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  1. For correlation studies I only do 5-10 samples. I make sure to cover the range of values for each. For example the samples I run for our urine analyzers I try to have samples that are positive for glucose and bilirubin. I also make sure that the Specific Gravity covers a wide range as well as the pH. This helps me to be sure the refractometer and manual pH results also are covering the low, normal and high ranges. Our Joint Commission inspection this year was fine with that. Lisa
  2. We us a body fluid control from R&D when doing a cell count on a hemacytometer. There are 2 levels in the control kit, we alternate levels when we get a fluid. The tech who is doing the count is also required to do one level of QC. Lisa
  3. I am trying to find recent references for some of my procedures that will meet JACO's 5 year requirement. For example, collection method for Nasal Smear for Eosinophils. My reference is from 2001. This is far from being a 5 year reference. Can anyone tell me where they get their references from? Thanks in advance !!
  4. I just did my linearity testing on our XN-10. We order our linearity material directly from Sysmex and the ranges are: Level 1- 0-5 Level 2- 1100-2044 and Level 3-5071-6698. I recovered an average of 5744 on one side and 5720 on the other instrument. The manufacturer recommended range is only to 5000 so that is the upper value we are using for our linearity. I hope this helps. Lisa
  5. We only do RBC counts on CSFs. That is really the only fluid where the RBC count is clinically significant. All other fluids we only result out the WBC count and the differential. Lisa
  6. I am looking into the GLOCYTE automated analyzer for CSF counts. I am wondering if anyone out there has one and what their thoughts are on the instrument. It is pretty new and I would like to know if those using it have had any issues and if they're happy with their purchase. Thanks in advance for your input.
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