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  1. While I agree with the outcome you describe. I believe (maybe naively ) that it will be designing, implementing and coordinating this massive logistical challenge, that I struggle to imagine, plus communicating the process to provide and manage expectations that will be the primary problem. The inevitable failures will be perceived as incompetency, deserved or not.
  2. My logic is that as the FDA categorizes blood products as a drug I don’t see why they could/would have a problem. You may however want to clarify who will have freezer(s) access to stock and issue the vaccine etc.
  3. I just answered this question. My Score PASS  
  4. The “always type and screen” does have the advantage that it keeps it simple from the ordering perspective in that if red cells are needed later you are ready. Plus by giving no choice about what to order it means you do not have to explain the difference when it is busy
  5. Historical for platelets and current admission for plasma.
  6. Manufacturers calibrate the electronics and provide the certificate on the assumption of power to the electronics (which are simple and robust). As you did not change the electronics when changing batteries (the power input) you do not need to conduct a performance check (calibration). Or to put it another way: You do not recalibrate equipment after a power cut or if you remove and replace a mains plug.
  7. I am not sure how helpful this will be but my experience with scales is that your facility determines the frequency of calibration not the manufacturer because it depends on what the scale is used for and your precision and accuracy requirements. That being said one external annual calibration of a scale is good as long as there is a daily (or before use) performance check. The performance check uses your "calibrated weights". One place I worked I got the "third party" to calibrate our weights against their very accurate high quality weights just after they finished calibrating the scale.
  8. I just answered this question. My Score PASS  
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