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  1. If you provide blood for the outpatient surgery center it makes no sense to have two separate procedures for emergency releasing blood otherwise you would need two procedures for EVERY process that you do at both sites, and that would really suck
  2. Ensure the centrifuge and temperature calibrations meet the BB requirements. Also is the the maintenance schedule and who performs it acceptable? If the above fit your criteria I see no problem (I also can not site any regulations).
  3. Several years ago we had a call from the OR asking if there was any history on a patient X to determine if one collection or two separate collections were required. The BB tech who answered the call did a history search and said we have no BB history on patient X. Ten minutes later two samples for a patient Y arrived. The same BB tech called the OR to clarify why samples on patient Y were delivered when we were expecting patient X. The OR said patient X samples had been delivered. Not said the BB tech; and demanded two recollections by different people. What had happened was patient X was
  4. 0.2M DTT is used to treat red cells (deactivates/cuts Sulphur bonds: CD38 in DARA patients and several HTLA antibodies). 0.01M DTT is added to plasma in a process to differentiate between IgG and IgM antibodies. In my opinion using 0.2M DTT in a hospital setting for DARA patients makes sense WRT time and money. But the other uses of DTT (HTLA, IgG/IgM antibodies etc.) are too time consuming to justify, especially in a busy (or short staffed) hospital.
  5. While I agree with the outcome you describe. I believe (maybe naively ) that it will be designing, implementing and coordinating this massive logistical challenge, that I struggle to imagine, plus communicating the process to provide and manage expectations that will be the primary problem. The inevitable failures will be perceived as incompetency, deserved or not.
  6. My logic is that as the FDA categorizes blood products as a drug I don’t see why they could/would have a problem. You may however want to clarify who will have freezer(s) access to stock and issue the vaccine etc.
  7. I just answered this question. My Score PASS  
  8. The “always type and screen” does have the advantage that it keeps it simple from the ordering perspective in that if red cells are needed later you are ready. Plus by giving no choice about what to order it means you do not have to explain the difference when it is busy
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