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  1. Dave Saikin and JeanB. My policy actually lists that the MaxQ coolers are validated to hold a storage temp for X hours and a transport temp for X hours (dependent on each cooler) but we choose to call them transport coolers. All the coolers are back in 12 hours and their ice packs changed which is within the validated storage and transport temp so we should be safe. Also, FDA and AABB have both reviewed our policies prior to the use of MaxQ coolers multiple times and never said a word. I think it's the very lengthy validation we do at RT and >30C monitoring the temp inside the cooler, u
  2. That's a great idea. Do you print the labels yourself or did you have them made by a printing company (like Shamrock)?
  3. lalamb: Sorry for the delayed response I'm going live with a computer upgrade this week and I've been neglecting everything else!! We will be accepting pathogen reduced platelets starting May 1. Mostly it's because our physicians on the transfusion committee are extremely conservative (and rather dated) and wanted more data. But we don't really have a choice since our secondary vendor for platelets is ARC and they are going 100% PRT later this year. Besides most of the other area hospitals that have NICUs and PICUs in SD county are run by Rady Children's Hospital and they use PRT now
  4. I wish we could get some of our physician's (heart transplant mostly) to understand that leukoreduced = CMV safe and that it should be equivalent to CMV NEG but they insist we keep giving CMV NEG RBCs. We still mostly get CPDA-1 RBCs (fresh, < 6 days old) but we added AS-3 to the list of what neonates can receive a couple of years ago when there was the shortage on CPDA-1 collection bags. So now we use CPDA-1 interchangeably with AS-3. It's weird because our HPC (including bone marrow out of ABO and/or Rh type) transplants don't get CMV NEG but our heart transplant candidates and recipie
  5. We still use a clerical check on the paper Transfusion Record then all records come back to the blood bank for review. If they don't fill the clerical check on perfectly (2 medical staff signatures, full date and time completed) I put in a safety report. It's one of nursing's performance improvement plans to be >95% each month. I would rather they do the 'double check' in the computer but we don't have Epic BPAM (blood product admin module) set up to match the results filed when we issue the product to the barcodes they enter at the beside before transfusion.
  6. We recently switched to MaxQ coolers which are pre-validated by the company at storage temp. Then we validated at transport temp and storage temp and use that for when the cooler needs to be returned for fresh ice. Our policy specifically states this and that we consider them transport coolers. We really like the MaxQ coolers and have seen a huge decrease in waste due to temp issues on return of the coolers. The lids close by themselves. They even have coolers that have temp monitoring integrated but they're super expensive.
  7. I've attached our policies for preparing aliquots in general and our platelet policy. Hope this helps. Oh, we decided all aliquots in syringes expire 4 hours after being made to make it easier for both blood bank and nursing staff to remember. We used to let the RBC and FFP syringes expire in 24 hours but nursing in particular would think all syringes expire 24 hours and we wasted a lot of syringe aliquots until I changed it. BBI0015 Preparation of Aliquots.04.03.2020.doc BBI0017 Platelets 04.03.2020.doc
  8. Oh, I forgot we discard are returned products in syringes regardless of how long they've been out since we can't take the temp.
  9. We use Blood Temp 10 devices plus if we forget to put an indicator on the unit or it's a room temp product we use a an infrared thermometer which are calibrated annually.
  10. We created a no charge, blood bank only test called ABO2 which contains an ABO and Rh. We have been trying a long time to get all the surgical clinics to order an ABORh the day they schedule surgery and then have the patient come back 1-3 days prior to the surgery for their type and screen. However, with COVID and the required testing TAT being no more than 48 hours before surgery and most clinics doing telemedicine this has been problematic. We do require a second sample, collected at a different time, and we use other specimens collected for other lab testing like CBCs, Coag, etc. We wil
  11. slsmith is correct. We don't have the mom's here only the babies. So we do full type and screen on the baby, IgG DAT by gel (if pt <14 days) and any RBCs that are autologous regardless of the blood type are Gel IgG crossmatched to the patient. This covers all AABB standards for neonatal testing and transfusion.
  12. Yes it's been off and on not being able to get pipette tips. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, when we had the problem last fall I had not cancelled our original order with ThermoFisher but our supply chain management placed an order with Cardinal Health and another with some other company. Well I received all the backorders so now our entire lab, that uses the same universal type 200uL tips, now has enough for months to come. I think we ended up with close to 13,000!
  13. Thanks Joanne P Schannell. It is a new tech for us that also works next door at an adult hospital (we're a children's hospital) and his experience is limited. On his last 'positive' I let him work it up and run a panel, nothing else ended up positive so we decided to result the antibody screen as negative. I will make sure to add the part about stored red cells and steric hindrance maybe that will help him stop overcalling these very weak, probably negative, reactions.
  14. What about in gel if one tech swears they see very weak agglutination (grainy) at the bottom of the well but no one else sees it? We have one tech I swear has magnifiers in his glasses!
  15. I would suggest you contact both of your local blood centers and see if they are either able to accommodate an on-site or virtual/simulated educational program. If nothing else they probably have tours you can attend to get things going. I know it's a drive but experience does help on the exam. I found this on line: https://laboratories.vitalant.org/Education.aspx
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