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  1. What Meditech version do you have? I am interested in setting up my QC in Meditech. Is it possible that you can email your protocol and screen shots?
  2. I would like to know how do others manage test samples for FFP and Plts. If you have a current Type on file do you require a new Type if the patient's out patient billing account number changes? (i.e ER visit , out patient visit, inpatient)
  3. Do you have a protocol for Cord testing on the Tango. How did you validate the DAT coombs?
  4. What version of Meditech will this enhancement be added to?
  5. I want a process that verifies a modified ISBT label is on the blood product. We do have TAR and that is how we detected that the product was not labeled with correct ISBT label. I know Cerner has a label verification and the blood product is scanned and verified that the correct label is on the product.
  6. Is anyone performing label verification with Meditech 5.67? Does Meditech have a labeling verification program
  7. Is anyone performing label verification with Meditech 5.67? Does Meditech have a labeling verification program
  8. I use CorQC for my tube technology but also use reagent anti-sera to test. Does this CAP requirement apply to this?
  9. Can it be barcoded? We are implementing hemonetics blood track and the Ecode is scanned to confirm the correct product.
  10. Does anyone using Meditech 5.67 print the ISBT product code (Ecode) on their IT (Issue Transfuse Card)?
  11. Does anyone have a SOP for remote storage of blood in ED & OR? Is it okay to have nonclinical personnel (transporters) remove and stock blood refrigerators for patients?
  12. I have not been able to print the CMV neg on my ISBT label. When I associate the CMV negative in the ISBT fieldin the di ctionary I have a barcode structure that prints in the fourth quadrant with 9999999. Meditech indicated that it is printing as designed and it prints how it should . Is your CMV marker a barcode on the ISBT?
  13. Hi Everyone, Is there any Tango users using Meditech 5.67 that can help with answer interface questions?
  14. I process by making an aliquot. Mediech adds the suffix to the DIN number "A" the ISBT product code contains the "AO" and the IT card prints with "A". It. was noted by the inspector that the Suffix added to the DIN creates a new product that does not distinguish from open vs closed and does not match DIN number.