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  1. TreeMoss

    Elution on DAT positive Neonates

    We always work up a positive DAT with elution and antibody ID.
  2. TreeMoss

    Competency Assessment

    Thank you for posting this information. I just listened to the podcast and was thrilled to have another opportunity to learn something new and get CE at the same time. I plan to listen to other podcasts from the Blood Bank Guy.
  3. We also use O Pos for males and females over 50. We use O Negs for all children up to about 20.
  4. TreeMoss

    Fake blood products

    Yes, we want actual products -- so we can thaw the FFP and Cryo to see when they would actually be ready for use.
  5. TreeMoss

    Fake blood products

    We are going to begin running Mock Massive Transfusion Protocols in our facility. We need to "manufacture" some blood products to use in these drills. Do any of you have "recipes" for making up packed cells, FFP, Platelets, and Cryo products to use for practice? Thank you
  6. TreeMoss

    COM.30450 New Reagent Lot Verification

    This is what we do to crosscheck the fetal bleed kit, also. The fetal stain (Kleihauer-Betke) just requires pos and neg control slides. We made a change a few years ago after COM.30450 came out -- when I read it, I didn't do anything because I didn't think it dealt with blood bank. Our inspector had other ideas! Change was then made, and we have been crosschecking all reagents on arrival in the lab against those reagents already in use. When I did a recent CAP inspection, the lab argued that this item states "suitable reference material" may be used -- and that would be a positive and a negative control. I called CAP to clarify and was told that checking new lots of reagents with a positive and a negative control is all that is needed. Yes, I'm going to revise my procedures back to how they use to be! I should have challenged that deficiency from a few years ago -- but live and learn. We do, however, check our new screening and panel cells with the old screening and panel cells when the new sets are received.
  7. TreeMoss

    FDA Question

    I had the same thought. If you don't modify products, you don't need to have the FDA registration -- and you don't need the privilege of having them come to inspect.
  8. You need to follow manufacturer's recommendations, so review the user's manual and see what they require. Ours says that we must do an inspection of the weld at least once a day, so I built a log sheet to record patient name, unit number, wafer cartridge lot number, bag/syringe lot number, weld inspection, weld alignment, corrective action, and tech initials.
  9. TreeMoss


    We give antigen-matched units when the patient is on Darzelex so they hopefully wouldn't build any antibodies. Would you continue that when the screen was once again negative, or would you just select any compatible unit?
  10. TreeMoss

    Group A plasma for traumas

    We did the same, sharing the information about the availability of AB FFP and how the majority of patients are A or O. They agreed that we could make that change.
  11. TreeMoss

    TRM.41350 Compatibilty Label/Tag

    We have pre-determined Doe names -- we go down the phonetic alphabet with a different number as the "middle" name each time through the list, i.e., Doe, Alpha 35; Doe, Bravo 35; etc. As a level II trauma center, we have 2 levels of traumas -- full and partial. We usually have a name with the partial traumas, but the full traumas are assigned the Doe names and are given a new Medical Record #. The admissions dept. quickly registers the patient when word arrives that the patient is coming in. We use the Mobilab system, so the armband label is placed on the patient and labels made by scanning the armband are placed on the specimens -- so we have the two identifiers that are needed. When the real patient ID is made, admissions puts in the name but leaves the Doe name in parantheses on the armband and other patient ID. The new MR# given stays with the patient at least as long as that initial blood bank specimen is valid (72+ hours to midnight). At that time, if there was a pre-existing MR# for the patient, the accounts are merged. When uncrossmatched units are issued, we place them in a cooler and write the unit information on a cooler log sheet. Since this is an extension of our blood storage refrigerator, the nurses sign the unit out of the cooler using the log sheet. We have patient ID information on the log sheet, but we do not go over all of the unit information at the time the cooler is issued. We use Meditech in our facility, and Barcode-enabled Transfusion Administration (BCTA) is used -- so one nurse can check the unit with the patient when using the computer for the other nurse. We also use Electronic Crossmatch that makes our lives much easier. This system works very well for us.
  12. TreeMoss

    antibody identification art or science

    The book has the answers included. Per the preface of the 2013 manual, "a digital version of the questions without the answers, to better simulate a serologist's progress in solving these problems, is available for purchasers of the printed volume." Access to the file is by a link listed.
  13. TreeMoss

    Cold Agglutinin incubation phases

    I would suspect so -- if agglutination is happening at lower temperatures in a test tube, I would expect the agglutination to be occurring in the cooled down patient.
  14. TreeMoss

    Gold Medal.

    So excited that you are being recognized for your contributions to our field. This is well-deserved.
  15. TreeMoss

    Cold Agglutinin incubation phases

    I'm sure that would only be in cases where the patient was cooled down. I'm sure there have been times when a blood warmer was used in surgery just as it can be on the floors.

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