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  1. For many hospitals; once an anti-M is identified, at any phase, M neg units are required. This is usually due to reluctance, or inability to over-ride the BB LIS especially if the BB is primarily staffed by generalists.
  2. To my understanding: if you are referring to PAS (PR) platelets, which are being, or have been phased in by blood suppliers; then give any ABO type as 60-70% of plasma has been replaced with crystalloid nutrient media. The pathogen reduction (PR) negates the CMV and irradiated necessity. Other BB may have a different policy though platelet availability may give you no choice.
  3. Medical directors REVIEW policies every two years to ensure they are current and appropriate then sign, which is evidence of review. Staff read and sign when changes have been made.
  4. I have frequently seen Rh discrepancies like this with hospital hoppers. If we have (or can get) last hospital history one phone call resolves issue (plus weak D test). However We have had problems when the patient is adamant they are Rh pos (or neg) and we report the other. This has caused long delays for patients to get or accept the explanations and give consent (or re-consent) to be transfused. The added tech time for these situations can be frustrating on occasion.
  5. Use manufacture instructions as your starting point; but review and subsequently increase or decrease requirements as appropriate to your lab.
  6. Keep paper long enough to ensure correctly billed from supplier.
  7. If the candidate has commercial lab experience running HPLC or LC/MS/MS they will have direct transferable skills and experience with following SOPs/procedures, running QC and tight deadlines. So they would definitely be trainable. However you would have to teach them everything BB as BetnaSBB described above. Do you have the time for that commitment?
  8. Do you think it too passive aggressive to ask if you are required to QC ALL the low and high incident antigens on the panel especially those that you have no antisera for (or the cells to QC that antisera)? You could also ask them if and how you should QC the antigen variants on each panel!
  9. With respect to RBCs. If the patient has unidentified antibodies (as the title states) then NO. If you have identified the antibodies but can not confirm the patient’s antigens (as your question states) and the AHG crossmatch is compatible with units negative for the antigens that the patient has antibodies to then yes, though there are some/many possible caveats. Hope that is not too convoluted. It would help us if you give more details. Can you please explain what you mean by filters as in this context it is a little concerning to me.
  10. I just answered this question. My Score PASS  
  11. Does acquiring more good blood banking staff count?
  12. How is the tap water? You could get a water filter to remove any/most of the mineral content
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