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  1. If you are looking for a job as a dedicated blood banker, come check out all that we have to offer! Our busy Transfusion Service provides for a diverse patient population ( i.e. NICU, ECMO, Sickle Exchange, Maternal/fetal). We have 3 positions open! 1. Full time: nights/12 hr shifts 2. Part time: days/ .5 FTE 3. Student: PRN Visit https://nortonhealthcare.com/careers to apply!
  2. Bringing back this old post Would anyone be willing to share their current policy that meets AABB standard We wash cells using the COBE cell washer. Thank you!
  3. Hi Heather!  I saw an old post of yours about QC for the COBE cell washer.  I was wondering if you would be willing to share your current policy?  We are looking to revise ours.  My email is Christy.mudd@nortonhealthcare.org.


    Thank you!!

  4. We are revising our mass casualty/ disaster plan. The computer system we use (Sunquest) is not ideal for Emergency Release of products because if you use it, it automatically collects the TS specimen. We are keeping the E-Release/Mass Casualty on downtime. Does anyone use unit tags that are carbon copy? This seems like it would be the next best process in chaos to keep up with who is getting what. We do use carbon copy transfusion records - but in mass casualty situation would rather use just the unit tag. Also, how would your facility handle physician signatures for uncrossmatched blood? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  5. Good morning all, I can rationalize the need for this, but is there a regulation somewhere stating (other than specific manufacturer instructions) that it is required to take internal temperatures of freezers for comparison to digital readouts? We have 2 older freezers that have user manuals that aren't very helpful. One is for FFP/Cryo less than/-18C and the other for Tissue less than/-70C. They do have chart recorders and digital temperatures that we record daily. We take internal temperatures on our Refrigerators and Platelet Incubator... so what about the Freezers? Having trouble calibrating an internal thermometer +/-1C of the NIST at that low of temp. We ordered new digital NIST certified thermometers and they were reading 2-3 degrees from the digital readout. Any input is greatly appreciated - I'm completely done with these freezers at this point haha. Thank you!
  6. Thank you for sharing! I was wondering if anyone can help with this situation: Mom: Anti-D and Anti-c Neonate: Positive DAT - Eluate Anti-D and Anti-c If we result the Eluate as anti-D and anti-c on baby, this will require AHG XM/ honoring of antibodies (Dneg/cneg transfusions) well passed neonatal time period. How does anyone else result this to reflect these antibodies as 'passive' or temporary? Thank you for any feedback!
  7. Did you ever start using the QC module in Cerner? We are looking into it now
  8. I'm bringing this post back .. What did you come up with for the infrared thermometers? I'm looking into this as well, would these be considered electronic as in CFR 606.60 Equipment Frequency of calibration required monthly? Thank you Electronic thermometers Monthly.
  9. Yvette - We use a ice/barrier/product/barrier/ice to validate ours. Coolers are kept at room temperature. We validate with minimum number of product and then the maximum number of product that the cooler will be used for. Is this a new process or are you revalidating a current one?
  10. Thank you SO MUCH for the feedback!! We perform QC on the 3% (tube method) upon arrival - did you dilute the entire panel every 24 hours for use? Or only do so when needed... how did you decide which specific antibody to use as QC? We will only be diluting as needed, mainly for select cells/rule outs.
  11. Thanks Scott! Currently, ED shows up with a 'Tag number' that is then used as the patient's Financial Number (or visit number). I'm not sure at what point they are given an actual medical record number/name. We do not have a refrigerator in ED - so we release a lot of coolers before the patient arrives. The Tag Number is currently being used as an identifier on the specimen tube (which is OK per CAP in trauma situations, strangely.....) Which LIS do you use? Do you wait and print unit tags once product is requested or are they pre-labeled with all info except patient?
  12. Help!! We are revising our emergency blood release process (including MTP).. For those of you who are CAP - how do you comply with this in emergency situations? I've gotten some feedback in a few posts, but nothing that we can use to work for us as of yet. It seems trauma specimens only require one identifier, but products need 2. I've also included a response from CAP regarding my inquiry. Thank you for any feedback "For blood products, even for trauma patients, there must be two identifiers as stated in TRM.41350. Typically emergency rooms use pre-defined "temporary" patient identification numbers that are later merged with the real patient medical record number once established. The CAP does not dictate the process for the temporary identifiers as long as the facility keeps them unique for the patients in question." Thank you for your inquiry, Lilly Petkovic, MT(ASCP)SBB Laboratory Accreditation Program
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