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  1. Hi David, would you be willing to share your gravimetric procedure with me?
  2. Does anyone out there still do bleeding times? If your facility doesn't, did you just discontinue it altogether or did you switch to another testing method?
  3. Does anyone have a good competency assessment for blood bank they would be willing to share?
  4. bevydawn1


    I'm curious how IQCP went for you. I'm a new lab manager and our recent JCAHO surveyor did not like the previous leadership's IQCP for micro. She felt it didnt address the identifications on our combo panels. I'm not a micro person so struggling with where to start to get this fixed.
  5. I currently started a small facility that uses Meditech as their LIS. They keep every analyzer printout regardless of the tests being interfaced. I know this was not what my old facility did, only keeping result printouts of non interfaced tests. However our QA coordinator is stating it is a requirement. This new facility is also JCAHO inspected, not CAP. Anyone care to share their experiences? Is this record retention that seems excessive to me really necessary?
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