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  1. Preferred CLS/BB Conferences?

    The Intermountain States Seminar is the regional ASCLS meeting for Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. This meeting is held in the fall -- usually the end of Sept/ first of October at the Snow King Hockey arena in Jackson, Wyoming. Each state in this region also has an annual spring meeting.
  2. RhIg administration

    This is also what we do. We treat this as a blood bank "critical value" and do a "write down, read back" to nursing.
  3. You should be able to show your procedure -- do you have a sterile welder with documentation of use? Your procedure will show them what you do. Meditech will add the letter at the end -- has nothing to do with a closed or open system.
  4. CE or PACE credits

    American Red Cross has SUCCESS courses -- or you may find something if you have a different blood supplier.
  5. Meditech Blood Product Wastage Report

    We change our wasted products to Inactive Status FS2 to differentiate from those transferred to another facility or returned to the Blood Supplier. When we look up the disposition report, we can see those wasted units easily.
  6. We fill out a transfer form from the blood supplier to send with the units just in case the new facility will accept our units. With that paperwork, we include a note for them to call us if they receive the blood. We are also able to get the information from the flight team, if necessary. One of the major hospitals we send patients to in the "big city" will also send us a letter informing us of the disposition of any units they receive (that they were discarded!).

    Last I heard, she was working in a hospital transfusion service in Roseberg -- but that's been several years. Thought it was worth asking. Thank you.

    Do you know Julene L., by chance?
  9. We have always done an auto control with the antibody screen if the patient has been transfused within the last 120 days. However, closer review of the latest revision of the package insert revealed that all reference to an auto control with the antibody screen had been removed. We should only be doing the auto control with the antibody ID.
  10. A1 Lectin Proficiency Testing

    Perhaps this could be included on the Transfusion Medicine specimens -- our forms have a place to record that the ABO Subtype was tested (or not). Although that is not a graded choice, it could probably be shown when results are returned and compared with other facilities that do the subtype. Just an idea!
  11. Meditech 5.67 CS Product Issue

    When we have two or three products with the same DIN, a box pops up after the DIN is scanned asking for the product code -- so we scan that, as well. The correct unit is issued. You cannot do this simply from a look-up screen but need to use the scanner.
  12. New reagent lot QC

    As long as the panel in in date, CAP says that we only need to check to make sure the reactivity matches the previous panel. If you are using expired cells as rule-out cells, you would need to check them for reactivity on that positive antigen.
  13. New reagent lot QC

    When we receive new reagents, we crosscheck with the current anti-sera and use cells currently in use as well as the cells that most recently expired. Crosschecking the fetal bleed screen kits (we use FMH RapidScreen - Immucor), we use the new anti-D with the old kit cells (controls and indicator cells) and the old anti-D with the new kit cells. We crosscheck the antibody panels when they are received against the panel currently in use using diluted anti-D reagent to give 1+ reactions.
  14. Antibody Titers Gel vs. Tube

    I looked up Method 5-3 "Using Antibody Titration Studies to Assist in Early Detection of Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus and Newborn" in the AABB Technical Manual, 18 edition -- One of the NOTES states: "Do not use enhancement techniques [albumin, polyethylene glycol, low-ionic-strength saline (LISS)] or enzyme-treated red cells because falsely elevated titers may be obtained. Gel testing is not recommended." The next note states: "LISS should not be used as a diluent in titration studies; nonspecific uptake of globulins may occur in serum-LISS dilutions."
  15. BBK Product Dictionary -- page 3 -- UNIT SCREEN (about 1/3 of the way down the page on the left) -- look up the documentation (Shift+F8). "Order Screens are customer-defined queries created in the MIS Dictionaries." When we built our inspection statement, we made it so it would only accept "Y" as an answer -- thus the required inspection.