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  1. Hello, We are seeing an increase of patients on the new oncology drug for multiple myeloma (DARALEX/DARATUMUMAB) and I was wondering if anyone had any useful tips to share. Currently our procedure states to do a baseline ABSC prior to initiating the drug and to antigen type for at least Kell. Additionally, if the ABSC is positive in Gel, to rerun it in tube and to do an immediate spin crossmatch on Kell negative units (provided of course that the patient is Kell negative). Just wondering if this is how other places are handling these patients. Thanks, Sue Arata
  2. So, my question pertains to transfusion tag compliance and when the nurses are supposed to take vital signs. It has been my understanding that baseline vitals are taken immediately prior to starting a transfusion, and then again after 15 minutes of infusion, and again at the end of the transfusion. I cannot find any information on the CAP requirements regarding the monitoring of this information. Thank you in advance for any input. Susan I. Arata MLS (ASCP) Senior Lead Transfusion Services Mercy Medical Center Roseburg, OR
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