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  1. The final came out on Sept 20th, no longer a draft. We have 18mths to implement. Bacterial-Risk-Control-Strategies-for-Blood-Collection-Establishments_09-2019.pdf
  2. If you meet whatever the qualifications are these days, you should do it!
  3. This is the form developed by our system transfusion managers. It was based on a sample document shown in a CAP Focus on Compliance webinar a few years back. Transfusion competency-final.xlsx
  4. Cerner Millenium-3rd day at MN.
  5. Right now this is a draft guidance, but everything I have read says it will be made a Guidance by this September. I haven't seen anything yet on what the required implementation timeline they might be.
  6. I take the opposite view as I feel that AABB still adds that higher level of quality and safety needed for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services. I agree that CAP has changed over the last couple years and is more in alignment with the AABB standards, but the emphasis on Quality and tying that all together is not the same. The other points to mention are the training requirement differences and the depth of the inspection. CAP recommends their on-line training be taken prior to inspecting, but does not mandate or have CE requirements included for inspectors. AABB does have a monitored assessor program with mandated CE hours in specific categories as well as required training sessions. The CAP team will be in your facility for just about a half day. AABB/CAP combined inspection will be mostly likely a day and a half to thoroughly go through all 4 checklists. Do you view an inspection as a necessary pita, "just something to get through....." and want the inspector in and out as quickly as possible, or do you really wish to have outside eyes perform a in depth look at your processes to ensure that you are providing the highest level of patient care and service? My whole career has been in BBTS and I never forget that what we do has the potential to be quickly fatal more so than any other section of the lab and therefore I feel needs that '"extra" review.
  7. CAP does define the time periods. You are not required to do a full 6 element competency for the initial, but you do need to show they are competent to perform independently, so you need to have that defined. The 6 mth competency does need to be the full 6 element competency. Annual does not mean anytime during the calendar year. It is a rolling 12 month period. So if it was done Jan 2018, you need to perform in Jan 2019 (or within a few weeks). I am attaching a CAP presentation document from 2014. Might be helpful. CAP competency webinar.docx
  8. My thanks too! I enjoy this fun stress relief each Christmas!
  9. It is up to your site to define what you are calling this (transport or storage) in an SOP and then follow the correct temps for what you defined. As long as it is defined in a written procedure and you follow that procedure, regulatory agencies are happy.
  10. Hi-does anyone have a Charter for their Transfusion Committee that they are willing to share? We are reworking and I would like to see what some other facilities are using. Thank you-
  11. The other piece that is usually considered in those efforts to cut FTE's is that much of the time in the Transfusion Service isn't measured by "billables" as it is in the other sections of the laboratory. The time needed to work out a complex antibody cannot be equated to running an automated line in Core lab. Things like thawing plasma and so forth, take time, but aren't really represented by billable time.
  12. We are interested in seeing what Grifols has to offer but have not been successful in contacting anyone or finding the info on their website. does anyone have a sales rep contact that they would be willing to share please?
  13. We have training for the folks that courier blood initial and an annual module with some key questions. In my years, I have seen folks carry blood to the cafeteria and put it on their food tray, stick it in a pocket and go take a smoke break, leave it on a nursing station counter and not notify the proper people..... They are also required to know how to perform a read back check and why this is so important.
  14. AABB standard 5.13 states 5.13 Serologic Confirmation of Donor Blood Red Cell Antigen Other Than ABO/Rh Red Blood Cells products labelled as negative for red blood cell antigens other than ABO and RhD do not require repeat testing for the labeled antigens
  15. Ortho on Demand also has free courses.
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