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  1. jojo808

    Patient identifiers on BB samples

    We also use the Typenex banding system and hand write full name and med rec#. From our experience pre-printed labels are asking for trouble. If you work at a busy hospital then more so. Because written on, our Phelps will add DOB 90% of the time, there is more than enough room for that. Hope you find a painless resolution.
  2. jojo808

    inconclusive antibody ID

    We use Ortho gel and you could see it macroscopically and yes it was reproducable. Again thanks for the great info. I think we will continue antiglubulin crosshatching for now and possibly discontinue it later. We did not send to our ref lab on the basis of one positive panel cell.
  3. jojo808

    inconclusive antibody ID

    Even if the antibody screen is subsequently negative? Our night shift tech initially did a panel because one of the screening cells on this patient looked 'suspicious' A panel (Ortho panel A) was tested and there was one cell out of that panel that was a 1+. He then did panel B, which was completely non reactive. Of course all common clinically significant alloantibodies were ruled out. Now if this patient continuous to come back with negative screens ... you know I'm trying to find a reason why we can stop doing this without being irresponsible. So Smiller how would you prove it was an artifact? And Dansket what does your lab do if screens are now negative? Again trying to find an out. Thanks everyone in advance!
  4. With an inconclusive antibody ID where all common, clinically significant alloantibodies have been ruled out, how long does one do 'full/complete' crossmatch until it is no longer necessary?
  5. jojo808

    Ortho C-D Gel card versus BioRad Gel Card

    So thinking out loud, I would think that with the naked eye reactivity would be easier to see with 'glass beads' due to better magnification? I'm guessing since I have not personally compared the two: even the few forum's that I've seen on this site are varied in opinion. Just curious Malcolm what have you worked with and if you have had experience with both do you (personally) prefer one over the other?
  6. jojo808

    Antigen typing

    Thank you for the responses
  7. jojo808

    Ortho C-D Gel card versus BioRad Gel Card

    Do not quote me on this but if you go way, way back- I think I read that a Dr.Yves Lapierre (France) created the Gel (column) testing somewhere around 1988 via a company called Diamed. Then, I believe Ortho Diagnostic acquired the right to sell this technology in the U.S in 1985. However Biorad acquired Diamed in 2007. Sooooooo if this is correct the technology should be very familiar if not the same. ???
  8. jojo808

    Antigen typing

    We've had a very 'old' SOP regarding antigen typing that states we can use an EDTA SPECIMEN for up to 2 days. However when you look at the manufacturer's insert they range from 10 to 14 days refrigerated depending on which antisera you are using. Our preferred specimen for testing is an EDTA sample. Our antisera is 90% Ortho, the other is Biorad. I'm wondering if others are going strictly by the manufacturer's individual instructions or are you kind of using one general expiration time for all antigen type testing??
  9. jojo808

    Nurse Collections for Blood Bank

    I agree with Kate. Sure it's hard to toss a sample but would YOU put your initials on a tube that you did not witness who it came from?? If there were to be an incident where the wrong pt. was drawn or a tube was labeled wrong, the phlebotomist is liable. Not to mention that the patient may receive the wrong blood type. I have no doubt that if you have worked in a lab that receives nurse collected specimens, then you have experienced mislabeled specimens and/or wrong blood in tubes. Set your policy and stick to it, report all those who do not follow it. Have meetings with the ER or L&D managers that you will no longer accept specimens that did not have 2 people witness. If you sometimes let it slide, then they will sometimes not follow the rules. It's like 'tough love' .. not easy at all .. but in time they will learn. Been there, done that where the ER and Lab worked against each other and not as a Team like it should be. It's 99.9% better now due to great managers and team work. Good luck!
  10. All component storage units are equipped with an an alarm system that is monitored 24 hours/day, with alarm check (for both low and high settings) ...... Does this mean we need to check the low temp for freezers too????? I don't know how to achieve this
  11. jojo808

    Anti Mi(a+)?

    Thank you Malcolm
  12. jojo808

    Anti Mi(a+)?

    Hi all, We had a 78 yr old female O negative pt last year come in as an emergency and got 5 units rbc total, 3 of which were O+ units. We had to switch types due to lack of Rh neg units. Anyway she came back and developed an Anti-D. All D+ cells on 2 panels were 1+. However there was 1 cell out of the panels that had a 4+ reaction. On the 'special/additional' testing column that cell was Mi(a+). Never heard of it, never noticed it on the Ortho panels before. I looked at 2 more panels we had and saw another Mi(a+) cell and tested it and that one tested as 4+ also! Should I put some kind of comment like "probable/possible Anti-Mi(a+) antibody"? Our ref lab does not have this antisera. Thanks in advance!!!
  13. jojo808

    splitting/ aliquoting a blood unit

    Yes the pedi bags are connected to the parent with a sterile connecting device. And no it is not just a clamp but an aluminum 'clip' in which you, I guess 'crush' or 'crimp' down onto the tubing which cannot be removed without a struggle. Thank you for the replies, very helpful.
  14. jojo808

    Ab ID interpretations

    Sorry for the late post (years later) but I was browsing and saw this question. Mable our late pathologist used to do as yours. It was always beautifully written. Full of great information that only a true blood banker could appreciate. Our 'new' pathologists are way too busy for that but will answer any questions that any physician has about an antibody identification but boy I miss those Path reviews .... just reminiscing about the good ol' days!
  15. We are not a pediatric hospital but once in a while we have 'special' pediatric heart week cases where these specialists come and fix PDA's an other heart deformities. These are scheduled procedures so we usually have an O neg, cmv neg blood unit with attached 'Pedi Paks or transfer packs'. My question is if we aliquot a unit off the primary bag and use hand sealer clips (we do not have a heat sealer) to split the unit, does that make it an open-system split?? We cut the tubing with scissors cleansed with alcohol. That would make our expiration 24 hours if so. I've looked on the web and a closed system is always defined as "using a sterile connecting device". If we split a unit without the transfer packs attached to it then it is definitely an open split and the expiration is 24 hours however I'm not sure with the attached transfer packs where we are not spiking the primary bag to aliquot off of it but we also do not have it heat sealed, just crimped with a minimum of 3 clips

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