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  1. Until they are ready. We used to train for about 3 months, now we're creeping up on 4 months and we don't train everybody on everything. We're a little over 800 beds, level I trauma, NICU, large labor with lots of high risk patients, 40+ ORs, we also support a large cancer institute. We issue about 34,000 RBCs, 13,000 platelets. Close to 100,000 type and screens. We have a very busy reference lab. We also have a donor center, and the blood bank processes the units. We have molecular testing, but only a few people are trained there. It's really hard to go back and retrain people later so we put a fair amount of effort into reviewing their progress as they are training.
  2. Welcome https://pathlabtalk.net/help/
  3. We made up arbitrary values for min / max temps and time to reach destination. They added an additional blower on the 7th floor for one of the main buildings (we have several buildings we tube too). Whenever work is done on the tube system we revalidate it using said made up values. If there were guidance documents, or an AABB Association Bulletin, we would follow that, but there isn't, hence, made up values. After that 7th floor work the high temps consistently exceeded our high limit. We stopped sending blood above 7 for years. We reviewed the info with our medical director and agreed to slightly increase the upper limit. Now we just need the time to validate the rest of the floors above 7.
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