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  1. How often do you run Hemocytometer QC, is there a CLSI standard for this? We currently run every 8 hours but I would like to do every 24 - should this have an IQCP
  2. No, I have someone on staff that was doing research on Cryopreserved platelets and I was wondering on the history of it.
  3. Are any countries using refrigerated platelets, Does anyone know of current research?
  4. As I am reading the AABB manual they speak about potassium release with units that are irradiated and stored for >1 day. Did you look at this concern?
  5. For those that do not irradiate on site, do you keep an irradiated unit on hand or do you keep a regular cmv= fresh unit on hand? We get a new unit every 2 weeks and we rarely transfuse infants but we have a unit on hand just in case
  6. What are your facilities doing with CCP that isn't labeled as High Titer? We have stocked CCP that isn't labeled as such
  7. Which antibodies does your transfusion service typically give crossmatch compatible. Only when antisera isn't available? Those that aren't know to give hemolytic transfusion reactions?
  8. When Transfusing cryo is there a timeframe in which you should draw a fibrinogen level? It is necessary?
  9. What are the thresholds you use for TAT on stat ABSC and Cord Blood testing
  10. When performing antigen typing on units for transfusion do you charge for all units tested or only those that are crossmatched to the patient?
  11. Question: How do you report the Rh type on a cord blood with a positive DAT? If the Rh is negative with a positive DAT do you take it through DU and report the Rh type from there?
  12. Does anyone know of a standard or requirement that states there has to be blood available in a free standing emergency dept.?
  13. if you have a patient present at 15 week in the ED and perform the type and screen, administer rhogam. At 20 weeks they come in for an amnio - do you perform any testing? Or because you have the Type and screen previously you just administer the Rhogam?
  14. What do you use to seal a crystal slide? We use clear nail polish? Has anyone from an accrediting agency said anything or recommend anything.
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