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  1. I do not agree with the transfusion prescribed at pre-defined frequencies, such as 4/4, 6/6, 8/8 and 12/12 hours. We are trying to change this here, but we find resistance. How is it in your service?
  2. Thank you all for the answers. Unfortunately, some places here in Brazil employ nursing technicians to work in a blood bank.
  3. Sorry Malcolm, I did not get it. Is it better to have nothing than to leave them to do? Or simply is a bad option!
  4. We have already thought about releasing red blood cells from group O until a confirmation, but it was not well accepted at the time. Do you have problems with stock due to red blood cell release "O" until confirmation? How do you do for underweight children? Do you wash the red blood cells to remove antibodies?
  5. Yes, in Brazil too, but not for an additional test at the bedside. Either way, training is needed also.
  6. Our transfusion team is composed of nurses. Pre-transfusion tests are performed at the transfusion agency. This bedside test would be a confirmatory one. In the proposal we received from a company, they claim that the tests are easy to perform and the card should be returned to the transfusion agency for registration. We do not currently have a confirmatory test and we release identical ABO transfusion without a second sample. That scares me. It's a time bomb.
  7. I am researching a good option to confirm the ABO typing of patients who are in the first care. We would like a bedside test, realized before infusing the blood into the patient. Does anyone know of a practical, quick and safe method that can be performed by nursing professionals, with no immunohematology laboratory experience? If you have any other ideas for patient safety and can share, I'll be grateful.
  8. We left ice bars in the coolers to keep cold, we replaced at the time of preparation for transportation. we also use ice / barrier / blood / barrier / ice. Before doing that we had problem, now works well!
  9. When nonavailable ABO-identical platelets. What to transfuse? Example: Patients of group A 1st choice: AB (incompatibility major) 2nd choice: B (incompatibility major) or 1st choice: O (incompatibility minor)
  10. Yes, but c.261delG characterizes deleterious O alleles and is not present in alleles A. If this mutation is homozygous, I would suspect a cross-reactivity.
  11. Thank you Baby Banker. If cardiac surgery is for extracorporeal, should red cells be washed if they present more than 24 hours of irradiation time?
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