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  1. Do you run control for the gel DAT test? If yes, what gel card you use and how to do that? If not, how to make sure the positive gel DAT is not false positive? Thanks.
  2. ALX148 study trial is causing serological headache by reacting like warm auto antibody. Is there any way to remove the impacts of ALX148?
  3. Can you tell me where to buy Glycine soja lectin to prove the effectiveness of enzyme treated red cells. One company did not sell this product kit anymore. Doc1.pdf
  4. Where to buy Glycine soja lectin, for quality control of enzyme treated cell? Immuco has enzyme treated panel which comes with ENZYME CONTROL, but they do not sell it separately.
  5. 1. In the book Judd's Methods in Immunohematology, auto adsorption is not feasible if pt transfused in 120 days. but in AABB tech manual method, the cut off is 3 months, i.e., 90 days. Would 90 days acceptable for auto adsorption? or have to stick to 120 days? any input? 2. AABB method implied that the typing on patient's reticulocytes by harvesting autologous red cells should be exercised with caution for interpretation of the E, e, c, Fya, Jka, and Ge antigens. How can be confident to the typing results for those antigens just mentioned? If no confidence, this method is not valuable to
  6. Lets say you weld the donor unit with a syringe or an aliquot bag. Is this welding method regarded as sterile? What is the parent bag expiration date after taking small amount of blood from the parent bag after heat seal? No change or shorter date? What is the expiration date of aliquot / syringe after blood drawn into it (weld first, then heat seal)? 24hrs or same as parent bag?
  7. I am trying to introduce allo absorption technique to our blood bank, due to high incidences of WAA patients with chronic transfusion dependence. Currently we have to send all these recently transfused patient samples with WAA to reference lab. Now we are exploring the possibility to do allo absorption in house. I am not sure how far we can go, really. But I hope we can accomplish it if I can get help and support from your guys with plenty of experience on allo absorption. 1. The top challenge is how to get donor cells with R1R1, R2R2, rr with combination of Kell, Kidds, Duffy positive/ne
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