan xia

      yan xia

      Thank you very much for your kindness, Mabel.


  8. Another question on anti-CD-47 drugs. Does anyone know how long the interference persists after the patient goes off of the drug? For DARA it is 6 months but I haven't found it for these drugs.
  9. Enjoy the attached from 20+ years ago. ABOincompatible.pdf
  10. But a perspective that is always needed, I'm sure.
  11. The adsorption/elution showed anti-A but not at immediate spin. It reacted 2-3+ with 3 sources of A1 cells (2 different vendors' reverse cells plus an A1 donor) after 30 minutes at room temperature and was negative with 2 O reagent cells. Last wash was all negative. It doesn't matter, but what subgroup do you think it is? Am?
  12. I guess the only risks to her of giving A red cells would be if our testing is mistaken or the next time she comes in bleeding it isn't really her but someone who is O with a missing reverse antibody that we assume is her. (Definitely chasing unicorns here.) We should be able to convince ourselves it is her as long as the new sample reacts the same as now including with anti-A,B, right? No one is likely to have time to repeat the absorption/elution. I want to leave clear instructions on her record for whatever unlucky generalist has to deal with this someday. Or would we stay with O unless
  13. We have a young (first trimester pregnant) woman who forward types as O but reverse types as A in gel and tube. No recent transfusions. The usual steps to resolve a discrepancy (cold reverse, RT inc of forward) produced no new information except we got a 1-2+ reaction with anti-A,B in tube (but nothing with anti-A reagent in tube after 30 minute room temp incubation). We have only one vendor's commercial anti-A. We are going to try absorption and elution but either way we have to decide how to transfuse her to put a note in her profile. Assuming that the eluate contains anti-A would you re
  14. This is why we treat all those weakly reacting anti-D patients as though the screen is negative and give them RhIG. It is safer even if the antibody is really a newly forming anti-D. Most of these are detected at the time of delivery so this baby is not at much risk from an immune anti-D of that low a titer. If the baby has HDFN, then we will proceed accordingly. If we pick up a weak anti-D and the patient received RhIG in the prior months but there is no record of a negative screen before the RhIG was given we will sometimes follow the patient for a few months to make sure the titer is de
  15. I voted, but we actually do DAT only if the baby is positive for an antigen mom could have antibody to--Rh+ babies of Rh- moms and non O babies of O moms. I have tried for years to get them to drop the testing of babies of O moms but can't budge them.
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