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  1. Can somebody share your computer crossmatch validation plan? Thank you.
  2. Bringing this back, do Ortho Vision users do carry-over studies in your facility? thank you
  3. We just started using the new Ortho Vision coming from manual tube method. We saw an increase of Anti-D positive (negative patient history) as the gel are more sensitive. We repeat the test with the now back-up tube method (negative result) and just report as negative for the anti-D. My question is, what is your blood bank policy in handling these discrepant result between the gel and the tube method? Do you just report as negative or do you change it to positive? Thank you.
  4. How many days do you usually do the temperature validation?
  5. Can somebody share your validation plan for the blood bank freezer? Much appreciated.
  6. Hello, We just got the new Ortho Vision and the representative told us that it doesn't need any carry-over studies. Is this true? We did ask them for an official letter from Ortho and haven't got back to us yet. Can somebody also send me a validation protocol for electronic crossmatch as we are planning to validate it soon. Thank you very much.
  7. I know this topic has been beat up so many times but recently an Ortho rep visited our lab and told us that Ortho revised the IFU for the Panel A and B removing the requirement periodically testing the panel cells for weak antibodies and that we don't really need to do QC. We've been doing QC for years using diluted antisera and seems like we're only proving the reaction or presence of those antigens. I never had a CAP inspector asked me about panel cells QC. I also called CAP and they agreed that QC on panel cells are not required. Are you still performing QC on panels cells on your facilities?
  8. Welcome to the forums bman2k :)

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